NYX The Go-To Palette – A Review


I found this on display at my local Shoppers for $20.99. Naturally I grabbed it immediately! I’m still looking for my perfect travel palette and, despite not liking the last travel palette I grabbed by NYX, I still wanted to try this one! I have heard great things about the shadows in this palette.

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Drugstore Holiday Set Review – NYX Butt “Naked” Turn The Other Cheek


You know when you’re having an emotional day and the only thing you can do is fill that void with more makeup? Yeah that feeling. That’s how I ended up with this palette. I was having a bit of an emotional day (for no particular reason) and I happened to walk in to a Shoppers for something else and ended up buying this because I NEEDED points. I HAD to have a travel palette since I was going to Montreal in a few hours. It was absolutely necessary. And so, armed with a cache of flimsy reasoning I paid $29.99 for this. I did take it with me to Montreal and only this palette. Did I regret it?

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Travel Kit Reviews: The Buxom Dolly’s High Roller Collection Palette

When I saw that this beauty went on sale on Sephora before Christmas I knew I had to snag it before the woeful red ‘out of stock’ came up beside the name. $53 was the regular Canadian retail value so when it dropped to $37 I knew I had to snatch it up!

Not only is the packaging gorgeous and glam (I mean black and gold casino theme – super hard to go wrong) the colours inside the palette look amazing! All those pinks and mauves make me think of Urban Decay’s Naked 3 gorgeous color scheme. And because it has NINE pieces it certainly was looking to be a contender to be my Travel Kit Holy Grail.
Unfortunately my search is not over. While it is a pretty palette, it’s size makes it too silly to carry in your purse. It has the length and width of a Kleenex box and the height of a paper back novel. I wouldn’t even risk taking it in my luggage without putting it in a ziploc bag since it only has a fairly flimsy magnetic closure.

Another issue I have with this palette is that it contains no brushes or mascara. Again, this isn’t strictly necessary for a travel kit to be successful in my eyes, but it just makes sense to throw them in (especially when the original retail is over $50!)
But let’s switch gears now and talk about the good things for this palette. First off the colours are beautiful and everything works together. I really must applaud Buxom again for their planning.

This set contains:
Hold the Line™ waterproof eyeliner in Call Me (matte black)
Eye shadows in Cha-Ching (gilt patina), Strip Poker (lilac haze), Chocolate Diamonds (bronze chocolate), Royal Flush (powder pink)
Double-ended Full-On™ lip polish and cream in Dolly (sultry mauve/shimmering sultry mauve) –
Dolly blush (sultry mauve)
Bankroll luminizer (champagne sheen)
Hot Escapes™ bronzer in Tahiti (golden tan)

However another issue I found was that these colours were not made for long wear – One swipe with a tissue did THIS much damage to the swatches:

Even the black liner got a faded instead of smudgey!
I also found that the bronzer is more of a luminizer. Even with my fair skin, it’s just too light and bright! Although your can create a pretty look by mixing the matte blush with this shimmery bronzer.
face2 face1
All in all this palette was a disappointment. It’s certainly fun to play with on the weekend but I’d never rely on it for a big night out or as my sole look for a vacation.

Let the search for my Travel Kit continue!

Travel Kit Reviews: The Buxom Passport Collection – The Jetsetter Edition for Eyes, Lips & Cheeks

Do you ever need to look your best at a moment’s notice? That’s me. I’m a perpetual over-scheduler, over sleeper, traveler, and former gym junkie. While getting married, changing jobs, and being pregnant has made me slow down considerably I still live in that mindset of when I need to look good it needs to happen fast and the stuff I need BETTER be in my purse. If this sounds anything like you, I recommend trying out something from the Buxom Passport Collection.  Since August I’ve had The Jetsetter Edition for Eyes, Lips, and Cheeks in my purse. Overall I’m impressed with it. It has everything you need to take you from a natural to a night-time look at a moment’s notice (or a 15 minutes car ride … and YES I’m the passenger in this scenario!).

The blush brush is great to create contoured cheek and the double ended eye shadow brush allows you to blend and define your eyes so you can create a natural look or a trendy night-time eye. The colors are also well thought out with gold, taupes, and navy blue eye shadows and a natural nude blush and lip gloss. The Lash Mascara is a strong competitor to be my all-time favorite travel mascara since it separates and defines lashes with minimal clumps. And let’s face it; good, clump-free mascara is essential to every female (especially if she’s on-the-go!).



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