Pur Air Perfection Cushion Foundation – A Review


I’ve been using this foundation for several months now and finally feel that I can clearly articulate my thoughts on it. The Pur Air Perfection Foundation is Pur Cosmetics cushion foundation offering. Cushion foundations are liquid foundation housed in a sponge compact. The idea is that it’s a self contained way to use and apply a liquid foundation that is also portable. It’s an idea borrowed from Korean beauty trends and has really taken off! The market is flooded with cushion foundations. So is the Pur Air Perfection cushion foundation worth it? Let’s go over all the pros and cons!

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Project Pan 2017 – Tips for planning YOUR Project Pan

Choosing the right items to pan is key to a successful Project Pan. Picking products to use unwisely was definitely a contributing factor to failure of my very first Project Pan. Now that I’m on my third one I feel like I can offer some good advise for those of you who are looking to start your own project. 

Don’t limit yourself too much

  • Don’t choose a product from every possible category of products, give yourself some room to play and spice up your routine. I purposely didn’t choose to pan blush, lipstick, and lip pencils to allow myself more variety in my day to day routine. It’s having the added benefit of making me want to change up my lipsticks, lip pencils and blush more often which means I rotate through my blushes and lip products even more!

Choose products that actually work

  • If you picked a lipstick that never lasts, your not likely to want to wear it. Pick something that actually does what you want it to and just declutter the things that don’t work for you. It takes a long time to use up makeup products so don’t waste all your time and effort on a sub-par product just because you bought it. 

Choose products that you genuinely like

  • If your trying to finish a blush that just doesn’t look all that good on you, or contains glitter and you hate glitter, your not going to enjoy using it often enough to pan it. Just like the last point, if your hearts not in to it just declutter it. 

Pick out older products

  • Choosing older products helps you use them up before they expire! Rotating out older items out of your collection is always a good idea and it’s even better when you use them up 🙂 Also, it’s likely to have a bit of a dent in it already which is immensely helpful. 

Don’t box yourself in with strict Project Pan rules, always allow yourself some exceptions. I am trying to use up an ambitious amount of makeup but I also gave myself some free passes;

  • I can go wild and use whatever I want for special events (holidays, date nights, etc)
  • I don’t need to use the products I’m trying to pan daily
  • In terms of my eyeshadow palette, I try to incorporate it in my eye look as often as possible but that doesn’t mean the palette is the focus of my look. It could be that I choose to use kitten for my inner corner highlight. 

Set reasonable goals for yourself

  • I don’t intend on using every last scrape of product, I want to use most items until they are no longer easy to use. Set yourself goals that work for you. If all you want to do is use a product for 3 months before you move on, then do that! If you want to use up every scrap of product in it, then you do you! 

Well those are my tips for preparing for your own project pan. Above all else, I hope you enjoy using up products! I’d love to hear about your projects. I find them so inspiring 🙂


Quo Silicone Pore Refiner – Tool Talk

This tiny silicone facial sponge costs $6.99 at Shoppers Drugmart, or $8 for the comparable item at Sephora. 

To use I apply my cleanser and then gently massage your face in circular motions with the sponge. I prefer using a hydrating cleanser but I think they recommend a foaming one. The foam will give the illusion that something magical is happening but in my opinion a vanilla cleanser works just as well. You don’t need to press hard when use the sponge, just gently massage your face. Rinse. And be left with polished skin! It’s quite nice. But the best part…

You can wash the sponge between uses right in your shower! Because it’s silicone it won’t hold bacteria inside it’s self like a traditional sponge or even a brush. It’s much easier to rinse and clean. I clean it with baby shampoo before I use it. It makes me feel so much better about exfoliating with a sponge knowing I’m not reapplying a healthy coat of germs on my face.

The simple design of the sponge is clever. It has a little handle to make it easy for you to hold it between your fingers while you exfoliate. The handle is also a suction cup so when you’re done you can stick it to the wall of your shower. I don’t personally do that but I think it’s a cute idea.

For $6.99 this is a win. It does the job it’s intended to do perfectly. I’m happy I bought it and would totally buy a back up. I’m even in the market for a larger version to use for the rest of my body.


