Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Special Daily Event! Dec 2014

Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Last Day!! December 24th

And here it is, the end of the Advent Calendar on today Christmas Eve! We are already here, how fast time flies.

I am disappointed with the last day, it was the Fake Up Concealer which I am not a fan of. Kind of a downer for the last day…

Look for my over all review on this calendar coming in early Jan!!

Hope you enjoyed following me through this advent calendar opening!!!



Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 23 – December 23rd

It is almost done! nooo..! Today we have the Cha Cha Tint. Again, not a fan of tints….

I wonder what the last day of the calendar brings!!



Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 22 – December 22nd

Only 2 more days left after today!! Holy Moly! There has been a lot of hype about the They’re Real Mascara and I have gotten so many samples of it. However, today, I opened a mascara that I haven’t looked into, heard much about or tried, the Bad Gal Lash. A full-size of this is $26 and you can get a small one for $12. I am planning on doing a “Battle of the Lash” post since I have many many many mascaras. So look for that coming in the new year and this one will be part of it!

– Nat

Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 21 – December 21th

Today’s reveal is the Watt’s Up highlighter in Light Champagne. A full-size is $36. I tried it this morning and I think the big size of this stick probably works better. I like the colour and the effect on the face but because the stick is thin, it makes a line that is a little hard to blend. I can see the sponge side of the full-size stick and how it would be useful. Nice colour though!




Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 20 – December 20th

Happy Saturday!! only 4 days left in the calendar! I can’t believe how fast December has gone.

Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in FauxMance. This is a not as sheer as the first one that we got in this calendar. It is a nice pink gloss. It is not a sticky formula and it does take a bit of back and forth to spread it on the lips nicely. I have never tried the benefit lip glosses so this is an exciting opening today, now I have three!



Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 19 – December 19th

Another one of these hair ties…. that’s three hair ties and the 6th item that I could get a the dollarstore. I will leave it at that…




Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 18 – December 18th

Today is better! The little door revealed the “that gal” brightening face primer. A full-size of this is $36 at Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart / Murale.

A silky pink primer that makes skin appear smoother and brighter.

I tried it and I liked it! As you can see it is a pink creamy consistency. I don’t like primers that have a silicone texture and this is not like that. It was creamy but very light. It didn’t feel thick or stick on my skin. My favourite item in the calendar so far. Until tomorrow!!




Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 17 – December 17th

Today I was disappointment, it is a fifth thing that is not makeup in 17 days. It is honestly bringing down the value of this advent calendar for me. Sure, this notepad is cute, but really? I expect all makeup things in there. Benefit has  a lot of products and could easily cover all of the 24 little doors in this advent calendar.

Let’s hope tomorrow brings something good!



Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 16 – December 16th

So today I am tired and well this will be short and sweet. And Sorry for the blurry picture 😦 I went to quick! Benefit High Beam is an ethereal pink liquid highlighter that creates a radiantly dewy complexion. For an angelic sheen, this pink shimmering lotion adds a soft, natural afterglow. A full-size of this retails for $36. I love highlighters and I only have 1 that is cream so I hope this one works out!!


Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 15 – December 15th

An item I have never seen before Ooh La Lift is a wonder eye cream that works like an instant eye lift. A full-size is $26. I unfortunately did not have a chance to try this out this morning but excited to. It does look a little pink so we will see how it is.

It was a good one this morning!



Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 14 – December 14th

December 14, the Sunday before the last full week of work before Christmas holidays. However, I wasn’t impressed with the little bow hair tie that was in the Benefit Advent Calendar today. If I had a daughter, this would be great for her…


Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 13 – December 13th

Yay its Saturday! Another item that I have not tried before! Benefit posetint. This is a pink-tinted lip and cheek stain that “plants a kiss of see-through tint on cheeks and lips. With hours of smudge-proof, just-picked perfection, you’ll be the prettiest bloom in the bunch”!



Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 12 – December 12th

Happy TGIF beauty advocates! Today’s Benefit Advent Calendar opening reveals a goodie! The Total Moisture Facial Cream. A full-size of this cream is $48, which is in line with some of the other high-end brand moisture cream. I did try this cream this morning because I was too excited to go open the calendar door before getting ready this morning. I did like the texture, I don’t like when a moisture cream is too thick because I can feel it on my skin and I don’t like the feel under my makeup. This was not thick, the texture felt really good on my skin. The only thing I am not a fan of is the perfumy smell. It is too strong for my taste but the smell quickly faded away.


Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 11 – December 11th

Another item that I have not tried before! Benefit benetint. I am normally not a big fan of tints but I will give it a try! A full-size of this is $36. Benefit describes Benetint as the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle. a kiss-proof and smudge-proof, indelibly sheer tint, it gives an innocent yet provocative glow to keep everyone guessing.



Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 10 – December 10th

Happy Hump Day! Today’s opening revealed a nice one, the  Stay Flawless 15-hour primer. A full-size of this is $38.  What I am noticing is that the things that are in the advent calendar are all deluxe sample size. So there is a possibility that if you have this calendar, you may have some of these sample sizes, especially if you are a subscriber to monthly beauty boxes. This is a stick primer which I have never tried before. As I am still looking for my holy grail primer, I am excited to try this one.


Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 9 – December 9th

Today we are back on makeup! Yay! The little box with number 9 revealed a Ultra Push Lip Gloss in Dandelion. It is a sheer pink with glitter in it and smells like grapefruit! This is another beauty product from Benefit that I haven’t tried before. So far, from the items that were makeup, I have gotten all new-to-me items except for one. So this is a great way to try them. A full-size of this lip gloss is $19. Looks like they are paring this line of lip gloss with their blushes, what a clever idea!



Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 8 – December 8th

Monday, ugh Monday. But, it is another day closer to Christmas and another opening of the Advent Calendar!

Today, honestly, I was disappointed. A small post-it note pad. Honestly, for the price of the calendar $118, I expect more.  This the third item in 8 days that I could have gotten at the dollar store. So I hope there aren’t many more of those. I have purposefully avoided looking at the list of items at the back of the calendar and online in the description of the item to truly have a surprise everyday, so I am hoping this is the last one like this. 😦

What I will do at the end is figure out the approximate value of each item in the calendar and see if the $118 price point makes sense.

– Nat


Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 7 – December 7th

Today is Sunday, a lazy Sunday where putting your hair up in a pony tail is just about the amount of effort I want to put in my hair today. How convenient that today’s gift is a silvery hair tie!



Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 6 – December 6th

Let me first apologize for the lateness of this post. It’s Saturday and I definitely lost track of time! Today’s opening featured the ever-so-popular the POREfessional balm to minimize the appearance of pores. This mini-size retails for $12! So this is for sure a good item to get in this calendar!!! A full-size of this retails for $37.  I have tried this product before and unfortunately it is not for me. I do not have a problem with big pores and I don’t like primers with a silicone texture. I am sure however that one of my friends will scoop this right up!!! It will make someone happy 🙂 Perhaps a nice stocking stuffer!


Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 5 – December 5th

Day 5 is upon us! Glorious Friday!
Today’s opening reveals a nice goodie, the It’s Potent! Eye cream. Their description is as follows “fades dark circles and helps smooth the appearance of fine lines for brighter, younger-looking eyes.” A full-size is $40 for 0.5 oz of product. This sample size is 0.1 oz, not too bad.

I have some benefit makeup but I have never tried their skin care. Curious about this one. I didn’t have the chance to try it this morning, so I will add details to this post once I do! If not at least about the consistency of the cream and the smell. More to come!!




Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 4 – December 4th

Today, another goodie and a new item for me. Today’s opening features the benefit Stay Don’t Stray eyeshadow primer in light/medium. I opened the little door before doing my makeup today so I decided to try it. I like that it has a little dough foot applicator and it applies nice and evenly. I have pretty red lids, so I like a primer that can neutralize it and is not sheer. The Stay Don’t Stay is a nice neutralizing base and covered the redness on my lids pretty nicely.

It has been 5 hours since I have done my makeup and so far the shadow is not creasing and still feels comfortable. I did notice a slight fading my my shadow but nothing major. A full-size of this primer is $30 and honestly, I am not sure if I would spend that much on a primer. I am enjoying this sample so far and it is a great travel size too.

Come back tomorrow for another surprise!

Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 3 – December 3rd

Day 3 of the opening is upon us! To quote my favourite Christmas movie “…that is the gift that keeps on giving the whole year” – Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation.

Well,it will keep giving until Dec 24 but it could in theory be the whole year since there will be products to use all year! hehehe

This morning was a glorious one! The gift of the day is the Benefit They’re Real mascara! Who doesn’t like getting one of those! It is an excellent mascara and I will certainly go through it. This way, I can keep using this deluxe sample size without paying for the full-size! win for me!


Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 2 – December 2nd

Day 2 of the advent calendar opening! Today, a nice makeup sample!

Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in A-Lister. This is a sheer gloss, looks almost like white and very light pink sheen on the lips. It also smells like watermelon. It is not a sticky formula and it does take a bit of back and forth to spread it on the lips nicely. I would have liked it to be a little more pink than sheer. I have never tried the benefit lip glosses so this is an exciting opening today!

here is a swatch on my lips, are you can see it is very sheer


Come back tomorrow for day 3!!!

– Nat


Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar Opening – Day 1 – December 1st

It’s December 1st and the first day of my Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar!!!

Today’s prize was 4 cute heart-shaped paper clips! The first thing my husband said was, “I thought it was supposed to be makeup”? and I do agree with him, it’s a little disappointing, especially for the price of this advent calendar that not all the 24 boxes have makeup samples in them.

These are, however really cute and I did bring them to work today and put them in action. They do hold papers very well together and are a cute colour. Otherwise, a little underwhelming for day 1. I feel I could get these or something like that at the dollarstore, so I am hoping for more in the next coming days.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, let’s see what we get!!!

Pink and magenta heart-shaped paperclips

Keep it together! Ne vous éparpillez pas!



 Special December Daily Posts – Benefit Advent Calendar!!!

Benefit Cosmetics - Advent Calendar

Hey Guys!

If you read my Yay or Nay Sunday last week, you know that it was my birthday! My husband spoiled me (as always, yes I am lucky!) and gave me a very thoughtful gift, the Benefit Advent Calendar. Let me tell you why it was so thoughtful! First, this is a gift that combines a few of my favourite things: Christmas, advent calendars and beauty! Second, I have severe food allergies and intolerance so I cannot normally have any of the traditional chocolate advent calendars. Thirdly, my hubby knows how much effort we (Sheena, Missy and I) are putting into this blog and he thought it could be something I could review and do posts about! That’s my hubby, always giving me thoughtful gifts.

That being said, I thought it would be cool to post a quick article every day to say what was my surprise of the day with a quick review if I had a chance to try the item. This series will run from December 1-24, for every day on the advent calendar.

This calendar is still available at Sephora stores and online and retails for $119. I have been trying very hard not to look at the back of the box and online not to spoil what items I will be getting in December!

Come join me on this daily journey and leave me comments if you also got the calendar! We can open these daily goodies together!! See you Monday with the 1st item.


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