About MissyHi there, I’m Missy and I admit that I’m a beauty product-aholic .

I’m a married mom-to-be and I work full-time as an administrator for a consultant firm.

Ever since I got my hands on copies of ‘YM’ and ‘Seventeen’ as a preteen, I’ve been slightly obsessed with fashion, make-up trends, and beauty hacks.

My biggest beauty ‘aha’ moment came when I got to go to ‘modeling school’ (back when I thought I’d grow taller than 5’4 and NEVER get curves). At the school they taught us the difference between runway and everyday hair and make-up in order to impress potential clients. That advice certainly saved me from some of the usual cringe-worthy high school fashion blunders (I grew up during the whole grunge and ‘outline nude lips in burgundy’ crazes.)

At any rate, I obviously never became a model but I never lost my love for all things beautiful, fashionable, and fun!

I’d describe my personal style as classic with a retro twist. My favorite evening look has to be bold red lips and nails with a swipe of black liquid liner and lots of black mascara àlà the silver screen goddesses of the 1950s-1960s.

I’ve been lucky to be blessed with fairly well behaved combination porcelain skin with pink undertones and I have small pores.  But alas perfection is not meant for me! My complexion also has been cursed with hormonal cystic acne and I have an unfortunate habit of picking/scarring the dickens out of my face as I try to get rid of the monstrous beasts. All this means that I became extremely adept at covering up my disfiguring pimples at a young age – first starting with Halloween make-up (yes … I AM that pale) and then finding myself in love with NARS foundation products. I can now tell if a foundation product is high quality (be it liquid, powder, or stick) by just feeling it. Since foundation is the one thing I won’t ever leave the house without I love trying out lower cost or organic products in order to give my wallet and my skin a rest.

In my purse I usually carry enough to do my whole face for those terrible mornings when I just don’t have time to get my make-up done.  I also used to be a bit of a social butterfly/gym rat so I had to always have a full arsenal of beauty gear since I would inevitably leave my house at 7a.m. and not get back to bed until midnight! Due to my former hectic schedule I became highly obsessed with travel sized items. I actually dedicate a whole bathroom drawer to my ‘purse/travel’ make-up.  And let me tell you it’s worth it! It’s pretty amazing what 5 minutes in the ladies room can transform your appearance from sickly to pretty.

And that what brings me to the 3 main reasons I LOVE make-up.:

1) I love that I can feel terrible and still look good 2) I love playing with the colors and the textures of make-up just as much as an interior designer or quilter plays with fabrics 3) I love how make-up has made me appreciate my features and allows me to take time for ‘me’.


Skin Type: Combination, Fair

Hair Type: Dark Brown (for now), Fine, Shoulder Length

Eye Colour: Green/Blue

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