Yay or Nay Sunday – Julep Skip the Brush Blush Stick

This week on Yay or Nay Sunday – Julep skip the brush Crème-to-Powder blush Stick.

Julep keeps coming out with makeup stuffs and I can’t be happier to be a Julep Maven and test them all out in my subscription box. These for me, are a Yay.

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Happy Mani-versary Julep!

Julep Maniversary

What a special month! A year ago this month I became a Julep Maven 🙂 There’s been a lot of great moments with them which is why I am still a customer today. In fact, I have tried and unsubscribed from Ipsy, Birchbox, Topbox and Wantable but I just can’t seem to quit Julep. This post is a love-fest for my favourite nail polish brand, Julep! My favourite polishes, beauty products and in general what keeps me as a happy customer. It’s a long post so get yourself a coffee and a comfy chair 🙂

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Julep Maven Unboxing – Oct 2014!

I have been with Julep since June 2014 and I love it! Although I have accumulated A LOT of nail polish hehehe.

This Unboxing features the October Black Magic Collection. Not one if my favourite collections so far, but still lovely colours for fall.

My box arrived as a box within a big box… really was that necessary Julep? It seemed more of a waste than anything. I will reuse the box to wrap Christmas gifts in so it is not wasteful. Even with that overuse of a box, my box was nicely packaged so things won’t break, as always.

I got the regular box with one add-on this month. My profile is Classic With a Twist, but since I am trying to compliment my collection, I got the October Bomshell Box. This box had the colours that I have less off. I wanted to add the two sets of nail decals they had (black cats and chevron), but as it turns out, I thought that my edits to my box had saved, but they did not :(. So when I went to finalize my box, I noticed it but it was too late, both decals were out of stock.

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