Meet Sheena


I have a more classic, practical style for work and during the day. When I go out for a nice dinner or to a party I tend get dressed up based on however I feel at that moment. I’m never afraid to be the only dressed up person in the room, or the least dressed up…

I’m less likely to turn down a good beer then I am a glass of red wine. I’m a cat person. I’m a passionate reader of all genres of books. I’ve been known to play a game or two.

Recently Nat, Missy and I have ventured more in to make up and fashion. I’ve always felt that make up and fashion were important parts of my life since they are yet another way to express myself and represent who I am to the world. I’m here working on this blog with the hope to continue to bond with my ladies, feel good about myself and over all, just have fun with makeup.


Skin Type: combination to oily

Hair Color: Fair/Blond

Eye Color: Green

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