Boxycharm Unboxing April 2017


This month, the box theme is Boho Glow, here we go!

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Boxycharm Unboxing – March 2017

Sorry this is so late! I was out of the country when my box came in and I wasn’t able to get this up until now. From what I hear tho, there was lots of drama around how long this box took to arrive.. So maybe some of you haven’t seen it yet? lol

Here we go!


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September 2016 Canadian Boxycharm

Here is my 2nd box of Boxycharm in Canada. So far, I am SO happy with it. Something I want to note, I put ‘canadian’ in the title because we get mostly the same products as the US version. However, there are times where some products may not be able to be shipped to CAD, so products can differ. This month, instead of the brush you will see below, the US got a Butter London nail polish. Nail polish is one of those products that need ground shipping so I am assuming Boxycharm uses shipping that doesn’t allow nail polish to be shipped.


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Boxycharm in Canada!!!

Hellz yah! I have been waiting for this one, looking at Kathleen Lights’ unboxings every month, drooling over the box. I was so happy when I hear her say the word, they now ship to Canada. I paused the video, went straight to the boxycharm website and signed up. Woo! Since July 2016, they have been shipping to Canada and I got my first box in August.

If you guys don’t know Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box that has been around in the US for a long time and every month they have a theme. This month is “express yourself”, everyone gets the same items. You also accumulate “charms” which you can reclaim for free shipping, or 10, 20 or 30 dollars off a box.


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ipsy September 2015 Unboxing

So ipsy has been on a rocky road with me for the last couple months and I decided to get my bag this month and redeem my points. I wasn’t fast enough to get it in before the deadline, so I will get my item in the October bag… So I will have another one for sure.

Why has ipsy been on a rocky road with me? Because I haven’t been thrilled with the items I have been getting. Plus, I am not sure how many times I have to say that I don’t want nail polish, I have gotten it in my last three bags, including this one. Plus, with the bad exchange rate, the bag becomes too expensive for what I am getting and keeping from the bag.

Anyway, with that being said, this bag wasn’t bad. Let’s get into the items that were included.


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Wantable August 2015 Unboxing

Hey Guys,

I know this one is a little late for August, but my box came in within the last days of the months so I couldn’t put this up before. Sometimes we don’t know how long packages get held up at customs.

Let me tell you, I did a little dance of joy when I opened this box! As I mentioned in my previous unboxings, the trick to getting what you want, is restricting your preferences. And you can change it every month. Continue reading