All About Mineral Founation



I love mineral foundation! I use it several times a week and have so for 3 years now. So what’s the deal with mineral makeup? Why is it awesome and what makes it different? Here is my take on mineral makeup as well as some tips on using it.

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Project Pan Update: Makeup Re-Organization For A Small Space


I’ve written a couple posts now about my Project Pan; why I embarked on this little experiment and how it’s going so far! Well, now as a part of the project I had to do a major declutter and re-org. I, like many of you, am a complete Pinterest Junkie. I’m on that site ALL THE TIME! One thing that I noticed is when I look up “makeup storage” or “Makeup organization” I get a lot of results that seem to cater to bigger spaces or won’t encompass my entire collection. It’s hard finding that right balance for me. I’m starting to attain that balance and so I thought I’d share how I configured my makeup storage in a way that allows me to rotate through it quite regularly. Just to be up front; it’s not Pinterest worthy. It’s not even pretty! But it works for me so I’m happy.

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Exciting News!!!


I’m very excited to announce the upcoming edition to my family – my husband and I are pregnant with our first baby!

We’re super thrilled to be having a beautiful baby girl this coming March!!! This is the cause of all that emotional shopping.. LOL I can’t help myself, it’s the hormones!!!


Sheena’s Project Pan


Are you all familiar with the “Project Pan” themed videos on Youtube? Basically beauty youtubers engage in a project to hit pan on their beauty products. It’s a way for them to use up what they have and give updates on their Youtube channel regularly. Most people do this because they find themselves in a position where they have so much makeup that they have hardly been able to use because they keep buying more and more. I’m starting to find myself in that place. Also I have a small house so I’m literally running out of room for all this makeup! I decided to take this idea of project pan and find a way to make it work for me! So here we go, Sheena’s version of project pan!

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Purging Beauty Products That Just Didn’t Make the Cut in to my Collection!

Bye Bye crappy "cream" shadows!
Bye Bye crappy “cream” shadows!

I regularly throw out old makeup or makeup that I can’t give away for whatever reason. I’ve been hanging on to a few items with the intention of trying them to review and just haven’t got around to it. This is largely because upon first use I didn’t care for the product and never wanted to go back to it. Here’s a little round up of those products and what put me off immediately about them. Hopefully this is helpful!

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Former “Beauty Flames”


I’m sorry but I’m breaking up with you…

Have you ever enjoyed a beauty product to only grow to strongly dislike it later? Well, like pretty much all of my ex-boyfriends, I’ve a few former “loves” that I now don’t want. I guess beauty products, just like relationships, require you to really get to know them before you run down the aisle with them. Let’s revisit a few former beauty flames!


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