Where to Shop: YesStyle

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Launched in 2006, YesStyle is the first online retailer to globally distribute a wide range of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products from Asia through their website YesStyle.ca.

A co-worker got me hooked onto the site when she was placing an order. They have so many cool things and for reasonable Canadian prices.

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Nat’s December 2016 Favourites

Happy New Year!!! December has been insane. The month flew by, Christmas has come and gone and wow… January.. I do not like January …

Let’s talk about things I do like!

La Châtelaine Hand Creams 


They are back.. yes I am talking about these again.. I love them that much! I was looking for the Costco kit again this year, that has 12 of the hand creams, and I couldn’t find them. So, I contacted the company who sent me tons of information and the 2 kits in the pictures down below. The creams are very moisturizing, not greasy and smell amazing. I have one in my purse, at my computer desk, in my kitchen, at work and next to my sofa. The other item is the soap, I’ve only tried it once so I cannot say much about it but it smells amazing. The tins are super cute and reusable!

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Nat’s Disappointing Products 2016

Here are some products that didn’t work for me, for my hair, skin tone, skin type and life style! No disrespect to any of these brands or if you love these, this is just what did not work for me!

(note that I have dry skin with oily eyelids, thin curly hair, fair/light skin tone with neutral undertone)

Burt’s Bees Cucumber & Sage Facial Cleansing Towelettes – for normal to dry skin

These burned my eyes and under my eyes so much that I wouldn’t want to use it again. It removed makeup fine, but not enough for me to get over the burning.

Also, I hate the smell! You would think that it would be fresh with a tang… NOPE! it lingers – I wanted to keep them to remove swatches… nope nope nope. every time I did, I kept thinking “I don’t like you, why do I keep using you!” The smell would linger and later I would be “what is that smell?” and yup, these.


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Yummy Mummy Pick – Tarteguard SPF30 Sunscreen Lotion

Mr. Sun can be a jerk 
Thank goodness for Tarteguard!

Now that I’m in my 30s, I no longer find my summer freckles cute. I see them as scars from bad sun habits. Even though I never really tanned, I never really burned that bad either (although I DID burn).

Like most people, I read the literature about the importance of sun protection but the message didn’t really sink in because I found sunscreen yucky and cumbersome to apply. That is until I got a serious reality check. At the young age of 32, my good friend had a cancerous mole removed. Thankfully the cancer was caught early and did not cause too much disruption in her life, but she now lives with a fairly large scar on the back of her calf where she missed putting on sunscreen for 3 decades. She’s also the mom of two little girls. it was scary for her friends and family to know that we could have lost her if she hadn’t spoken up at the doctor’s and asked to get that mole checked. Her story made me rethink my view of sunscreen as optional in my daily life. SPF is no joke – it is lifesaving.

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Jouviance Discovery Kit – A Review


I was poking around Shoppers and noticed this kit on sale for $11.99 from $15.00. I’d never noticed this brand before but it turns out that they are from Montreal! I had to give them a try once I noticed that so I picked it up. I’ve been using this skin care kit for nearly a month now. I’m just about to run out so I thought it was a good time to sit down and write about my thoughts on the Jouviance Discovery Kit.

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Yes to Grapefruit Uneven Skintone Daily Facial Scrub


I’ve chosen to breastfeed and as result I’m feeling very dehydrated lately! My skin is extra dry due to the dehydration and also because hormones are jerks. I’ve been having a tough time with dry patches so I decided it was time to overhaul my skin care routine! I needed to add exfoliating (and toning) to my skin care arsenal to help combat insane dryness! This is how Yes to Grapefruit Uneven Skintone Daily Facial Scrub entered my life!

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Sephora Sale Haul – Foundation Edition

My Sephora Sale Haul – stila Correct & Perfect All-In-One Color Correcting Palette; Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer; Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation; boscia Multi-Masking™ Medley; Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15; boscia Thermal Black Cleanser


I counted down the days until the Sephora sale. I needed a new base, foundation, and coverage system after I stupidly went to a crappy, unhygienic salon to get my face waxed (in my defense, I didn’t know that it was crappy and unhygienic at the time). I’m pretty sure she used cheap body cream to ‘soothe’ my raw face and I bet you can guess what happened: blemishes erupted! Two months after this incident, my skin is still suffering and so is my self-esteem.

None of my old tricks and make-up were working. My NARS stuff was too sheer and my Benefit stuff was too thick and yellowy when layered. It was embarrassing. I always felt self-conscious, especially of my chin 😦

2 months later and the spots/scars were still there!
2 months later and the spots/scars are still there!

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Reptilian Dry Winter Skin Troubles??

Well, it has come, winter in Ottawa… We had a mild and green/brown Christmas but a few days later and BAM 21cm of snow… big big storm and with that came colder weather. What does that mean? The return of dry skin. Yes, the menace is back! I have dry skin year round but it is manageable in Summer and I even have some days where the dry is fully hydrated! But during the winter, it’s dry skin all day, every day. To top it off, I am pregnant (yay! 1st baby on the way) which means that I not only need to hydrate normally, but I am vomiting multiple times a day, which makes it even more important to stay hydrated. All that to say, that keeping on top of hydrating this winter is challenging!


If you are suffering the same dry-skin-reptilian-like-winter-skin-blues, (whether you are pregnant or not), here are some tips that can help anyone with their dry skin troubles:

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They’re Back! – La Chatelaine Hand Creams!

Last year I posted about these creams (see post here), and they are back again at Costco. When I saw these come back, I had to pick one up for my mom, sister-in-law and myself for Christmas.


To know more details about the creams, go see my last post, where I rave about these. But I will say this: I have absolutely fallen in love with these hand creams. The claims are true, they are not greasy and absorb very quick into the skin leaving them feeling soft and hydrated. These are made in France, are completely cruelty free and are made with a blend of 20% organic shea butter and argan oil that moisturizes and repairs dry skin.

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Yummy Mummy Pick: Origins Clear Improvement™ Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores

clean face
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When people say I have good skin I usually roll my eyes. My skin is good because I work at it. I live in constant fear of my cystic acne making an appearance. Cystic acne is your basic pimple gone berserk. A typical pimple is simply a clogged pore (usually your own dead skin cells are to blame). Pimples become more noticeable when some bacteria gets trapped inside too which causes the area to become red and swollen. Cystic acne happens when this infection goes deep into your skin, creating a red, tender bump that’s full of pus. So you get the lump and the redness but it usually doesn’t have any discernible head to ‘pop’. Actually if you try and ‘pop’ it you can cause the pus to rupture out of the pore underneath your face which causes more breakouts and makes your face a disaster zone. Another terrible thing about cystic acne is how much it hurts and itches so you constantly feel like you need to touch your face and get rid of the interloper. Which leads to more issues of course (check out tips for covering botched pimple extractions here).When it gets to that point the only thing you can do is go to your doctor and go on antibiotics to clear up the infection (actually you should probably go BEFORE you have scabs and scars on your face like me!)

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