Happiness is Matching Lipstick and Lip Liner: A Review of the Marc Jacobs Longwear Lip Set


On Thursday I worked until 7pm, missed my gym class due to traffic, and everything just feels ugh. On those nights it’s so lovely to come home to a Sephora box. Especially one containing the new Marc Jacobs Longwear Lip Set. I am ridiculously pleased with this product already and I’ve only owned it for a few hours. Nothing makes me happier then matching. I still long for the matching twinsets of the 50s.


So polished! Love these vintage looks!

The arrival of my travel size and reasonably priced ($26 CAD) lip liner and lipstick in the shade Slow Burn was just what my face needed to turn my frown upside down!

This is how I imagine a Marc Jacobs friendly post-it would look.

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Don’t Tell Nat! Missy’s December Haul

Happy New Year Everyone!

I realize I’ve been quieter than usual on the blog and its been for the usual reasons: illness, family, work, and social life. 2016 was an uncommonly stressful year for me, and according to various internet memes, I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Memes, Imgur, and April: 2016 in a nutshell
 Tank Sinatra
Goodbye 2016. imgur

But now its 2017 and I can finally reveal that I went on a crazy stress/sugar-high/cold medicine shopping spree on December 16th that completely violated the “can’t buy anything on your Christmas list” pact Nat enforces with the family :p (and yes, I am possibly the worst person to buy for at Christmas … but more on that another time).

And voila my December 2016 haul:

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Sephora VIB Sale Haul | November 2016

It was here, it came and went and left with my money… yes, it is that time of year again, the Sephora VIB Sale where you get %20 off the entire store/site.

I have been saving my pennies (ha! they don’t exist anymore) to be able to do a nice epic haul that has some luxury items. If you saw my recent post Anti-Haul Holiday Edition, then you know that I stayed away from holiday sets and if you want to know why, go check out the post. I wanted to get things that are make me feel luxurious and pamper myself. It was a tough year (especially the 1st half) and I deserved some pampering goodies. My last item is the definition of luxury! So let’s get into it!


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Sephora Collection – Disney Minnie Beauty Collection Part 2

Part 2!!

OMG, I was browsing the drafts blog posts and I completely forgot to finish this one… I know this is past and old news, but I promised part 2 so here it is for those still interested! The palette is still available (as of Aug 4) so you could still snatch it!

We are gonna take a look at the other 2 items I got  from the Sephora Collection Disney Minnie Beauty Collection, the brushes and eyeshadow palette.

Brush up on Glamour – Minnie’s Beauty Tools

So honestly, I haven’t used these much. Why? Cause they look great on my vanity all perked up in the super cute Minnie bow style stand. The brushes are super cute and keep to the theme of the collection with the gold / black polka dots.


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Sephora Sale Haul 2 – I Wants It!

After my foundation expedition, my 2nd trip to Sephora had no real purpose. I had a vague idea that I wanted a new cheek palette and possibly some more pencils because I was tired of my old ones … but nothing more than that. I went in with a promise not to spend more then $300. This wasn’t a necessary shopping trip –  this was pure consumerist fun.

In the end, I splurged on these great items and stayed within budget thanks to the sale discount. Most of the stuff I got was great, but the Laura Mercier is so-so. I haven’t given all the products a true test drive so these are my first impressions.
 P_20160410_195747 - Copy

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First Trip at Sephora?? Here Are Some Tips!


Ever pass by a Sephora store and think, holy moly what a jungle that is?! And then walk in just to walk slowly back out just the way you came in…

There are colors, and people and products and music and brands coming at you from right to left, a worker that asks you what you need and you don’t know what to answer… ahh!!! Yup, Sephora can be overwhelming! If that sounds familiar then I am putting this post out for you.

Recently, I had a friend post on Facebook that she had an overwhelming experience at Sephora so she walked out without getting anything and a couple of people also replied agreeing with her. This inspired me to write this post as even experienced beauty people find Sephora too much sometimes.

So let’s get into it!!


Figure out your level of comfort with makeup/beauty in general

Knowing where you personally stand with makeup/beauty products will help determine if you are ready for Sephora or how you should start.