Sheena’s February 2017 Favourites 

February, the month of LOVE! This month is not only Valentines Day but also my wedding anniversary and my babies first birthday! So much love for 1 tiny month. I also have a few beauty loves to share 🙂

Joe Fresh Toner

I normally use a toner from Thayer but recently I was at the grocery store and noticed new Joe Fresh Skincare. I looked at the ingredients of a lot of their products and was pleasantly surprised to see very little crap ingredients. I decided to try out their toner, even though its more expensive than my Thayer toner. I’m definitely happy with the quality of the Joe fresh toner, it’s $12.99 a bottle and does the job well. Totally worth picking up if you’d rather get skincare products in a convenient place like Loblaws.

Wet’n’Wild Crease Brush

I found this at the dollar store for $2.50. I regret not buying more. This brush makes a fantastic blender. I love using it clean to blend out the edges of shadow I’ve already laid down. A good brush for $2.50 is a score. If I see them again I’m definitely going to pick up more!

ABH Modern Renaissance 

I caved and finally bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. I had a Sephora gift card burning in my pocket, a stressful week that ended with an Email from Sephora telling me that the palette was FINALLY back in stock so I made my bad week slightly better by picking this beauty up. The quality is amazing. ABH shadows are definilty the shadows to beat now! I was also really impressed with the wearability of this palette. The rich cranberry shades only makeup a few colours in the palette. I tried to make a very light, hardly there, look with it and was totally able to succeed! This palette can be everything to someone who likes those burgundy shades for night outs and golden tones for day time.

I took a couple pictures just to show how soft and subtle you can get with this palette. I think it’s a huge contrast to a lot of the looks that I see out there for this palette. I was really intimidated by this palette at first but honestly it’s so versatile! You definitely can use this one palette for a whole range of looks!

And that’s my month! I’ve been still plugging away at my Project Pan. I have to say that I’m so pleased with my progress that I can relax a little and use a broader variety of items. I love being able to use up products AND dabble with new items! It’s made for a really enjoyable makeup month 🙂


Pixi Haul and Mini Reviews

My  local Shoppers Drugmart recently started carrying Pixi! I was so excited to see a new brand available that I may have gone a bit crazy with my Optimum points. Here’s a round up of what I picked up with some mini reviews.

The Pixi Skin Treats Makeup Fixing Mist is supposed to be a 3 in 1 product. A primer, setting spray and a makeup refresher. I actually picked this one up the week before I did my big haul. I use it as a setting spray and quite enjoy the slight dewy finish that it provides. I realized after the fact that it contains perfume which is super annoying. Most of Pixi’s skin care line contains perfume. For that reason I won’t use it as a primer and I won’t repurchase. I try to avoid perfumes having direct contact with my skin. Other than that, it seems to work as they claim! 

The 2 in 1 Natural Brow Duo was the only true dud in the haul. It’s a double sided brow product. One side is a waterproof brow gel and the other is a brow pencil. The problem for me is that the pencil is way too hard so I have to press really firmly on my brows to fill them in and the gel sets insanely crunchy. I really don’t like this product. I wish I didn’t lose my receipt because this would have gone back!

The Colour Correcting Powder Foundation came with some bold claims which it didn’t totally live up to. However I still enjoy it! It’s supposed to be a hydrating and full coverage powder foundation. It’s works beautifully as a light coverage setting powder. I find it to be a touch on the drying side and in no way shape or form do I agree with the full coverage claim. I find MAC Studio Fix powder foundation to be way more coverage than this. That being said, I didn’t buy it to be a full coverage powder. I wanted a setting powder that had some coverage to set my foundation with and this totally does the job. I’ve tried it out a few times now and I think I can even get away with setting my user eyes with it. It’s finely milled and brightening. 

I couldn’t resist trying out their H2O Skintint. I love a good, light weight complexion product that offers coverage. While this is  light coverage product, it pairs really nicely with their powder that I mentioned above. It has a rather unique texture as well. It’s light and moosey. I think that this could work really beautifully in the summer overtop of heavier sunscreens. I’m thinking that I will save this and the powder for my summer makeup. 

The Flawless and Poreless Primer was not my first choice in primer. They offer another that is supposed to provide glow but the ingredients are full of perfumes and alcohols whereas their poreless primer doesn’t contain any of those ingredients. I have mixed results with this style of primer. I find this to be lighter than your Benefit Porefessional – which is a good thing since that one never really worked for me. But I also am unsure if it’s doing anything for me. I’m going to have to play more with it. I will admit that I might not be the best person to critique this product since I’d really only use this around my nose. That’s the only place where I have larger pores.

