The $10 Weekly – My Dollar Store Face!


Look at all this stuff! Each item was only $1.25 from the Dollar tree, you know what that means?? It means that in theory you could do your entire face of makeup for less than $10 tax in! I got LA Colours concealer, foundation, mascara, blush, and eyeshadow palette plus an off brand lip gloss. That’s $7.50 BEFORE tax!! Wowza!! Naturally I had to put this all on my face and give it a go, as did Nat who will post her thoughts later 🙂

So to start with I will run down my impression of each product. At the bottom of this post is my final “look.” This was such a fun thing to try 🙂 I never thought you could do the $20 makeup challenge in Canada due to inflation here but looks like I’m wrong! Dead wrong! This is all less than $10!!!

LA Colours Mascara


First off, this thing is tiny. It’s basically the size of a sample mascara. The wand is fairly big though so I found it awkward to use. The mascara it’s self was meh. It didn’t do anything special but I don’t think it claims to. It basically just coated my lashes black and added a little length.


LA Colors 6 Color Eyeshadow  Palette in Haute


I have to say that this one seems worth the $1.25! It swatches nice, has respectable pigmentation and decent blendability. Reminds me of the drugstore classics like Wet’nWild yet is somehow even cheaper. Don’t expect to get a variety of looks out of this colour selection. It’s a pretty basic nude collection.



Sassy + Chic Lip Gloss


This product smells nice! It kind of reminds me of Lip Smackers. It has that sweet scent and very slippy texture. The pigmentation is lacking though. It basically adds a nice sheen to your lips. I can’t write home about the longevity of wear either but hey, it was $1.25! What do you expect?

Swatches of the lip gloss.

LA Colors Blush in Pink


Oh boy… this product is, well, useless. There is zero pigmentation! It just doesn’t show up.

Very fine powder and very sheer.
Can you see the swatch??

LA Colors Concealer in Beige



Here’s another dud. It was sheer and couldn’t even pretend to cover my dark circles! It was also greasy. I really didn’t like it. I couldn’t see a difference after using it at all!

Swatch of concealer. My initial swatch gave me hope for it but on the skin it just sheered out to nothing. Sad 😦

LA Colors Foundation in True Beige


OK so the first thing that annoyed me about this foundation is that I had to pump it for like 5 minutes before some product would come out! If I wasn’t intending on doing this post I would have just put it in the garbage! The product that I did get looked decent. It smells of perfume so there is definitely an additive in there. On the skin it performed much like the conclear. It sheers out to hardly existent, is impossible to get out, offers no coverage, and smells like perfume. Needless to say I did not care for it at all!

The Foundation.

Even though I wasn’t thrilled with many of the products I still tried to make it work. In terms of concealer and foundation, I hardly see it on my skin! The eyeshadow looked decent. I did pair it with Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer which I’m sure helped. I always wear eyeshadow primer though so it doesn’t bother me if a product requires it. I also used a primer on my skin before hand to help out the foundation. It mattified my skin since I was feeling a little shiny. The grease in the foundation and concealer undid all that good work though! In the end I tossed everything but the eyeshadow and lip gloss. Here’s the end results:

No makeup, natural light.
No makeup, natural light.
Full face done, natural light.
Full face done, natural light.
Close up of eyeshadow.
Close up of eyeshadow.


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