Reptilian Dry Winter Skin Troubles??

Well, it has come, winter in Ottawa… We had a mild and green/brown Christmas but a few days later and BAM 21cm of snow… big big storm and with that came colder weather. What does that mean? The return of dry skin. Yes, the menace is back! I have dry skin year round but it is manageable in Summer and I even have some days where the dry is fully hydrated! But during the winter, it’s dry skin all day, every day. To top it off, I am pregnant (yay! 1st baby on the way) which means that I not only need to hydrate normally, but I am vomiting multiple times a day, which makes it even more important to stay hydrated. All that to say, that keeping on top of hydrating this winter is challenging!


If you are suffering the same dry-skin-reptilian-like-winter-skin-blues, (whether you are pregnant or not), here are some tips that can help anyone with their dry skin troubles:

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First Trip at Sephora?? Here Are Some Tips!


Ever pass by a Sephora store and think, holy moly what a jungle that is?! And then walk in just to walk slowly back out just the way you came in…

There are colors, and people and products and music and brands coming at you from right to left, a worker that asks you what you need and you don’t know what to answer… ahh!!! Yup, Sephora can be overwhelming! If that sounds familiar then I am putting this post out for you.

Recently, I had a friend post on Facebook that she had an overwhelming experience at Sephora so she walked out without getting anything and a couple of people also replied agreeing with her. This inspired me to write this post as even experienced beauty people find Sephora too much sometimes.

So let’s get into it!!


Figure out your level of comfort with makeup/beauty in general

Knowing where you personally stand with makeup/beauty products will help determine if you are ready for Sephora or how you should start.

If you are a beginner at makeup entirely, I suggest playing with some drugstore products first. They have great options at the drug store and you will get to learn what you like / don’t like. Plus, it is A LOT more budget friendly. It will also allow you to make purchasing mistakes without blowing the bank. Even if Sephora has a great return policy, it is a lot easier to accept that you don’t like a product you paid a small price for than a $50 foundation that you think should work because it’s that expensive.

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SH*T Your Mother Should’ve Taught You: Wearing Make-up With Glasses

“Hey Four Eyes!”

For some reason this classic bullying phrase filled me with dread. I mean how do you respond to that?! All I could ever think of to say was “Nooooooo! I have TWO eyes! *long pause* … buttface…”

You have to understand this was before glasses were all hipster-chic and people started buying thick rimmed black glasses at Ardene because it was cool. I dreaded having to wear my glasses for years. I think one of the big reasons I didn’t like my glasses is that I didn’t know how to wear make-up with them.

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SH*T Your Mother Should’ve Taught You: Covering up Scabs

*Be Forewarned – I’m going to be talking about the gross no-no of popping pimples – or in my case gouging my face … this is not for the faint of heart*

Alright people, pimples happen. They happen to bad people and the happen to good people. And when they happen to me I NEED to pick them. Sometimes it goes well. A pore disaster is averted, the muck is cleared away, and I can go about my normal make up routine without anyone the wiser … other times I get carried away … and this happens:

The pimple may be gone but the damage has been done!
The pimple may be gone but the damage has been done!
#nomakeup #nofilter (lol)
#nomakeup #nofilter (lol)

So I got this beautiful red scab by literally taking off a layer of skin trying to get at an annoying blackhead. I was doing my best to be careful and hygienic – using two Q-tips and then WHAM! A whole layer of epidermis is off and I’m left with a bloody C-shaped crater. Now as I said this isn’t new territory for me (you may also notice a couple of scab on my chin) but the thing is that I refuse to hide in the house when I make these blunders and I don’t think anyone else should either. So here’s a quick tutorial on how to cover up scabs.

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Beauty SH*T Your Mom Should’ve Taught You: Lesson #5 Use Bed Head to Create Texture for Casual Up Dos

Who else is a snooze-button addict?

I learned early on that I was one of those people who will sacrifice anything to get those extra 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes (oh gawd now I’m REALLY late!) of shut eye. personal hygiene, breakfast, and whatever else be damned! In order not to become a “smelly mellie” I began to shower and blowdry my hair at night. Only issue is that I usually skip the blow drying step and if you’ve ever done this YOU know that there’s no worst bed head then ‘slept-on-wet-hair’ bed head.
However I discovered a solution! Rolling around on drying hair at night creates massive texture – sometimes as much as back combing (depending on your dreams that night). Reign in this texture and make it work for you by liberally spritzing as texturizer such as Bumble and Bumble Sea Spray or a similar liquid texturizer (do NOT use a powder texturizer … my scalp is still sore trying to get the tangles out from THAT experiment). Comb through or leave as is and then get your much needed shut eye.

bumble bumble
When you wake up the next day greet your bed head with a new knowing look because you now have the texture to create a beautiful causal up do of your dreams. I’m not great at hair tutorials but I do know that all you need to create a clean work appropriate up do is a smooth front and some bobby pins in the back. I like starting my twisting the hair at the nape of my neck up to create a bit of a French twist. Once you have that, have fun pinning the rest of your locks around this twist.