And lastly, perhaps my favourite product from your haul, Pixi Colour Correcting Concealer. One of my favourite youtubers describes this product as her second choice after the Benefit Erase Paste. Since Benefit is not cruelty free I try to avoid buying that product (although I used to own it). I find that this concealer is the closest to the Benefit Erase Paste that I’ve tried. It’s just not quite as heavy which is great because I find that that lets it be a little more buildable. I also use to have issues with Erase Paste not fully setting so far I have not had this issue with the Pixi concealer. I’m guessing because it’s not as thick as the erase paste. It does have the perfect peachy tone and brightening quality to it. I also bought it for $16 which is half the price of Erase Paste so that’s awesome!

That’s my haul and mini reviews! Since Pixi is somewhat new/returning to Canada, I wanted to mention some of the other types of products that I’ve had experience with in the past. I’ve used their bronzers, blushes, highlights and eye shadows before. I personally really enjoy them. The thing to know about Pixi is that their vibe is earthy and ethereal so you won’t get the intensity that you do with other brands such as Urban Decay. This brand is really suited for the light makeup wearer, the natural makeup wearer, minimalist etc. I don’t think you will find super edgy stuff with Pixi but that’s ok in my opinion. It’s not their brand. Their brand is totally me and for that reason I enjoy them and think they’re worth checking out.


Massive Project Pan for 2017

I am determined to use up more of my makeup! I was on a bit of a roll last year and managed to use up some of my beauty products and I really want to carry that success over in to 2017. I have so much stuff that needs to be used because it’s all good stuff! Things that I like! So I went through my cupboards and pulled out older items, things that were near empty, and things that I just wanted to use in general to create my 2017 Project Pan.

Nat and I used to have Julep subscriptions. As result we both have MASSIVE nail polish collections! I decided it’s time to get serious about using up my Julep Products (or some at least). I chose 4 polishes and the Quick Dry Drops to finish for 2017. This will be a HUGE challenge for me because I find it hard to do my nails with a baby. Still, I need to try.

Speaking of Julep… this is a carry over from my Fall 2016 Project Pan. I still have a little bit to go but I know I can finish up these lip glosses. 

A little bit of a carry over from 2016 plus some new additions. I really want to get through all of my hand creams, body butters etc. I have more in my drawers too. I plan to use up everything I have because I constantly get more as free samples and gifts. By the way – I love receiving nice hand creams and body butters as gifts. A girl can never have too many!

I’m ashamed to admit that I found this unopened body scrub in my cupboard. I forgot about it and bought more. It’s time to use this up before I buy another. 

The Bath and Body Works body spray is a carry over from 2016. I’m so sick of using it but I’m so close to finishing that I can’t give up on it!

The Thayers toner is a personal favourite of mine. I stopped using it for a while but picked it up again for my Fall 2016 Project Pan and was reminded of how much I love it. I use it every morning now. It’s just about done and I have every intention of repurchasing this (or possibly the cucumber version).

My La Neige Mask did not get used up last year 😦 2017 will be the year I get in to masks, starting with this guy!

I was so close to finishing this Smashbox Primer water last year! So damn close! It didn’t happen but I’m not worried, it will easily get finished in the first few weeks of January. Now to find a cruelty free equivalent….

So here’s another big challenge. I want to use up a bunch of my foundations! And by a bunch I mean 4. These are all opened and used to various degrees. Foundation is expensive so I’d like to use up most of what I have so I can justify buying more. 

I put this in last years stretch goals but as it turns out I quite enjoyed using the “highlight” side as a setting powder. I use the contour side to bronze. I figure since I like using it I might as well keep it up until I hit pan!

Still working away at these guys… My NARS creamy concealer and Marc Jacobs eyeliner. 

I decided to add the NARS gold eyeliner and Clinique Chubby Stick in to my project this year. They’re both old and relatively well used and simply just need to be finished up. 

