Missy’s March Favorites

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Ottawa’s March came in like a lion and is leaving like a lamb. I used this loooong month of limbo between winter and spring to try out some new cosmetics and do some journaling.

Beauty Counter Cleansing Balm

Beauty Counter is a new line I’m trying out. My face has been breaking out pretty bad lately so I was interested in trying out a product line that prides itself in using the best ingredients possible and none of the nasty stuff (above and beyond US and Canadian Regulations).

This cleansing balm is everything I want in a face cleaner, melts away make-up and leaves my skin feeling awesome. The site lists tons of benefits but I think the best thing about this product is that it’s practically a one-step cleanser and moisturizer! LOOOOOVE it. Continue reading


Nat’s August 2016 Favourites

I can’t believe the summer is over.. teachers and kids are going back to school and September and Fall are around the corner. The summer here has been soooo hot and humid.. We only get a months of warm weather and it was so hot, it was not enjoyable to be outside. boo. Ah well. We complain when its cold and we complain when its hot, life of a Canadian!

Anywayzzzzz, I have been decluterring and some of this stuff comes from that. I love rediscovering things that have been forgotten in the abyss of the collection. So here we go!

Marcelle Sun Bronzer

I was really NOT sold on this bronzer and frankly didn’t want to use it because I was not a fan of bronzers that have shimmer in them. Well, I was wrong. I was doing a daily look that I found left me pretty one-toned. Since I had just decluttered my bronzers (spoiler ahead), and I put this bronzer in the “need to use more” pile before getting rid of it. Well, now this is going in my “keep” pile. It gave me enough colour to not look dead without looking over done. I just swirl my brush in all the colours to apply it to my bronzer areas (hehe) and I use the side of my brush to grab some of the bottom colour to use as a highlighter.


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Missy’s 2015 Favorites and Regrets


2015 was an exciting year for me. In January I gave birth to my first child, by August I had made two new friends, in October I went on a holiday to Florida, by December I had lost over 55lbs (half baby weight/half ‘I ate too much’ weight), and throughout the year I bought ALOT of make-up (VIB ROUGE FOR LIFE!). All in all it’s been an unforgettable year of firsts and fabulousness. I tried out new products and brands and I was blown away by most and dissapointed by some. In this post I’m going to do a 2015 fave list and then talk about some make-up regrets.

There’s a lot of compromises you have to make as a new mom and one thing I wasn’t willing to compromise was looking/feeling good about myself. I made an effort every day to shower, get dressed, and apply at least a little bit of make-up. Now this didn’t happen everyday but I have to say I can count those bad days on one hand … (the Cheerios incident will live on forever in its infamy). I am also lucky enough to live in a community with lots of parks and city sponsored drop ins and library groups so I always had someplace to go. B.B. (Before Baby) I went for bolder brands, but during 2015 I embraced softer, build-able products that would look great at a park or on a date. I also liked products that wouldn’t wipe off onto baby.

So without further ado, Missy’s favorite brands of 2015 are

#1 bareMinerals

They get top marks for high quality natural looking colors that go on soft and are layer-able. Special mention goes out to their lip gloss and Royal Wardrobe palette

bareminerals be a force

#2 tarte

I loooooooove their lipsurgence line. The lip gloss/liner/crayon are gorgeous, moisturizing, and they last! I also picked up a holiday pack of 12 eyeliners which I use pretty much every day. I have no idea why they didn’t do another holiday pack like that but their loss. I also am starting to see the allure of their eye shadows which go on soft at first and then build to a beautiful lasting color.

tarte logo

#3 Clinique

Their cheek pop line is cute and perfect for creating a pretty flushed face. Their Chubby Eye Pencil in beige is part of my five minute face routine and it is the perfect travel companion.

Clinique Logo

#4 Benefit

I don’t think you’ll ever see me part with my ‘Hello Flawless’ powder foundation or ‘Instant Brow Pencil’. They are just good products! I’m now a fan of their industrial strength ‘Boi-ing’ concealer and ‘Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow’ liquid foundation which is proving to be awesome at covering up the lumpiest of hormonal acne flare-ups.

Benefit Logo


And now here’s the stuff that I wasn’t so fond of

#1 Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil in Ozone (Clear) … this product kind of makes me feel like the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ fool. Is it working? I don’t know! I really can’t see a difference between this clear pencil and using nothing. I love my other 24/7 lip pencil but I would never purchase a clear one again. If anything I find it highlights any dryness on my lips. So blech.

Ozone... Is it on? Ugh what's the point???
Ozone… Is it on? Ugh what’s the point???

#2 Burberry. Burberry was a HUGE let down. I purchased one of their kits and it was just meh. nothing really swatched well and the products certainly did not last. I would hesitate before buying any of their pricey products again.

Burberry ... Stick to scarves and jackets please!
Burberry … Stick to scarves and jackets please!

