BH Cosmetics Marble Collection Warm Stone Palette

When I first tried this palette I didn’t care for it because the look I tried didn’t come out like I’d hoped and it required a lot of blending. I was debating on giving it away but decided to give it a second chance. Here are my final thoughts on the BH Cosmetic Marble Collection Warm Stone Palette and a more detailed review than my previous haul provided. 

This review has been a long time coming. I’ve had this palette for about 6 months now. I’ve used it off and on but found myself just not wanting to reach for this palette. It’s definitely not love for me.

First of all the packaging is better than expected from a company such as BH Cosmetics. It has a sleek marble design on the cover in firm plastic packaging and includes a large mirror. Normally BH has flimsy plastic packaging or cardboard, this palette feels like a total step up for them!

The Warm Stone Palette comes with 12 great shades. The colour selection is really nice and I personally don’t have many palettes that resemble this one. 

Each row could work as a quad and the entire palette coordinates. There’s no wrong shade combo here. I love it when companies make picking shades easy! 

The shadows themselves had respectable pigmentation. Here’s some my swatches:

Top Row

Middle Row

Bottom Row

When I went to create looks with the Warm Stone Palette I found that the shadows were tough to work with. In swatches they have a pretty nice, smooth texture except the pink shade in the last row which requires building even in finger swatches. The shadows require a lot of blending and building when applying to the eyelid. Swatches can be deceiving and this palette is proof! I wasnt able to get the shadow to build up at all. They didn’t appear on the lid as they did in the pan or in swatches. They faded pretty quickly. Overall, this was a a bust for me. 

The above picture is my eyeshadow look using the top Row of this palette. I tried to build the deep brown shade up in my outcorner and it hardly shows. The lid shade is the peach shade in the palettebut sadly it translates to gold on the lid. I was disappointed with how it turned out.

That being said, I saw a YouTuber “Emily Noel” give this palette a good review and the look she created with it was great! I think if you’re better at applying makeup than I am (not a hard thing to do) then you might be able to make this one work. It could be a lot better with a setting spray. If you’re not on a budget then personally I’d suggest looking elsewhere such as the Sweet Peach Palette. It’s unfortunate because there really is so many things to love about this palette. Great packaging, great shade selection, great price but sadly for me the shadows themselves don’t have the attributes that I normally look for in my eyeshadow. 


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