Makeup Must-Haves for Your Everyday Makeup Drawer

Technically mine’s a basket… the idea of the “every day makeup drawer” has been floating around on youtube for a little while now. I definitely incorporated it in my own makeup storage because it’s super easy and convenient. I rounded up my core staples that I never swap out of my every day makeup basket because they’re just so darn practical! Here we go:

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Great Beauty Combinations!

Sometimes a product doesn’t work out for me. Unless I’m really turned off on it, I try to find other ways to use it. Most of the time it doesn’t work out but every once in a while I’ve been able to redeem a product that otherwise wouldn’t work for me! Here’s a few combos that turned around some failing beauty products. Enjoy!

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Skin Care Round Up


This might feel like a bit of a random post. I have a few skincare items that I have some comments on but not enough to say to write a full post. This is mainly because I didn’t like them and since I didn’t like them I didn’t use them enough to write a full, informative and objective post. I figured I’d list them out and add my 2 cents just in case it’s of value to anyone.

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Where To Shop –


Have you heard of this website called Amazon? They have a Canadian based site as well, It’s neat-o! Ok, I will dial back the sarcasm a tad… but I’m writing this post assuming that everyone who reads it understands what Amazon is. For the most part I buy books from them. So so many books… over the past 2-3 years Amazon has actively been growing in Canada and offering way more than just books! It’s still not quite like it is in the US but you can buy some half decent makeup from them and that means; free shipping over $25, fast shipping, and Amazon’s very easy customer satisfaction guarantee. I personally love shopping on Amazon and so I was really happy to find makeup readily available and that there were even brands that I have a hard time getting hold of in Canada! Here’s a little round up of the great stuff that I see as a bit of a PSA for those Canadians feeling left in the dust by companies like BH Cosmetics, Sleek etc. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see pics and comparisons of prices! The front end of the post is just my explanation as to why I like shopping at Amazon for makeup 🙂

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The $10 Weekly – Special Edition: $5 Quo Sponge vs $30 Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender is pink and Quo is purple. These are dry.

A Beauty Blender is actually a brand. Sometimes we say Beauty Blender and what we mean is sponge. Beauty Blenders are so popular now the name is no synonymous with the product just like Kleenex is to tissue. Beauty Blenders are $30 and you can mainly find them at Sephora. Shoppers doesn’t carry them. They do have their own in house brand (Quo) that offers a sponge. The Quo sponge is only $5. A lot of people I know and follow blogs/vlogs of swear by the actual Beauty Blender brand and believe that all other duplications, even by beloved brands such as Real Techniques, are inferior. I had been using the Quo version for a while because I wasn’t 100% sure that I needed to use a beauty sponge over a brush and I only recently started using liquid foundations. I’d received an actual Beauty Blender in my Birhcbox a few months ago and decided to give them a really deep comparison. Is the actual Beauty Blender brand worth $25 more?

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Going from Long to Short! 5 things to do before going under the scissors!


I went from 5 inches below the shoulders to an angled bob that at its longest point is 2 inches below the chin! I love my new look and I love ditching the lustrous locks every few years. I think it’s nice to reset my hair and cut out all the old damage, dye and whatever else I’ve done to myself. Anyway, after doing it I had to quickly run around and get new hair supplies because I did it rather impulsively! Not thinking things through is my middle name… After it was all said and done I thought I’d write a little post about what I should have considered before I got my hair cut off, so here we are! 

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The $10 Weekly – Special Edition all about Deal DUDS! Part 2 of 2

Welcome back! In case you missed it, this post is part 2 of 2. You can read part 1 here. Last week’s $10 Weekly was all about the duds that I ran in to during my quest for hidden gems at the drugstore for under $10 and this week is a continuation of that post! Once I’m all done, these products will go in the garbage. Sad but true. So here we go, products that I bought on the cheap and it shows!

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The $10 Weekly – Live Clean Fresh Face Refreshing Facial Wipes


This week is a quicky but a goodie. I’ve been on the hunt for a good, quick way to wash my face before bed. The reality for me, and I suspect many readers, is that we can’t all afford the time for a 40 minute evening beauty ritual every night. I’m busy. When I get ready for bed most nights I want to remove my makeup and apply a night cream. I want it all to be done in under 5 minutes because if it takes more than that, I won’t do it. So began the hunt for a facial wipe that will remove makeup and not strip my skin. And of course, it had to be less than $10 because this girl is on a budget!

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By Request – My Skin Care Routine

A quick at-a-glance of my current skin care routine.


My skin has it’s challenges. I have mild rosacea, dryness and hyper-sensitivity to perfumes, SPF, alcohol, sulfates and so on. Every so often I try a product and it just burns my face and eyes. That’s why I’m very careful about what I put on my face. It can really hurt. I know I have sensitivities to what are considered common irritants but I also have other things that make my skin react which I haven’t been able to isolate. With that in mind, here’s my skin care routine:

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The $10 Weekly – NYX Eyeshadow Base

I’m on a hunt. I’m searching for a good eyeshadow primer that is available at the drugstore and hopefully less than $10. NYX is my favourite drugstore brand so they were the first company that I wanted to check out. They had 3 options; the Pearl Eyeshadow Base, White Eyeshadow Base and Skintone Eyeshadow Base. I chose the Pearl Eyeshadow base since I have a good primer for long wearing purposes. I’m looking for primers to add a little something to my look. A little “umf” if you will… Did it deliver?

2014-12-22 11.00.43
NYX Pearl Eyeshadow Base

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The $10 Weekly – Special Edition Part Deux


Another example of the odd finds at the dollar store!
Another example of the odd finds at the dollar store!

And here were are! Week 2 of 2 for ways that I save money on makeup. I really do hope this helps some people out. It’s a little tight in my household lately so I find being a little creative with my money makes me fell less… constrained (that’s a polite way to say broke! haha!) Anyway, here is my continuation of ways to save on beauty.

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Where to Shop – Pur Minerals Website


I’m a big fan of Pur Minerals. They are available exclusively at Shoppers Drugmart or online through the Shopping Channel. You can also order directly through Pur Minerals website: Since I really like Pur Minerals I decided that I wanted to try ordering directly through them. Their 4 in 1 Foundation is actually a little cheaper on line than it is in the store so it makes sense for me to order directly from them when possible. This post is really just a summary of my own personal experience of ordering online from Pur Minerals which hopefully will help answer any questions someone might have when ordering through Pur Minerals in Canada.

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