After Decluttering, New Makeup Collection Organization

Hey Guys, as promised here is the before and after of my makeup collection in pictures! After all this work and all these posts, I am happy to bring this series to a close. Enjoy 🙂

Nailpolish (non-Julep)



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Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 9.1, Small Palettes / Quads

For this one, it will be broken into weird parts. This first (9.1) is the duos, small palettes and quads that I keep in my palette drawer. The next (9.2) will be my singles and eye crayons and the last (9.3) will be my bareMinerals paletttes. The reason I say this is that it may look that there is quads and singles everywhere.. lol

Duos, Small Palettes in my palette drawer

Before, 28


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A Quick Declutter!

I have been slowly getting into organizing my beauty / geek / photography room and I decided to do an impromptu mini clean up / declutter while I was putting things away. This was just a quick declutter, I could probably do more but for a first round, it was a good go.

Note that all these things have either been donated or given to a new home for someone else to love and use it.

Here we go!

Powder and Blush Drawer


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