The $10 Weekly – Goodbye to The $10 Weekly!!


It’s time to say Goodbye! Goodbye to The $10 Weekly! It’s been an adventure writing this column. When I started it, the idea was to take $10 a week and see how far I could stretch it – then tell the world about my hidden gems or massive duds 🙂 As the year comes to a close I feel that it’s time to make some changes and one of those changes is to freshen up my writing!

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The $10 Weekly – Special Edition – All Time Faves from the $10 Weekly


Sometimes when I hear bloggers/vloggers discuss budget makeup it sort of sounds like they’d rather be buying high end but if they must buy drugstore than X is an ok product. Now don’t get me wrong, many bloggers/vloggers clearly love the more budget friendly category of makeup! I’m not accusing anyone of anything here it just makes me think a little… of all the products that I’ve tried out on the $10 Weekly. Of all the ones I’ve reviewed and said I’d liked, what ones truly made their way in to my regular rotation?

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The $10 Weekly – Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base


The Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow base is likely the most inexpensive eye primer that I’ve personally come across. It’s only $2.99! I’ve been wanting to try this one for so long but never got around to it because eyeshadow primer is so easy to come by. I have 4 or 5 sitting around waiting to be used up… It’s kind of embarrassing… Eventually I broke down and picked this one up for the sake of this blog 🙂 So you’re welcome!

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The $10 Weekly – NYC Mascara


This mascara retails for a staggering… $3.99!! Not too bad in my book. It has some steep claims; smudge proof, lasts 24 hours and flake proof. I like so many other people have issues with mascara running and smudging. Nothing makes you look worse, in my humble opinion, then runny mascara! I’ve tried really expensive mascaras and really inexpensive ones. I’ve yet to find my holy grail one to date! I’d classify this as… meh. Read on if you care to hear why!

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The $10 Weekly – NYC Eyeshadow Trios


You may recall that recently I reviewed the NYC Expert Last Lipstick. I mentioned getting 2 eyeshadow trios but wanted to take a little extra time with those. Well, here we are!  had a few extra weeks to play and now I have a few things to say. I got the shades 789 in West Vintage and 784 in Late Night Latte. The last time I tried NYC eyeshadows I wasn’t a fan. I had a 5 shadow palette that’s main colour was a dud 😦 I picked these up hoping that the “NEW” sticker indicated a new formula too!

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The $10 Weekly – Sleek Cosmetics Blush


Despite my less than amazing experience with my “Coastal Scents Palette” I still order makeup off I found a wealth of Sleek Cosmetics on there and decided to give a blush a try when I found it for $7.50. You can check it out here (non-affiliate link). Sleek Cosmetics is a UK brand that is priced very budget friendly and receives great reviews! I’ve been eyeing them for a long time but the minimum order on their website for free shipping is $75. I find that to be too steep without personally knowing if the brand is good or not. Plus $75 would get you a lot of product from them! All this to say I was so pleased when I found this blush for $7.50 with free shipping and ordered it straight away.

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The $10 Weekly – Expert Last Lipstick


I haven’t had much luck with NYC in the past. I’ve been noticing that Demi Lovato has signed on to be their new spokes person and a lot of the products from NYC that I’m used ot seeing have “new” stickers on them. I’m guessing that they went back to the drawing board on some of their products, updating colours and *hopefully* improving their formula. When I happened by a promo for NYC products at my local Walmart I thought I’d give this super wallet friendly brand another shot. Afterall, we all deserve a second chance in life 🙂

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The 10 Weekly – Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette (I think??)


One day I happened on the Coastal Scents Nude 28 palette on Amazon and it appeared to be on sale! It was $10.48, down from $18.95! Now, $18.95 in Canada would have been a decent price since the dollar isn’t doing so well and other retailers that carry Coastal Scents are selling it for $20.99. AND the best part of this Amazon steal – free shipping!!! Needless to say it found it’s way in to my cart and arrived at my door a few weeks later.

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The $10 Weekly – Essence Lipstick and Lip Liner


The Essence Lip Stick and Eye Liner combined were $6.48! What a great price!! The lip stick is in the shade “06 Barely There” for $3.49 and the lip liner is “06 Satin Mauve” for $2.99. I had previously reported that I did not like Essence lip sticks. That’s because I picked up one from the line called “Sheer Shiny Lipstick” without realizing it. My complaint was that it basically performed like a lip gloss without the benefits of a gloss… and well, was tween-like. When I realized my error I thought I’d give them another shot with the correct line of lip sticks – the Essence Longlasting Lipstick line!

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The $10 Weekly – Marcelle 3 in 1 Micellar Solution


I picked this up at Shoppers for $6.95. It’s a makeup remover that doesn’t require rinsing after you remove your makeup. I thought it’d be fun to do a review on it for the $10 Weekly because it’s hard to find products like this for less than $10. After my first use I basically could say “Yup. It works.” I was a little disappointed in how boring it is to describe makeup remover… but then. Then I thought what if I do a show down between Bioderma and Marcelle 3 in 1 Micellar Solution??? So this is what we have here for this weeks post. A mortal combat of makeup removers.

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