Lastly but not least… my final challenge… an actual palette. My Stila In the Light palette. I don’t expect to hit pan on every shade. I’ve had this for nearly 3 years. My Mom bought it for me as a gift. I would love to pan as much of it as I can so I can tell my Mom how much I used it. It was an expensive gift for her to buy me and I don’t want to let it go to waste. This was one of my first favourite palettes and continues to have a special place in my heart today. My hope is to use at least 1 shade from this palette every time I wear makeup. That way I don’t force myself to only use one palette for 2017 but yet I still manage to chip away at it. 

And that’s it! That’s my Project Pan for 2017. Do you find it ambitious? I think it is. Ive never used up this much stuff. There’s some items that I feel very confident that I will finish but there’s also some big time challenges. Does anyone else out there have a Project Pan, if so what are you trying to get rid of? I will keep you all posted on my progress 😉


Sheena’s January 2017 Favourites 

I’ve been absent most of January because I went back to work but also because… SURPRISE I’m having another baby! We’re expecting another little girl April 30th. She will be our happy accident 🙂 I can’t wait for her to meet her big sister and of course for us to meet her too!

Since I’ve gone back to work I’ve been far more motivated to do basic human things like shower and put on deodorant. My makeup has been minimal since I still need to get ready quickly but at least I’ve been doing it! Here’s my personal standouts for January 2017.

NARS lipstick Dolce Vita + Marc Jacobs Lip Liner Primrose combo

I got this combo in a Sephora Favourites lip set last year. I was originally considering trying to pan the NARS lipstick because I’ve never used up a lipstick. I felt this shade could be a good candidate to try to pan since it’s very sheer and pretty much the same shade as my lips. That would make it easy to throw on with just about any look. In the end I decided I had enough lippies to pan but I thought I’d give it a go with the lip liner just for fun. It’s evolved in to a staple for my morning makeup routine. I use this combo on my lips before I head to work. It’s the closest I can come to pulling off a nude brown shade. It tends to last me until about lunch time (I’ve been eating and drinking the whole time too). I then reapply a lip gloss I’m panning at lunch and throughout the day as needed. It works really great for me and I love it! 

BareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Cream Shadow Blushing Pink 

I wonder how many times me and Nat have favourited this??? Hehe

I got in to these cream shadows based on her recommendation. I really love them for work, light makeup days, and quick looks. They will crease if I’m doing rigorous activity so I wouldn’t wear this and then go for a hike but for work – perfection. I always set this shadow and sometimes just for fun I use a light dusting of my highlighter as a setting powder. It’s add a little oomph. 

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter 

I’m late to the game here. Everyone loves this highlighter. I grabbed it on a whim (I so do not need more highlighters) and have no regrets. This is another great for work product. It adds a slight glow but never looks metallic. It’s forgiving under harsh office lights. It’s an absolute gem!

Marcelle Gentle Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes

Nat mentioned in one of her YouTube videos that she was trying to get better at properly removing her waterproof mascara. I am guilty of that too so I decided to join her in her efforts of self improvement. I got this in a Marcelle gift set that was on clearance at Shoppers. I’ve been really enjoying it. It doesn’t irritate my eyes. It doesn’t leave a residue. And it fully removes my mascara. I also love buying things at Shoppers where I can get points or use points to purchase it. Win!

That’s my January! Please forgive the crap pictures. I’m trying to find the time to take photos but often the only time I have is at night. I will get better I promise!

Lastly, I feel like I mentioned Nat a lot but not Missy. Missy! Missy! Missy!!!



Project Pan Plan #3 – Update, Empties and Roll Over 2017

Well I did my best and I managed to finish quite a few things before the new year. Sadly some items will be rolled over in to my 2017 Project Plan. Here’s my progress and final thoughts. 

I managed to finish up several things from my 2016 Fall/Christmas Project Pan. I wasn’t expecting to pan everything but I wouldn’t to challenge myself to put a dent in things that need to be used up. Here’s what I was able to finish!

I managed to use up a Nars eyeliner, Nars Creamy Concealer (sample), Bioderma Micellar Water, a Lavanilla Perfume and several hand creams (not all shown because I threw some out). It doesn’t look like a lot but I was proud to finish off some items and get myself back in the groove of wearing makeup again. I took the challenge to heart and made a point to use up a bunch of other items as well.

Here’s what’s getting rolled over into my 2017 Project Pan:

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner 

Laneige Mask 

Bath and Body Works Peach & Honey Almond Body Spray .

