Yay or Nay Sunday – Becca Rose Quartz Shimmering Skin Perfector

This week we are looking at the new shade of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose Quartz



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Yay or Nay Sunday: Bobbi Brown – Bobbi To Glow Shimmer Brick Palette

The Holiday kits are coming out! Yes, the madness is starting… Is it me or is it early this year? I mean, Marc Jacobs came out with his Holiday Style Eye-Con Palette in August… yep, August. There are some of the kits available to VIB Rouge this year, before anyone else. This is different than years past and honestly, I likes it. They aren’t all there, about 15 ish or so of them, but still. They also had the 4x points event in the store as well on Sept 10, where they had most of these kits that are now available online to VIB Rouge. Unfortunately the Sephora I went to didn’t get them all in. One of the employees told us that some kits, like the Stila ones, didn’t make it in (boo).

Anyway, I am rambling, let’s get to what you came here for! The Bobbi Brown Bobbi To Glow Shimmer Brick Palette



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Yay or Nay Sunday – Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con 20 Palettes- Review and Comparaison

Last holiday, my #1 item on my wishlist to get during the 20% off Sephora sale, was the Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con 20 Palette in 224 The Free Spirit. And now, for this holiday season, Marc Jacobs has released another version (a little early) in 240 About Last Night. I just HAD to have it. I will do a review of the new one, 240 About Last Night and do a small comparison at the end of this post with the original from last year.

Right: 224 The Free Spirit / Left: 240 About Last Night


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Yay or Nay Sunday – Disney Minnie Beauty Collection Part 1

Today on Yay or Nay Sunday, we are looking at part 1 of the Sephora Collection – Disney Minnie Beauty Collection.


If you know anything about me, you know that I am a huge Disney fan. My parents took my  husband and I on our 1st trip to Disney back in 2011 and I fell in love. The magic, the feeling of being in another place, it is amazing. Since then we have gone back twice (not enough imo… lol) but I have loved every trip. I also have to keep from buying cute things for my daughter when I see something Disney that is uber cute (see picture at the bottom of the post to see what I mean hehe).

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Special Yay or Nay Sunday – Nay Products

On this special Yay or Nay Sunday, we are looking at products that were all Nays for me and that I regret purchasing.

With trying so many beauty products, it is almost impossible to not run into some products that just don’t work for me or are just not good. Some of these brands create awesome products, so this is not a reflection on the brand, just these specific products that just don’t work for me for whatever reason.

L’Oréal Freida’s nude and Julianne’s nude 


These are great colours. what I don’t like is the L’Oréal lipsticks all together. It’s the smell, I can’t do it, I just can’t. Plus, they are more expensive than other lipsticks at the drugstore that I prefer, Revlon’s Lustrous lip line, Maybelline Matte line and the Rimmel Londen Kate Moss lines are much cheaper than better and without the smell. Now if you don’t mind the smell of the L’Oréal lipsticks, then you would like these, the colours of these nudes are great. I will be passing these on as I didn’t even wear them, I couldn’t get passed the smell.

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Yay or Nay Sunday – Covergirl trunaked Palettes


It is always nice to see palettes from the drug store and so far, we have seen Maybelline and L’Oreal do they their thing with.. mix success.  But I still decided to give a try at Covergirl’s kick at the palette game. What annoys me the most about the drug store palettes in general and makes them grade lower in my book is the price. Sure, you can often find them on sale but still… The L’Oreal ones can me $29.99 and the Maybelline $14.99. For the lower quality that you get, that is too expensive for me. These, again are on the higher end of expensive for the drug store but they are more affordable. I picked up mine for $12.99 I believe and so far, I find them more worth it. Of the 3 brands, these are the best ones hands down, especially when you are talking price vs quality.

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Yay or Nay Sunday – Covergirl tru Blend Blush

I’m back with Yay or Nay Sunday! I think that merits a “yay”! lol

Today I am going to yap about the Covergirl tru Blend Blushes! I’ve been reaching for these quite a bit in the month of March and after using them a bunch, I thought it was time to write about them.


There are 3 blushes and 1 bronzer in this line. The blushes go from light, medium and dark, hence the l and m on the ones pictured. They obviously target different skin tone but even if I have fair skin, I got both the light and medium shades. I didn’t get the dark because it was for sure too dark for me. I also had a chance to swatch the bronzer but it was way to orange and had too much shimmer for my taste. I like a matte bronzer.

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Yay or Nay Sunday – L’Oréal Lumi Cushion Foundation

So I have had a tough pregnancy so far but I am now off of work on rest, so I thought I would bring back the Yay or Nay series since I will have more time and energy to try out a ton of product! (stay tuned for some hauls coming too).

To restart the series, I thought I would review the L’Oréal True Match Lumi Cushion Buildable Luminous Foundation (phiew, that’s a mouthful).


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