The $10 Weekly – *NEW* Wet’n’Wild Venice Beach Lip Gloss


I guess I’m a member of the cult of Wet’n’Wild… Every time I see something that looks new from them I grab it. Even if I should know better. Here’s a case of “I’ve should of known better…” The new Wet’n’Wild Venice Beach Lip Glosses are only $3.99 at Rexall and **spoiler alert** they’re lack lustre.

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The $10 Weekly – LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint

Elude is the pink/nude shade on top. Whimsical is the violet/mauve shade on the bottom.

I was beyond excited to finally find these! I got the LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints at an outlet store for $8 each. That’s not as cheap as the US. The Lip Paints are considered a “dupe” for a far more expensive lippy product, the Too Faced Melted. I always welcome a less expensive option, especially for lip products since I’m not as in to lipsticks etc as others (I’m a gloss girl, so plain I know!). After testing these guys out for a week and here’s my impressions of them.

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The $10 Weekly – E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator


I used up my wonderful yet expensive lip scrub from Fresh and wanted to find a more affordable replacement for it. I never thought to exfoliate my lips but after using that one I decided I like having one in the shower. It’s really great for the winter when my lips are especially chapped or whenever you just want to prep your lips for a dryer lip stick. E.L.F. offers a lip exfoliator that Emily Noel of youtube (Emilynoel83) uses all the time! She’s a super crazy lip junky so I thought if she digs it, it’s worth a try!

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Josie Maran Lip & Cheek Tint – A Review


I added this to my cart to tip me over the free shipping threshold when Sephora was having their big sale. I’ve never used a lip & cheek tint/stain type of product before. Lately I’ve been actively trying to use different types of products to sort of broaden my makeup horizons! Cream blushes, blush sticks, different textures of shadows, interesting lippie formats… things that deviate from the more traditional formats of makeup. Mainly because I’ve been quite conservative in my makeup purchases! So how did this adventure pan out for me? Well, I gotta say… badly.

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From Day to Night With the Change of A Lip!

Here is a simple but effective tip, one that I am sure most of us know, taking a daytime look to a nighttime look with the change of a lippie!

If you are like us at the 3CB, we are regular 8-4 working women and sometimes we need a simple way to get a look from day to night in a very simple way. A lipstick can do that for you. Missy and I are family and we often have suppers and events after work and it’s great to just carry another lipstick in my purse to created the nighttime look.

The key is to use some good setting spray like the Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray. This will allow your look to last all day and be ready without touch-ups for the evening.

Under that spray, I created a subtle eye and look that works well for the office. For the look below, I used two Bite Beauty lippies but you can use anything from your collection, drugstore or high end, it doesn’t matter. Just use lippie colours that you love!

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A true wine-stained lip is never a good look. They look NOTHING like proper lip stains and are usually accompanied by a hangover. Even after a good night out, life inevitably needs to go on and most of us still need to leave the house whether or not we look our best. And for those ‘common sense people’ out there who decide not to drink red wine … I’m sorry, that’s just not an option for me and some other awesome people I know.

My mother doesn’t drink. So it makes sense that she didn’t teach me how to prevent/obliterate wine stained lips. So I had to figure it out the hard way, through trial and error. Hopefully these tips will keep you looking fabulous and not regretting that extra (and sometimes necessary!) glass of merlot from the night before.

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