We’ve all been there. You’re crunched for time before the {insert: big date, meeting, event, party here} and your make up is not cooperating. Here are 3 common beauty disasters and ways to fix them in under 2.5 minutes.
Disaster #1: Sneezed with Wet Mascara!
It’s winter in Canada so that means that I pretty much constantly have a head cold. This makes applying eye make-up, especially mascara, extra tricky because I never know when I’m going to have a big, eye-watering sneeze. I discovered that simply putting a little spit on a Q-tip will make even the most water-proof of mascara go away without a trace and leave no oily residue like make up remover.

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With better and better hair color technology it’s becoming rare for women to ‘stay’ their natural hair color past their teen years. Most drug stores dedicate a whole aisle to hair color and salons are practically on every street corner offering to change your look with the application of a few chemicals.

Hair color, it can be magical when it works and the WORST thing ever when it turns our wrong. A bad haircut is one thing, you can accessorize and work with a bad haircut (been there, done that, … stupid pixie cut craze in the 90s – I still haven’t forgiven Winona Ryder for that trend) but a bad hair color is tougher since most work places frown upon you donning hats/hoods at client meetings.

So what can you to prevent and deal with hair color disasters? Now I’m not an expert but I’ve been alternately dyeing my hair myself and going to salons since I was 13. I have almost literally had every single hair color possible (green and black included) and have had to deal with my fair share of hair color disasters. And I feel my dear mother could’ve prevented some of these disasters, but alas I was head strong and usually dyed first and asked questions later.

So let’s start with home dyeing and how to prevent bad hair color from happening to you.

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A true wine-stained lip is never a good look. They look NOTHING like proper lip stains and are usually accompanied by a hangover. Even after a good night out, life inevitably needs to go on and most of us still need to leave the house whether or not we look our best. And for those ‘common sense people’ out there who decide not to drink red wine … I’m sorry, that’s just not an option for me and some other awesome people I know.

My mother doesn’t drink. So it makes sense that she didn’t teach me how to prevent/obliterate wine stained lips. So I had to figure it out the hard way, through trial and error. Hopefully these tips will keep you looking fabulous and not regretting that extra (and sometimes necessary!) glass of merlot from the night before.

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Ladies why do we tell our daughters to not shave their legs above the knee? in the 1950s when we all wore knee socks and below the knee skirts then MAYBE above the knee was for when you start going ‘steady’ or ‘get married’. But with the advent of short-shorts and mini skirts those days are gone.

Mothers-to-be:  you need to introduce your little ladies to the world of hair removal! I mean there are so many options: depilators, lasers, wax, and, of course, razors. Let’s face it; puberty is hard enough without having to worry about hair removal alone. Don’t let your daughter be the one with the ‘Yeti Legs’. (Side Note: I BARELY escaped this moniker by not listening to my mother … but I still empathize with the girls who had to outlive that nick name.)

Now if I had the opportunity to weigh my different hair removal options I believe I would’ve chosen waxing as my modus operandi. Many of my female friends whose mothers got them to shun the razor are now virtually hairless in their late 20s and early 30s (except above the knee … grrrrrr.)

Since I’m expecting my daughter in January I plan to give her my blessing to remove any unwanted hair when she wants to.



Beauty SH*T Your Mom Should Have Taught You! Lesson # 1: Wedding Hair

When choosing your wedding hair go with what your hair will naturally do – Naturally curly hair? A Grecian up-do or let the hair hang loose and tousled. Naturally straight hair? Go for a sleek style;  I have YET to meet a bride who’s elaborate hair-do stayed throughout her Wedding Day. My EXTENSIONS even went straight by the time the soup was served! (I’m guessing to show solidarity with my naturally straight hair.)

Ladies do yourself a favor on your wedding day – work with what nature gave you not against it!


wedding curly 2wedding curly 3wedding hair curly 1


wedding hair straight onewedding hair straight 2wedding straight 3