#3 Benefit ‘World Famous Neutrals Palette in Sexiest Nudes Ever’ . It was just a badly chosen palette. First of all I wouldn’t consider really any of the colors nude except for the beige cream shadow. The colors just really don’t pair well on my eyes. I would wear them alone with other make-up but I find that defeats the purpose of the palette.

World Famous Neutrals - Sexiest (more like suckiest!)
World Famous Neutrals – Sexiest (more like suckiest!)

All in all 2015 was a great make-up year. I definitely had more loves then regrets! I hope 2016 brings some exciting new make-up my way!




Christmas Set Reviews: BareMinerals Love at First Kiss

bareMinerals Love At First Kiss
bareMinerals Love At First Kiss

When I went on my shopping spree at Ulta I totally gravitated towards BareMinerals products there. Their Romance line is just too cute to pass up! After purchasing this set, I can now say I am a fan of their ‘Marvelous Moxie’ lipsticks.

Usually I don’t pick up large lipstick kits because I feel like you always get stuck with some serious unwearable or garbage colors. I mean, as much as I might love the look of blue lipstick, my workplace and neighborhood are a bit too conservative for me  to ever get any use out of it … plus, if I’m honest, I would scare my husband.

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Holiday Set Reviews: The Regal Wardrobe by bareMinerals

The Regal Wardrobe
The Regal Wardrobe

First of all this is HOLY GRAIL territory! I can’t put bareMinerals’ ‘The Regal Wardrobe’ palette down! I keep trying to reach for other palettes but I just can’t help thinking that I’ll look better if I stick with this one. (Sheena buy and take this one on your next trip!)

This palette was part of my Ulta haul back in October. I’m a newbie to bareMinerals so I really wanted to put this palette through its paces before I came to any conclusions. I started with the idea that I will only wear this palette for a week. But once that week was up I still couldn’t put it down. This palette is shockingly good and diverse. The best part is that EVERY color is wearable for me. THAT’S right – I LOVE EVERY COLOR.

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Ulta Haul: bareMinerals LOVE!

Ulta Haul
Apparently I had a craving for Bare Minerals?


Nat introduced me to Ulta during our awesome trip to Florida. I was super stoked to see what America had to offer, and I was not disappointed! Soooooo many beautiful travel kits and holiday sets! It just makes my heart swoon!

The issue was, however, that we only had ONE hour to shop before the store closed! One hour?! CUE THE MISSION IMPOSSIBLE THEME MUSIC! (duh, duh, du-du, duh, duh, du-du, duh, duh, du-du, duh, duh, du-du. doodledoo, doodledoo, doodle doo, doo-doo!)

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Florida Haul – Ulta!

I went on a fabulous trip to Florida with my husband and Missy and her little family for 2 weeks in October. We had a grand old time hitting the Disney parks, relaxing and enjoying the hot weather. And of course, since we don’t have Ulta in Canada, Missy and I had to hit the store! My goal was to get things that I cannot get here in Canada because they were Ulta exclusives or just not sold here. Let’s get into the goodies!!


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Nat’s July 2015 Favourites

real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I have had this brush for a while now, but have now just rediscovered it. It used to sit in my collection, just waiting and begging to be used, until one day, it had its time to shine! The reason it was sitting there, is that I had tried to use it for liquid foundation and it didn’t work for me. It left streaks and did not look good. But, on a daily basis I like to use the Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Powder Foundation because it is quick and does a good job for my everyday at work look. I was using the sponge applicator that came with it until I got sick of it and reached for this brush. It is perfect. It is nice and dense, good for buffing and applying the product evenly and as opaque as it should be. I don’t find that it thins out the product. So now I only apply the powder foundation with this brush! I am happy because it is a drugstore brush sold for only $9 USD and also affordable in Canada.

expert face brush

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bareMinerals Work, Weekend, Wow Eyeshadow Palette


Today on Yay or Nay Sunday – bareMinerals READY® Eyeshadow 7.0 Work, Weekend, Wow Palette. 

This is a little gem, and I will say right off the bat, a Yay! Here is why. It is no secret that I love convenience and the bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow formula. It is small but packs a punch and versatile looks. That was a loaded 2 sentences. lol I think I am just happy to show you this palette today. Let’s break it down.

I purchased this palette on the Sephora website for $26, but unfortunately, as I am writing this, I do not see it on the site. However it it available on the bareMinerals website and they do ship to Canada. I think that for the value, the 7 eyeshadows you get are a great bargain.

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Yay or Nay Sunday – bareMinerals READY 8.0 Posh Neutrals Palette (Bonus Looks!)

A few weeks ago, I reviewed on Yay or Nay Sunday, The Power Neutrals palette, and today I am bringing you the Posh Neutrals Palette! (I do make a comparison of both palettes below)




This palette is a Yay as well. I must say that the formula is still the same great formula of the READY eyeshadow formula, which I love. There is one shade in this palette, Romance, that however is a little bit chalky. I think it is because of the glitter included in it. It is a dark purple/black with gold glitter, it is very pigmented so even with the chalky-ness it is still very usable (you will see it in the look 2 below to smoke out the look in the outer corner).

