Tool Talk – Sephora Colour Switch


I’ve been eyeing different versions of the Color Switch for some time now. My hope is that it will help me have clean brushes between uses so I don’t have to have so many brushes out at once. I’ve been using this since the summer and as result I have a pretty solid opinion of it.

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Tool Talk – Still Spa Essential Brushes


Tool Talk!!!! I was considering calling this series Tool Time! Who remembers that? Am I aging myself here…? I think I am…

*ahem* anyway.

I’ve been focusing more and more on makeup brushes and tools so I decided to make a monthly series about it. I’m looking for affordable tools that make applying makeup easier and possibly shave some time off of my routine! I should have added the BDellium Tools under this umbrella but I didn’t come up with this amazing idea then! So our first subject of the Tool Talk series is the Still Spa Essentials Brushes from Walmart! Let’s discuss 🙂

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BDellium Tools Brushes


I am on the hunt for more brushes. I’m looking for nice quality, affordable brushes that are cruelty free and offered as individual brushes. Selection is very important to me since I’ve purchased lots of sets and am looking to get more of specific types of brushes – not full sets. I researched BDellium tools and found that they had consistently positive reviews. I’m not sure they’re considered 100% cruelty free but they offer a vegan line, so I thought that’d be a great start. They have hundreds of brushes on their website and ship to Canada for free after a minimum purchase of $20 USD.

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The $10 Weekly – Special Edition: $5 Quo Sponge vs $30 Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender is pink and Quo is purple. These are dry.

A Beauty Blender is actually a brand. Sometimes we say Beauty Blender and what we mean is sponge. Beauty Blenders are so popular now the name is no synonymous with the product just like Kleenex is to tissue. Beauty Blenders are $30 and you can mainly find them at Sephora. Shoppers doesn’t carry them. They do have their own in house brand (Quo) that offers a sponge. The Quo sponge is only $5. A lot of people I know and follow blogs/vlogs of swear by the actual Beauty Blender brand and believe that all other duplications, even by beloved brands such as Real Techniques, are inferior. I had been using the Quo version for a while because I wasn’t 100% sure that I needed to use a beauty sponge over a brush and I only recently started using liquid foundations. I’d received an actual Beauty Blender in my Birhcbox a few months ago and decided to give them a really deep comparison. Is the actual Beauty Blender brand worth $25 more?

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