Sample then Splurge? Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Radiance

Breakouts, breakouts, breakouts. I’m trapped in the never-ending cycle of ‘I shouldn’t wear make-up because I’m breaking out’ but ‘I need to wear make-up because I’m breaking out’. I’ve been trying to methodically deal with the root cause of these chin blemishes but I’m concerned that I’m also making my life more difficult and disrupting the healing process by using the wrong products on my skin. If you’ve been following me on this blog, you might notice that I will splurge on anything that helps to conceal, cover, and stay. But I also detest being taken advantage of by ‘luxury brands’.

So, I got out my samples and started testing. I have recently had full size products of Smashbox, Hourglass, and Stila. My face kept getting worse so I figured it was time to pull out the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Radiance sample and it proved worth the spurge.  At $26 for one measly ounce it better be! This lightweight, creamy gel creates an invisible barrier between skin and makeup to prime your face for color. I find my foundation spreads easier, lasts longer and feels better on my skin. Since I typically use very matte products on my face, I like that the radiance adds a youthful pearlescent tint that stops my make-up from looking too mask-like. It is also dermatologist-tested and non-comedogenic with all sorts of vitamins, etc. to keep my face healing but looking healthy. I highly recommend this primer.

Fun fact, on the Sephora site Laura Mercier touts that she was the first to invent foundation primers!

Are there any other primers I should try?





Nat’s Favourites April – June 2017

It seems I have been slacking on the blog lately, my excuse, the transition back to being on mat leave to work, I didn’t expect it to be this tired… early bedtimes and just all over tired / busy has taken over. But I miss you guys! So as a come back, here are my April – June Favs! Lots to chat about 🙂


Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

I think I have talking about this before but I still have been using it like crazy this month. I love the neutral looks that are quick and cute that I am able to get out of it. The formula is great, smooth, blends well, pigmented, just easy to work with. I also do not shy away from the blue! Lots of people say, oh it’s a great palette but ignore the blue, I say, embrace the blue! I use it to add a pop of blue in the outer corner with a nice navy liner, see below!



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Sample then Splurge? Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation

I discovered something wonderful at Sephora – you can ask a sales associate to give you foundation samples to take home!!!!! This may be old news to a bunch of people, but I’m pretty excited about this. After another bad skin month, I was looking for a medium to full cover foundation and I was debating between Too Faced Born this way and Dior Forever Foundations. Too Faced was out of the running immediately when I swatched it because it was too orange. Dior was brilliant but I was humming and hawing about parting with $64 CAD for yet another liquid foundation. Well after getting the sample and playing with it for two days I have to say I totally SPLURGED and ordered this amazing product. 


Can you see the bright red pimple on my chin and the burst blood vessels under my right eye? Me either 😀


010 Ivory is a good match for my extremely fair complexion. I am also extra pale due to hibernating inside since November!

For anyone with problem skin, I highly recommend this product. When I layer it over a high-end primer it lasts my entire workday before I get any shine (I like Stila, Hourglass, or Benefit primers). I love that it is so easy to apply. I created the looks above with a finger dabbing application and liberal use of mini beauty blenders around the pimples, scarring, and crow’s feet. I also like how this product applies a thick even layer but doesn’t feel thick on.

If I had to fault this product on anything it is probably that it can give a ‘mask-like’ effect if you do not add contrasting blush/bronzer/highlighter. So this is your warning: don’t skip on using your contouring kit with this product otherwise you will look like you have a mask on!

Now I’m curious about Dior’s other make-up products. Let me know if you have any opinions!

— Missy

Nat’s March 2017 Favourites

My month of March was full but so much fun! I escaped the last hit of winter in spring by going to florida for 12 days and heading to Disney and it was my daughter’s 1st birthday (omg time flies… it really does). I used the same things a lot this month and a few stand outs from my trip. It is not a long list but products that are worth it!

NYX #03 brush

So soft. Sooo soft! OK, I guess you know that this brush is soft. But I have to say it again, it is soooo soft lol. I also love the shape of it, it works well bronzer, blush or powder. I found it a very versatile brush that you can multitask with. I have other brushes that are just as soft but I found that the brushes aren’t as dense or have trouble picking up enough product. I do not have any issues with this brush. I love it.


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Pur Air Perfection Cushion Foundation – A Review


I’ve been using this foundation for several months now and finally feel that I can clearly articulate my thoughts on it. The Pur Air Perfection Foundation is Pur Cosmetics cushion foundation offering. Cushion foundations are liquid foundation housed in a sponge compact. The idea is that it’s a self contained way to use and apply a liquid foundation that is also portable. It’s an idea borrowed from Korean beauty trends and has really taken off! The market is flooded with cushion foundations. So is the Pur Air Perfection cushion foundation worth it? Let’s go over all the pros and cons!

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Missy’s February 2017 Favorites

Whenever I think about February, I think about Valentines’ Day and my husband’s birthday. Both great times for dates! For this month’s favorites I’m going to look at romantic make-up and skin care.