My favourite colours of this palette are Sizzle and Waltz since they are the two shades in this palette that are easiest to combine with the others. Which brings me to my reason why I found this palette a little harder to use. If you are a beginner, you may have trouble designing a look with this palette as some colours are pastels and then you have darker ones. You are missing one good darker matte transition shade, so it could be hard to pull a look together if you aren’t use to it. I guess what I am trying to say is that it is not as intuitive as the Power Neutrals. The two shades I mentioned, go well together and with most of the other shades in the palette.




If you are looking for a Spring palette this is a solid choice, especially for the shades Waltz and Caviar & Cake. 

Between the Power Neutrals and this one, it is hard to pick, but here is my assessment.

Posh Neutrals: 

  • This is a unique combination of colours with a nice pop of pastels
  • Great for spring
  • Great to add a little colour to a neutral look
  • Harder to put a look together
  • Would possibly use other shades outside this palette to complete a look
  • Missing a good transition shade

Power Neutrals:

  • Easy to put colours together
  • Very neutral
  • Good brown shades and transition/crease shade
  • Can look a little muddy since the shades are similar
  • Can put looks together from this palette one.

Look 1: soft Spring look

Using Debutante, Sizzle, Valet and a little Romance (lips are Gerard Cosmetics in Buttercup)

Look 2: Smokey Vamp 

Using Waltz, Caviar &C Cake, Valet, Curtsy and Romance (lips are NARS Audacious in Liv)

Look 3: Spring Grey

Using Promise, Caviar & Cake, Valet and Curtsy (lips are Julep Light On Your Lips in Primp)

and yes, new hair cut!!


Let’s Talk About Swatching! Concealer Edition

Concealer is the first beauty item I’d bring with me if I was ever stranded on a deserted island (and camping supplies obviously … but now I’m getting away from my analogy). I learned in grade 7 that a good concealer can boost your self confidence when you’re talking to people.  Since my middle school self was always wondering if someone was focusing on my zit, under eye circles, weird dark spot, etc. I learned that concealer can make all those faults disappear! However, it’s equally bad if you don’t have the right concealer which means people are looking at you and wondering why you have a blob of weird beige on your face.

Concealers have the double duty of needing to blend in with you skin tone but also correct inflammation and dark spots. Concealers have a tough job and it’s up to you to decide to spend your money on a good one.

Concealers come in many different forms – liquid, solid, and sometimes powder. While I’ve dabbled in all three I prefer solid concealer for my sporadic breakouts and dark circles. If you’re using a good liquid or powder foundation I find liquid and powder concealer, frankly, repetitive and they can be very tough to build up. Liquid concealer is, however ideal if you just have minor dark circles and larger areas of discoloration you wish to conceal. I recomend Clinique Line Smoothig Concealer and Benefit Hello Flawless or Bare Minerals Broad Spectrum Multitaksing Face.

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Yay or Nay Sunday – bareMinerals READY 8.0 Power Neutrals Palette

On this week’s Yay or Nay Sunday, bareMinerals READY 8.0 Power Neutrals Palette. I got mine when it was still in the old black more rubbery packaging. They now have 3 of these neutral palettes in nice slick gold packaging, rose gold for the Posh Neutrals and an orangy gold for the Sexy Neutrals.

The new gold packaging for this palette released in Feb 2015. Had I known it was coming out in this packaging, I would have waited 😦

I am giving this palette a Yay!

  • It retails for $48 CAD and can be purchased at Sephora. I suggest that you also check the bareMinerals website because sometimes they have deals where you could potentially optain it for cheaper depending on the US/CAN exchange rate at the time.
  • The palette is smaller than I expected, with the shadows being each smaller sized than the ones in their duos. However, it is nice an compact for travel or even easily put in a purse. So I don’t mind that.
  • You get 8 shadows that are extremely neutrals. They all go well together to create a seamless look. You have a great combination of a light to dark matte colours which are prefect for highlighting the brow and use in the crease. There is also some nice shimmers for finishing the look just perfectly. My only caution is to be careful not to blend too much. I know that this goes against all that we have heard, as Jaclyn Hill says… blend blend blend!!, but since these colours are very close to the same tone / colour, they can look muddy. And this may sound negative, but they already blend together seamlessly because they did such a great job matching these colours that blending almost happens naturally with this palette.
  • The formula of these shadows are one of my favourites. If i could only have 3 in this makeup world, I would own only Kat Von D, Makeup Geek and bareMineral shadows. So GORGEOUS. They feel buttery, creamy, and like I mention, blend like a dream.

Enjoy the swatches and the look below 🙂


boss lady, moneymaker, exec and payday.


schmooze, boardroom, magnate and get ahead

look created using get ahead in the crease, schmooze on the lid, magnate as highlight and inner corner and finally boardroom for some definition in the outer corner.