Where to Shop: YesStyle

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Launched in 2006, YesStyle is the first online retailer to globally distribute a wide range of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products from Asia through their website YesStyle.ca.

A co-worker got me hooked onto the site when she was placing an order. They have so many cool things and for reasonable Canadian prices.

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Sephora Sale Haul – Foundation Edition

My Sephora Sale Haul – stila Correct & Perfect All-In-One Color Correcting Palette; Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer; Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation; boscia Multi-Masking™ Medley; Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15; boscia Thermal Black Cleanser


I counted down the days until the Sephora sale. I needed a new base, foundation, and coverage system after I stupidly went to a crappy, unhygienic salon to get my face waxed (in my defense, I didn’t know that it was crappy and unhygienic at the time). I’m pretty sure she used cheap body cream to ‘soothe’ my raw face and I bet you can guess what happened: blemishes erupted! Two months after this incident, my skin is still suffering and so is my self-esteem.

None of my old tricks and make-up were working. My NARS stuff was too sheer and my Benefit stuff was too thick and yellowy when layered. It was embarrassing. I always felt self-conscious, especially of my chin 😦

2 months later and the spots/scars were still there!
2 months later and the spots/scars are still there!

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First Trip at Sephora?? Here Are Some Tips!


Ever pass by a Sephora store and think, holy moly what a jungle that is?! And then walk in just to walk slowly back out just the way you came in…

There are colors, and people and products and music and brands coming at you from right to left, a worker that asks you what you need and you don’t know what to answer… ahh!!! Yup, Sephora can be overwhelming! If that sounds familiar then I am putting this post out for you.

Recently, I had a friend post on Facebook that she had an overwhelming experience at Sephora so she walked out without getting anything and a couple of people also replied agreeing with her. This inspired me to write this post as even experienced beauty people find Sephora too much sometimes.

So let’s get into it!!


Figure out your level of comfort with makeup/beauty in general

Knowing where you personally stand with makeup/beauty products will help determine if you are ready for Sephora or how you should start.

If you are a beginner at makeup entirely, I suggest playing with some drugstore products first. They have great options at the drug store and you will get to learn what you like / don’t like. Plus, it is A LOT more budget friendly. It will also allow you to make purchasing mistakes without blowing the bank. Even if Sephora has a great return policy, it is a lot easier to accept that you don’t like a product you paid a small price for than a $50 foundation that you think should work because it’s that expensive.

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Where To Shop: Nail Polish Canada


I haven’t written about where to shop in Canada in quite some time. Before I get in to it I just wanted to mention that we here at 3 Canadian Beauties don’t write about where to shop for commissions or anything sinister. We’re simply only trying to talk about our experiences shopping at certain places because Canada doesn’t have all the stores that the US does. Some times finding certain items or brands is a little hard here so you have to take a risk and try out a new store online. So I personally like to share where I managed to hunt something down and what it was like because I would find it useful to know! And with that, on to our post… Nail Polish Canada and my hunt for the elusive Z Palette!

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Ulta Haul: bareMinerals LOVE!

Ulta Haul
Apparently I had a craving for Bare Minerals?


Nat introduced me to Ulta during our awesome trip to Florida. I was super stoked to see what America had to offer, and I was not disappointed! Soooooo many beautiful travel kits and holiday sets! It just makes my heart swoon!

The issue was, however, that we only had ONE hour to shop before the store closed! One hour?! CUE THE MISSION IMPOSSIBLE THEME MUSIC! (duh, duh, du-du, duh, duh, du-du, duh, duh, du-du, duh, duh, du-du. doodledoo, doodledoo, doodle doo, doo-doo!)

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Where To Shop – Amazon.ca


Have you heard of this website called Amazon? They have a Canadian based site as well, amazon.ca. It’s neat-o! Ok, I will dial back the sarcasm a tad… but I’m writing this post assuming that everyone who reads it understands what Amazon is. For the most part I buy books from them. So so many books… over the past 2-3 years Amazon has actively been growing in Canada and offering way more than just books! It’s still not quite like it is in the US but you can buy some half decent makeup from them and that means; free shipping over $25, fast shipping, and Amazon’s very easy customer satisfaction guarantee. I personally love shopping on Amazon and so I was really happy to find makeup readily available and that there were even brands that I have a hard time getting hold of in Canada! Here’s a little round up of the great stuff that I see as a bit of a PSA for those Canadians feeling left in the dust by companies like BH Cosmetics, Sleek etc. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see pics and comparisons of prices! The front end of the post is just my explanation as to why I like shopping at Amazon for makeup 🙂

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Murale Optimum Points Haul! $300 of Free Stuff? What?!

Murale Haul Alert!!! 

Last week I posted my Where to Shop – Shoppers Drug Mart guide on the Shoppers Optimum Rewards Program. You can go read all about it because this haul is me redeeming my points.

Sheena and I set out to redeem our point on a weekend where they had redeem your points, get more money for them event! Sheena redeemed 95,000 points for a $200 value (normally $170) for a super awesome WiiU.  I decided to head to Murale and redeem 130,000 points for $300 (normally $210). It was so fun to pick out items for $300 and all I had to pay was the tax. So exciting!!! Below is what I picked up.

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Where To Shop – Shoppers Drug Mart – Using Points For Fabulous Swag? What?!

If you are a Canadian, you know where I am going, yes girl, the Optimum Program at Shoppers Drug Mart. 

If you already know the basics about Shoppers, skip down below to My Strategy for Gaining Points subtitle.

The Basics about Shoppers Drug Mart

So before I get into the good stuffs, we need to start with the Basics. Shoppers Drug Mart is a Canadian store franchise that is literally, everywhere. It is a drug store that also holds select high-end beauty brands. For you Americans, it is not comparable to Ulta, not even close, Ulta has much more beauty products (wish we had some here!!).  They have many of the drugstore brands such as l’Oréal, Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel London, Esssence, Marcelle, Covergirl, etc. For high end they hold Stila, Smashbox, Laura Mercier, Lancôme, Lise Wathier, Clinique, Cover FX, Benefit, Pur Minerals, Estée Lauder. They also have a huge fragrance section with tons of selection from Gucci, to Juicy Couture and many more. It also depends on the size of the Shoppers, not all of them hold all the brands, but drive another 3-5 minutes and there is another Shoppers with more selections!

Although you can’t get all the high end brands, you can still get a good selection and pick up some essentials close at hand. In my region, Sephora are in short demand, there are only 2 stores and neither of them are convenient to get to, but Shoppers are a dime a dozen.


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Where to Shop – Pur Minerals Website


I’m a big fan of Pur Minerals. They are available exclusively at Shoppers Drugmart or online through the Shopping Channel. You can also order directly through Pur Minerals website: http://www.purminerals.com. Since I really like Pur Minerals I decided that I wanted to try ordering directly through them. Their 4 in 1 Foundation is actually a little cheaper on line than it is in the store so it makes sense for me to order directly from them when possible. This post is really just a summary of my own personal experience of ordering online from Pur Minerals which hopefully will help answer any questions someone might have when ordering through Pur Minerals in Canada.

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