Don’t Tell Nat! Missy’s December Haul

Happy New Year Everyone!

I realize I’ve been quieter than usual on the blog and its been for the usual reasons: illness, family, work, and social life. 2016 was an uncommonly stressful year for me, and according to various internet memes, I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Memes, Imgur, and April: 2016 in a nutshell
 Tank Sinatra
Goodbye 2016. imgur

But now its 2017 and I can finally reveal that I went on a crazy stress/sugar-high/cold medicine shopping spree on December 16th that completely violated the “can’t buy anything on your Christmas list” pact Nat enforces with the family :p (and yes, I am possibly the worst person to buy for at Christmas … but more on that another time).

And voila my December 2016 haul:

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My Impromptu Haul While X-Mas Shopping

So yah.. I went shopping for Christmas while my parents watched the little one. Nice break for the parents… well, I spoiled myself too lol. If you want to snoop and see what I purchased, check it out below!

I got the Physicians Formula stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart and the rest at Jean Coutu.

(note: sorry about the bad pics, I didn’t have good lighting where I was)


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My Second BH Cosmetics Haul


After having purged so much makeup and seeing Nat start the purging process for herself, I asked myself a question. Of all my makeup, what do I have that I really enjoy? One item that came to mind was my Carli Bybel Palette by BH Cosmetics. It was $12 USD (+shipping). At the time I picked up a lipstick and a blush plus I received a discount off my shipping and a free mini eyeshadow palette. I think I payed around $36 CDN all included. Over all I was really satisfied with my order. I started to wonder if there is more available at BH Cosmetics that I would like and feel like I’m getting my money’s worth out of. So I placed another order to see.

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More Hauling! – High End Part 1

So yes, there is more!! This is a cumulative haul from a few orders from Sephora but also a trip to the store and to the Shoppers Beauty Boutique since the new year. Part of this is Sheena’s fault. Yes, I will blame her cause we hauled both our pregnant booties to the mall and did some damage. After putting our swollen feet up and having some food, it’s time to play with our goodies and haul for you guys 🙂


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ELF Haul!!


I finally did it! I finally found things on ELF’s site that they don’t sell in Canada, that I was interested in and while they were having a great sale! Some of the stuff I bought they do sell here but others they don’t. I added some items to tip me over the free shipping threshold. It;s not free shipping to Canada but if you get the free shipping they basically discount your shipping and it works out to be around $2.50 USD for shipping. I think that’s acceptable so I went on ahead and ordered!

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Sephora VIB Rouge Point Event Haul!

Who doesn’t love a haul?? I know I do! Missy and I went to the Sephora VIB Rouge Appreciation event. This is when Sophora was doing their extra points event (2x for BI, 3x for VIB, 4x VIB Rouge) before their *cough* epic rewards on Monday Aug 10. So here is what I got. Let’s be honest, sending Missy and I shopping… alone.. without supervision… is a bad idea.. things happen! money gets spent… We need Sheena to supervise us lol.

The video of this haul was up on Saturday so you can check it out – I added a few items that are not on there 😀

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Body Shop Haul!

Recently, Body Shop had an ebates cash back even plus buy 3 get 3 free items! So I had to jump on it. Contrary to all teenage girls, I did not shop at that store. Even in adulthood, I have never purchase anything from there. I know, who am I right??! So, I think I was due. Having heard so much about the body butters, I wanted to get some. I also love vitamin E product for the skin and I saw that they had some products in that line, so this was my chance.

So what did I get?

TA DA!!!

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