If you are a beginner at makeup entirely, I suggest playing with some drugstore products first. They have great options at the drug store and you will get to learn what you like / don’t like. Plus, it is A LOT more budget friendly. It will also allow you to make purchasing mistakes without blowing the bank. Even if Sephora has a great return policy, it is a lot easier to accept that you don’t like a product you paid a small price for than a $50 foundation that you think should work because it’s that expensive.

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Sunday Special! Sephora VIB Rouge Sale EPIC Haul!

So it came and it went and it happened! The Sephora VIB Rouge Sale! Since it comes every year (like Santa), I have been planning and saving money for this sale. I booked extra work for my photography (which I do on the side) and my pennies would go into my savings waiting for this sale. And so I splurged. I normally would not spend that much on the sale but since I saved for it, it was guilt-free shopping!

I also got a few other things that I will just bulk in this haul. Forgive some of the pictures in this post, I was doing an opening on hangouts with Sheena and Missy.

Now let’s jump into it!!

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (Vanilla)

I was waiting for the sale to try a new foundation, and this one in particular. I tried a sample of this foundation and liked it, so I decided to try it out. I haven’t dabbled into it yet but I am excited that it will work out.

toofaced toofaced 2

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Christmas Kit Reviews: Tarte Lips For Daze LipSurgence Set

Tarte Lips For Daze LipSurgence Set
Tarte Lips For Daze LipSurgence Set

‘Tis the season and let’s roll out the Christmas gift sets! There’s something just so scrumptious and decadent about getting a sampler of products for a fraction of the individual price. And speaking of price, this kit is a serious saver! Retailing in Canada at a reasonable $41 you get FIVE FULL SIZE LipSurgence crayons! Individually these beauties retail for $29 apiece! So seriously people, this is a deal.

I got acquainted with this product from other Sephora kits and ‘purchasing’ mini versions with my Sephora points. Each formulation of this line has blown me away. I’ve been waiting MONTHS for Tarte to release a LipSurgence kit so I could have more!

Obviously I got my Christmas wish answered early – and so help me I snapped it up before Sephora could sell out of it! 😡

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Battle of the Liquid Lipsticks! Stila vs Sephora

Hey Guys!

I have been testing out liquid lipsticks since I decided to try them for work. I spend a lot of time in meetings and I don’t always have the time to go back to my office between meetings to reapply my lipstick. So I decided to venture to the the world of liquid! I have been staying away because I cannot stand dry lips. I obsessed with lip balm and reapply like a fiend but I wanted to take to a leap of faith!

I wanted a neutral every day colour and pulled these 2 out of my collection. Noticed how similar they are…


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Palette Reviews: Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette Set

Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette Set
Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette Set

I’ve been telling myself for a while that I need to pick up something by Kat von D. Nat has raved about this brand for it’s ability to create stunning looks that are long lasting and super fun.

The reason I haven’t tried Kat von D is 1) it’s pricey and 2) I never forgave her for messing up Sandra Bullock’s marriage to that creepazoid.

Creepazoid (Jesse James) with Sandra Bullock
Creepazoid (aka Jesse James) with Sandra Bullock


The Cheaters! Jesse James and Kat Von D  (Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
The Cheaters! Jesse James and Kat Von D (Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

So while I don’t like her personal ethics when it comes to romance, I gotta say I’ve always crushed after her bad-ass, pin-up, no-holds-barred make-up style. I was super excited when Sephora offered the Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette Set. It’s a perfect little introductory kit to this brand and it was an amazing deal. I paid $78 CAD for four FULL SIZE (or at least very close to full size) items that normally would’ve cost me $143 CAD if purchased separately. The kit contains Immortal Lash 24 Hour mascara, Autograph liquid liner, Chrysalis Eye Palette, and Everlasting Face Shaper Blush in Por Vida. My overall impression of this brand is that it was created by a woman who wears and loves make-up. The formulas are luxurious, long lasting, blendable, and best of all easy to remove at the end of the day! Unfortunately, as I write this, the set is now out of stock at Sephora. However, I’m hoping my review will help you decide if and what you want to buy if you choose to explore this awesome brand yourself.

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