Nat’s Favourites April – June 2017

It seems I have been slacking on the blog lately, my excuse, the transition back to being on mat leave to work, I didn’t expect it to be this tired… early bedtimes and just all over tired / busy has taken over. But I miss you guys! So as a come back, here are my April – June Favs! Lots to chat about 🙂


Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

I think I have talking about this before but I still have been using it like crazy this month. I love the neutral looks that are quick and cute that I am able to get out of it. The formula is great, smooth, blends well, pigmented, just easy to work with. I also do not shy away from the blue! Lots of people say, oh it’s a great palette but ignore the blue, I say, embrace the blue! I use it to add a pop of blue in the outer corner with a nice navy liner, see below!



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Nat’s December 2016 Favourites

Happy New Year!!! December has been insane. The month flew by, Christmas has come and gone and wow… January.. I do not like January …

Let’s talk about things I do like!

La Châtelaine Hand Creams 


They are back.. yes I am talking about these again.. I love them that much! I was looking for the Costco kit again this year, that has 12 of the hand creams, and I couldn’t find them. So, I contacted the company who sent me tons of information and the 2 kits in the pictures down below. The creams are very moisturizing, not greasy and smell amazing. I have one in my purse, at my computer desk, in my kitchen, at work and next to my sofa. The other item is the soap, I’ve only tried it once so I cannot say much about it but it smells amazing. The tins are super cute and reusable!

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Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 16, High End Lipsticks

And FINALLY, the last declutter for 2016! It was a long road, thank you for sticking with me 🙂 We finish with my high end lipsticks… yah, I have way more than I thought.. I am noticing that this is a recurring theme. It is true though, you only really notice all that you have when you take it all out! I’ll do one last post after this one to show you the before and after of my collection. Enjoy!

Before, 102


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Nat’s Disappointing Products 2016

Here are some products that didn’t work for me, for my hair, skin tone, skin type and life style! No disrespect to any of these brands or if you love these, this is just what did not work for me!

(note that I have dry skin with oily eyelids, thin curly hair, fair/light skin tone with neutral undertone)

Burt’s Bees Cucumber & Sage Facial Cleansing Towelettes – for normal to dry skin

These burned my eyes and under my eyes so much that I wouldn’t want to use it again. It removed makeup fine, but not enough for me to get over the burning.

Also, I hate the smell! You would think that it would be fresh with a tang… NOPE! it lingers – I wanted to keep them to remove swatches… nope nope nope. every time I did, I kept thinking “I don’t like you, why do I keep using you!” The smell would linger and later I would be “what is that smell?” and yup, these.


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Nat’s November 2016 Favourites

The month has gone by soooo fast. I don’t even know what happened this month.. it is one big blur! But December is here and that means Christmas is coming up 🙂 I love this time of year, I love the atmosphere, the music, the decorations, the food, family, everything! I expected to put more of the products I got in my VIB haul but I don’t feel I got enough use out of them yet to be putting them into favs (well, there are a couple items I put.. lol).

Let’s get into it!

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Stick

When my skin is very hydrated (I’m getting this thing down now!) I love to use my HD foundation stick. It blends super well on my skin, has medium coverage, which is perfect, it lasts a long time and it looks good on camera. I love the stick form, makes me feel nostalgic since I used to have a Maybelline stick foundation back when I was in high school and didn’t know what the hell I was doing with makeup. Plus, the colour match is great.


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Anti-Haul #1 -Holiday 2016 Edition

I have been inspired by the one and only fa-bu-lous Kimberly Clark (click to see her channel). I love her, so entertaining and I love the idea of the anti-haul. Go check her out. She does these anti-hauls for things that she won’t get and why you don’t need it. “What I’m not gonna buy!” I am using this “anti-haul” tag with the permission of Kimberly Clark herself 🙂

The past 2 years, I have been all over the holiday kits and I have learned my lesson in a few respects when it comes to them. So this year, I am being more selective.

So here is my issues with some of the holiday sets:

  1. the packaging always gets you
  2. the quality of some kits are sub-par to the regular line
  3. price in CAD is sometimes ridiculously expensive for what you get.
  4. lots of repeat items that you may have in your collection, but you want the kit, so you get it and now you have duplicates.
  5. Other

So here are the items that I am anti-hauling: (I will add #s next to each name to match issues I have above)

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Nat’s October Favourites

The year is flying by, my daugther so growing up too fast, we had our 1st snow fall (nooooo), the leaves are almost all gone, the cold is setting in… yup, October is over and November is coming.. bleh. I did have more time to play with makeup this month and I have a few nice favs! Hope you enjoy!

Julep It’s Balm Full-Coverage Lip Crayon in Nude Almond Crème

At first, I didn’t like these lip crayons but after trying the Nude Almond colour, I love it. Now you will see in my declutter series (lip stuff is coming in Nov!) that I decluttered some of these. Well I like this colour, not the darker ones. This crayon is meant to be kinda of a very pigmented tinted lip balm. It has lip balm in the center and the colour around it so when you apply it is colours but also moisturizes your lips. I liked how soft and good it does feel on the lips. But mainly, why I kept and love this one is because of the colour. It is a soft nude brownish shade that is PERFECT for my mom-on-the-go-or-just-being-lazy look. It goes with every look and I make sure to have it in my purse for quick touch ups or if I forget to apply lipstick before leaving the house.


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