My Impromptu Haul While X-Mas Shopping

So yah.. I went shopping for Christmas while my parents watched the little one. Nice break for the parents… well, I spoiled myself too lol. If you want to snoop and see what I purchased, check it out below!

I got the Physicians Formula stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart and the rest at Jean Coutu.

(note: sorry about the bad pics, I didn’t have good lighting where I was)


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Sephora VIB Sale Haul | November 2016

It was here, it came and went and left with my money… yes, it is that time of year again, the Sephora VIB Sale where you get %20 off the entire store/site.

I have been saving my pennies (ha! they don’t exist anymore) to be able to do a nice epic haul that has some luxury items. If you saw my recent post Anti-Haul Holiday Edition, then you know that I stayed away from holiday sets and if you want to know why, go check out the post. I wanted to get things that are make me feel luxurious and pamper myself. It was a tough year (especially the 1st half) and I deserved some pampering goodies. My last item is the definition of luxury! So let’s get into it!


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More Hauling! – High End Part 1

So yes, there is more!! This is a cumulative haul from a few orders from Sephora but also a trip to the store and to the Shoppers Beauty Boutique since the new year. Part of this is Sheena’s fault. Yes, I will blame her cause we hauled both our pregnant booties to the mall and did some damage. After putting our swollen feet up and having some food, it’s time to play with our goodies and haul for you guys 🙂


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Sunday Special! Sephora VIB Rouge Sale EPIC Haul!

So it came and it went and it happened! The Sephora VIB Rouge Sale! Since it comes every year (like Santa), I have been planning and saving money for this sale. I booked extra work for my photography (which I do on the side) and my pennies would go into my savings waiting for this sale. And so I splurged. I normally would not spend that much on the sale but since I saved for it, it was guilt-free shopping!

I also got a few other things that I will just bulk in this haul. Forgive some of the pictures in this post, I was doing an opening on hangouts with Sheena and Missy.

Now let’s jump into it!!

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (Vanilla)

I was waiting for the sale to try a new foundation, and this one in particular. I tried a sample of this foundation and liked it, so I decided to try it out. I haven’t dabbled into it yet but I am excited that it will work out.

toofaced toofaced 2

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November Drugstore “Haul”



I call this is “haul” with quotation marks because I didn’t buy everything at once. I’ve purged a lot and focused on using up the things that I have which means there were some items that I needed to replace! Plus I found a few gaps in my makeup collection that just HAD to be filled 🙂 This is what I’ve picked up recently. Let me know if you’re interested in full reviews of anything!

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Florida Haul Part 2!

I picked up a few other things other than the Ulta stuff I got when Missy and I went shopping in Florida! I found a Walgreens (no Walgreens in Canada), because I wanted to see if they had any of the Disney stuff left, well it was only a little bit of the villains stuff but not much. I didn’t find everything I wanted but I still got some goodies! Here we go!


This first item is super interesting, well to me lol. It is the Disney Villains collection makeup book. The only one I could find was Maleficent so I picked it up. I don’t intend to use it really, but to display it in my beauty room. It combines my love of Disney and makeup into one. So I am happy with it.

disney1 disney2 disney3

The next item is from the Covergirl Star Wars collection. For now it is only available in the US but should come to Canada in November. So while I was there, I found one of the mascaras, so I got it! I got it not because I adore the mascara, it is ok, but again to display in my beauty / geek room. 🙂

sw sw2

I then reached for a Milani Bella eyeshadow because I wanted to try them. I heard good things about it but my opinion is not made yet. I have to try it more but the shade is pretty.

milani milani2 milani3 milani4Then I hit the Maybelline stand to check out the new shades of the matte lipsticks. These shades will be released in November in Canada, so they will be coming, so I only grabbed 2, Nude Nuance and Vibrant Violet.


I also went to the Outlets and found a Cosmetic Outlet. I only grabbed 3 things but even with the exchange they were still cheaper than if I had paid full price here in Canada.

First I got 3 Bobbi Brown eyeshadow singles to add to my collection. I got the shades Dove Grey and Burnt Rose.




And lastly, I got a MAC blush in Rosy Outlook, it will be super pretty for summer, spring!

mac1 mac2 mac3

All-in-all I like this little haul, got some cool things that I can’t get here and others that celebrate my geeky/Disney/beauty side.

Hope you enjoyed!


Sephora VIB Rouge Point Event Haul!

Who doesn’t love a haul?? I know I do! Missy and I went to the Sephora VIB Rouge Appreciation event. This is when Sophora was doing their extra points event (2x for BI, 3x for VIB, 4x VIB Rouge) before their *cough* epic rewards on Monday Aug 10. So here is what I got. Let’s be honest, sending Missy and I shopping… alone.. without supervision… is a bad idea.. things happen! money gets spent… We need Sheena to supervise us lol.

The video of this haul was up on Saturday so you can check it out – I added a few items that are not on there 😀

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Body Shop Haul!

Recently, Body Shop had an ebates cash back even plus buy 3 get 3 free items! So I had to jump on it. Contrary to all teenage girls, I did not shop at that store. Even in adulthood, I have never purchase anything from there. I know, who am I right??! So, I think I was due. Having heard so much about the body butters, I wanted to get some. I also love vitamin E product for the skin and I saw that they had some products in that line, so this was my chance.

So what did I get?

TA DA!!!

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Haul – What I Got For Christmas and on Sale!

Hi beauty enthusiasts! Nat here today!

It is a new year and with the Holiday season over, I am now able to dig into the new beauty products I hauled recently. The haul below is based only on beauty items and is cumulative from things I got on sale from Sephora after my birthday (end of Nov) and all the way to before Christmas and after, boxing week and Christmas presents. If you read my New Year Beauty Resolution post yesterday then you know that I will be using and reviewing what I currently own!

Before I get into that, I wanted to do a little haul to show you what new products I have gotten and products that could potentially show up in future posts.

Now let’s get into some beauty!!!

Sephora Haul!

Sephora had their end of December sale. They added a bunch of items on their sale site and then reduced it to an additional 20% off for VIB Rouge first and then for everyone. Being a VIB Rouge, I was able to get a few things before they disappeared. There were so  many things I wanted to grab but I had to limit myself (even if I still got a lot…)

One of the first things I got, yes I caved, the Formula X Paint the Town nailpolish kit. I was debating between that one and the Ciaté mini manor one since I got it last year and loved it, but since I do not own any Formula X and I LOVE mini polishes and it was a sale… well, it is now living with me 😀

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