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter

I first got hooked on these pots of wonder when Sheena gave me a big one she had gotten tired of. Another woman’s cast away is another woman’s treasure! Nat got me an amazing set of the travel sized body butters for Christmas and I love all the subtle scents and the velvety finish it gives my skin head to foot! If you like light scents, thick cream, and quick pay off I highly recommend this product.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy

This is possibly the best lip balm out there. Reasonably priced with no harsh smell or effect this lip balm takes my lips from Sahara Desert to sultry after a few nightly applications. I got this balm in a kit and I will definitely be purchasing it again!

tarte Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Bae 

What’s more romantic (and kick ass) then a red pout? This liquid lipstick is ultra-pigmented which allows me to have lightweight velvety lips in a sophisticated matte finish. I was on the fence about this product at first, but I now seriously love this product. It certainly isn’t for everyday application and you NEED a lip brush to apply it properly but I love the effect and the results. Bonus – it doesn’t transfer as much as traditional lipstick!

Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor
Date Night!

What does your romantic make-up routine consist of?


Sample then Splurge? Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask


I tried Fresh’s Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask last week when my face needed a bit more love. And I really liked it! It was a bit exfoliating and made my skin feel smooth and supple. I also enjoyed the fact that it was a neutral color so I applied it and then didn’t have to wipe down my taps and sink after washing it off (anyone who uses those black charcoal masks know exactly the unholy mess I’m talking about). It also had a pleasant natural scent.

So I thought “Yes! This will totally be an awesome splurge post” … and then I hit the brakes. This mask retails for $112 CAD for 100ml! That’s $1.12 a ml! And a ml is not very much!

So sorry Fresh I’m going to pass on EVER getting this mask. It is waaaaay too pricey for the good results. For that price I expect Disney princess radiance in 10 minutes.

Is anyone else using this mask? Do they find that it is worth the price?






Happiness is Matching Lipstick and Lip Liner: A Review of the Marc Jacobs Longwear Lip Set


On Thursday I worked until 7pm, missed my gym class due to traffic, and everything just feels ugh. On those nights it’s so lovely to come home to a Sephora box. Especially one containing the new Marc Jacobs Longwear Lip Set. I am ridiculously pleased with this product already and I’ve only owned it for a few hours. Nothing makes me happier then matching. I still long for the matching twinsets of the 50s.


So polished! Love these vintage looks!

The arrival of my travel size and reasonably priced ($26 CAD) lip liner and lipstick in the shade Slow Burn was just what my face needed to turn my frown upside down!

This is how I imagine a Marc Jacobs friendly post-it would look.

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Nat’s January Beauty Favourites | 2017

I don’t like January… It is cold, snowy, all the Christmas spirit is gone… and to top it off, we all got sick… boo… So for the 1st 2 weeks of the month, no makeup touched my face.. So I don’t have a ton to share with you guys this month.

FAB Vitamin Hydrating Mist 

Being sick, my skin wanted hydration! So whenever I would go in my washroom, I would spray this on my face and omg… it feels so nice. It just feels hydrating and rejuvenating. I just love it. It made me feel so good during my cold.


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Palette Reviews: Clinique’s Very Honey Holiday Eye Palette

CLINIQUE Very Honey Holiday Eye Palette

Even though this is a new palette, I have to admit that it was a nostalgic buy for me. My mom got me a Clinique holiday palette in my early 20s and it made me into a  HUGE fan girl of the brand until I moved to England and discovered Clinique was difficult to find there 😦

So now that I’m back in Canada – how could I resist a NEW holiday palette? This palette has with 13 coordinated eyeshadow shades inspired by their cult-favorite Black Honey Lipstick (which I own 3 different versions of … we’ll get into my lipstick issues during another post). The thing I adore about Clinique is how buildable and relatively goof proof their shadows are. They are soft, subtle, and shimmery on first swipe and then you can build to a more dramatic look. The soft colors and formulas ensures you will will create looks that will be on-point and classic.  Continue reading

A Look Back On 2016 | My Favourites Posts

I was browsing the blog the other day and ran into some of my favourite ones that I did this year. I thought, since we are ending our 3rd year on the blog, that I would look back and countdown my 5 favourites posts to bring in year 4 of the blog, 2017. I wanted to pick posts that I am not only proud of but that are still useful, pertinent and entertaining as you read this or a place you can go back to for some information.

Here we go, let’s start the countdown

#5: Makeup Trends That Make Me Say “Nope”

My opinion only, but I like these kinds of posts sometimes to see and talk about something different.


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Nat’s December 2016 Favourites

Happy New Year!!! December has been insane. The month flew by, Christmas has come and gone and wow… January.. I do not like January …

Let’s talk about things I do like!

La Châtelaine Hand Creams 


They are back.. yes I am talking about these again.. I love them that much! I was looking for the Costco kit again this year, that has 12 of the hand creams, and I couldn’t find them. So, I contacted the company who sent me tons of information and the 2 kits in the pictures down below. The creams are very moisturizing, not greasy and smell amazing. I have one in my purse, at my computer desk, in my kitchen, at work and next to my sofa. The other item is the soap, I’ve only tried it once so I cannot say much about it but it smells amazing. The tins are super cute and reusable!

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