Nathalie (Nat)

Meet Nathalie


Hi Gang, please call me Nat! That is my rule #1!

I guess you could describe my style as “classic with a twist“. I tend to like classic and preppy things but with bold colors and I do like to accessorize (bring on my Swarovski crystals!). I work in an office everyday so I try to keep it work appropriate but during the weekend it’s experiment time!

Laughing is one of my most favourite thing of all time. And believe me, when I laugh, you know it’s me…  I am also complete geek, obsessed with Christmas and a Disney World nut!  I also have a passion for creativity and I like to channel that through photography. Recently, I have picked up a few gigs and gotten into photography. See more about this in my website and blog (linked below).

Missy, Sheena and I have recently gotten more into beauty and we have been having a lot of fun. We are learning tons and thought it was time for us to share our experiences, learning, mistakes, finds, with the twist on the Canadian perspective with its advantages and challenges. I am Franco-Ontarienne (french canadian) so I can do some posts in French as well.

I hope you enjoy our blog!

– Nat


Skin Type: Dry

Hair: Wavy, auburn (currently) / dark brown (usually)

Eye color: Hazel


my photography website:

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