Ciate London The Pretty Eyeshadow Palette – A Review

I don’t hear all that much about Ciate London palettes. They seem to be most known for their nail polish and don’t play the PR game as heavily as other brands do however one of my favourite youtubers talked positively about these palettes. Upon hearing what she had to say about the brand, and after falling in love with the colour scheme of this particular palette, I had to have The Pretty Eyeshadow Palette by Ciate London. I’ve actually owned this palette since December and thus have had over 6 months to get to know it. Here are my final thoughts on the Ciate London The Pretty Eyeshadow Palette.

The Packaging is a sturdy plastic with a really cool graphic eye that winks at you when you tilt it. It reminds me of those cards you used to get in chip bags in the 80s that had images that shifted or moved when you tiled the card. Maybe I’m dating myself… I’m old.

It also includes a nice quality mirror. 

One of my beefs with the packaging is that not all pans are the same size. The 4 pans that surround the centre shade are a little awkward to get in to with a fluffier brush. It’s not the end of the world but I don’t really care for it. 

Due to the weird layout, 9 eyeshadow shades are included. It basically lays out like 2 quads + a matte highlight. I like the colour selection. I think it was a great choice to have 1 matte highlight, 4 mattes, and 4 shimmers. It makes the palette super wearable. You get 4 lid shades, 2 transition shades, 2 shades to deepen it up and your highlight. Bam! Done!

Unfortunately the purples that I was drawn to initially didn’t really work out on the lid. The deep plum just looks dark. I find that when I swatch the deep plum and the deep brown they look different but when I wear them I can’t tell them apart.

The 2 light champagne shimmer shades look identical as well. When I swatch them side by side I can tell one is slightly more pink and contains a touch of micro glitter but that’s only upon close inspection.

I wish that they only included one champagne shade and had a light purple shimmer shade as another lid option. 

The shimmery shades don’t pick up well on a brush. Or not on any of mine…. The best way to use them is with your finger. The mattes seem to pick up on a brush no problem. I found every shade to be extremely buildable which was awesome! They blend beautifully but have a tendency to look a little muddy or just dark when you use the deeper shades. I think thats a function of those particular shades and not the shadows themselves.

Overall I don’t hate this palette. The formula of Ciate London shadows is generally quite nice and so I’d try out another palette. The colours of this palette just didn’t work out the way that I’d hoped. Given that out of 9 shades, there are 4 shades that look similar to each other on the lid, I find that it lacks the variety I thought that I’d get out of it. In the end I find myself making gold or champagne looks. The purples aren’t standing out. I have soooo many other palettes that I can get really gorgeous gold and champagne looks with that I didn’t really need to add yet another one to my collection. For that reason, I don’t like this particular palette but I’m totally coveting other offerings from Ciate London such as the Chloe Morello collab.

Have any of you tried Ciate London’s palettes? If so, what do you think of them?


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