YouTube Saturday – Beauty Blender Dupe?

Hey Guys,

I give you my first impressions on the Lori Cosmetic Sponge that I hauled at the Dollar Store. Come see how it performs and if it is a possible dupe!

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The $10 Weekly – My Dollar Store Face!


Look at all this stuff! Each item was only $1.25 from the Dollar tree, you know what that means?? It means that in theory you could do your entire face of makeup for less than $10 tax in! I got LA Colours concealer, foundation, mascara, blush, and eyeshadow palette plus an off brand lip gloss. That’s $7.50 BEFORE tax!! Wowza!! Naturally I had to put this all on my face and give it a go, as did Nat who will post her thoughts later 🙂

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The $10 Weekly – Kozmic Colours Eyeshadow Palettes (from Dollarama)


Once I decided to test out some Dollar Store products I dragged Nat to the Dollaram and Dollar Tree with me. Sometimes different locations have different products. The Dollarama near her place carried a line call “Kozmic Colours” which was not available at the Dollarama that I frequent. These pallets were $3 each and have 22 colours! Wow! That’s a lot of shadow for your dollar bill y’all!

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The $10 Weekly – (M)Ariposa Blush Quad (from Dollarama)


Recently I got it in to my head that I was going to test out Dollar Store brands of makeup. In Canada we don’t appear to have the same assortment of Dollar Store brands as the US. In the States it seems to be (based on my hours of YouTube watching) a lot of LA Girl. I did manage to find some LA Girl at Dollar Tree but Dollarama carries a brand called “Ariposa.” So over the next several weeks (and the previous 2 as well) your humble hero has been putting unknown Dollar Store makeup on her face for the sake of this blog. Here’s the crazy thing: this blush quad is actually pretty darn decent!

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