Nars Creamy Concealer Honey (Full Size) 

Marc Jacobs Eyeliner Black (sample size) 

Smashbox Primer Water (sample size) 
Marcelle CC Cream 
Julep Lipglosses 

Most of the items listed have a big dent in them! I also decided to carry over the Wet’n’Wild contour duo as a part of my project pan for 2017 even though it was a stretch goal.

Now as for the rest of my empties?? Well I was motivated to go through my cupboards and pull out products that I had kicking around that were nearly used up with the intention of finally finishing them! Here’s the rest of my empties:

This Nivea Waterproof Eyemakeup Remover had been kicking around my bathroom for longer than I’d care to admit. I found in the back of my cupboard and decided that I must finish it up! And finish it I did 🙂 I won’t repurchase this since Nivea is not cruelty free but I have to admit it’s a pretty decent product. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, it does a good job removing waterproof makeup and its not drying! If memory serves me correctly it’s also very inexpensive, around $6.

Here’s another perfume I had floating in the back of my cupboard. I no longer care for the scent so I started layering it with my Lavanilla perfumes in order to make it wearable so I could use it up. 

This is the L’Oreal Butterfly waterproof mascara and I’ve already repurchased a new one. It’s great for light makeup days because it’s not particularly dramatic. It’s truly waterproof as well so I tend to wear it when I go outside.

I actually used up 2 of these Jouviance Cleansers and am currently on a third sample cleanser from them. They’re really good but insanely expensive. 

This isn’t my favourite dry shampoo. I used it up because I had it but I won’t bother to repurchase. It had a smell that lingered and gave me a headache. It was sot of musky. I really disliked it. 

I’ve already repurchased and am using a second one of these Live Clean creamy coconut body washes. Affordable, environmentally friendly, and super moisturizing. I am such a fan of these basic products from Live Clean. I use their hand soap and their baby products as well. Perhaps one day I should write about what’s good from this brand and what’s not because they can be hit or miss.

And that’s it for my empties!

Concerning all th remaining items on my Project Pan – they all get rolled over in to my massive 2017 Project Pan! I’m already well underway and my empties bin is growing 🙂 I love it and can’t wait to talk about my progress. First Project Pan 2017 post is coming soon!!!


Tool Talk – Quo Beauty Sponge Trio

The Quo Set of 3 Mini Blending Sponges run for $9.99 for a pack of 3. Not a bad price at all! I’ve tried Quo sponges in the past and found that they worked well. I haven’t bought one for a while since I keep getting Beauty Blenders in various Sephora kits (it seems like I will never need to buy one again!). I am in the market for different sizes and shapes of beauty sponges because… well why not!? I’m hoping to discover that I’m missing out on something magical.

Not quite a mini sponge not quite a full sized sponge either. I’m a little unclear of the purpose but it does the job for concealer. The claims are that the sponge is mini but when I compare it to the Beauty Blender it’s not that much smaller!

Still, it is a noticeable size difference and I found that it was quite a nice fit for blending out under eye concealer. It works nicely as a sponge should. I think it might be meant for cream blushes and contour but that’s not my thing so I will keep using them for concealer. 

My final thoughts? I’d still like to try the mini sized next but I can definitely make use of these sponges so no money was wasted. You can’t have too many sponges after all 😉


Sheena’s December 2016 Favourites 


I love December. The holidays make the entire month feel so exciting. This year was extra special because it was my daughters first Christmas 🙂 I love that little meatball so much! She’s seriously adorable. December also provides lots of reasons to get all dolled up. Between the Party season and my project pan I’ve been using makeup on the regular again. Here’s a few of my stand out products for December.

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My Second BH Cosmetics Haul


After having purged so much makeup and seeing Nat start the purging process for herself, I asked myself a question. Of all my makeup, what do I have that I really enjoy? One item that came to mind was my Carli Bybel Palette by BH Cosmetics. It was $12 USD (+shipping). At the time I picked up a lipstick and a blush plus I received a discount off my shipping and a free mini eyeshadow palette. I think I payed around $36 CDN all included. Over all I was really satisfied with my order. I started to wonder if there is more available at BH Cosmetics that I would like and feel like I’m getting my money’s worth out of. So I placed another order to see.

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