Use It or Lose It! – Julep Cream to Powder Blush Stick

My Use It or Lose It bag! It’s mainly blush and eyeshadow since I have a strategy for using up a lot of other types of products.

I’ve decluttered and my collection is about half of what it was. Yet I still have so much unused products! I also have limited space and an unchecked shopping addiction so I really need to ensure that my makeup collection is filled with things that I love and at least use occasionally! So I decided to round up all my makeup that I kept from my massive purge but still don’t really use and either use it, or lose it!

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Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 5, Blushes

This is one of my favourites drawers. I loved how I organized it and I love how pretty the blushes look. I have tons, looks like it came up to 94, and I think that is too much for blush (duh!). What I mean tho is that there is only a certain amount of shades you can have in blush.. it is not as versatile as eyeshadows. I say that, however, I had trouble with this one… lol. I have many that are pretty.

I tried to made this post so that if you didn’t want to read all my explanations of why am I keeping, passing along or putting in the need to use more pile, you could just scroll down and see the story in pictures (I added captions so you know what I am keeping and what I am not).

Before, 91 and 3 palettes (after pictures at the end)


Behold, my collection!! Can you see why it is so hard to go through.. where do I even start? What I decided to do was to group some together, randomly brand by brand and just go through them and decide what I want to keep and not in each batch. This is both less overwhelming for me and also easier to pass along info to you guys in a written format.

Here we go.

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The $10 Weekly – Sleek Cosmetics Blush


Despite my less than amazing experience with my “Coastal Scents Palette” I still order makeup off I found a wealth of Sleek Cosmetics on there and decided to give a blush a try when I found it for $7.50. You can check it out here (non-affiliate link). Sleek Cosmetics is a UK brand that is priced very budget friendly and receives great reviews! I’ve been eyeing them for a long time but the minimum order on their website for free shipping is $75. I find that to be too steep without personally knowing if the brand is good or not. Plus $75 would get you a lot of product from them! All this to say I was so pleased when I found this blush for $7.50 with free shipping and ordered it straight away.

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Fall 2015 Make-up Trends How-Tos: Flushed Cheeks

Handy guide on where to apply blush according to your face type!
Handy guide on where to apply blush according to your face type!

As I said in my Fall 2015 Make-Up Trends post, I groaned at first when I heard faint flushed cheeks were back! After all the time and money I spent trying to learn how to contour and make my face appear slimmer, the make-up artists at Michael Kors, Burberry, and many other fashion houses sent their models out with rosy full cheeks!

I do, however, have to admit that full flushed cheeks look amazing against a matte foundation and make me want to go out apple picking in a big woolen sweater! So this pretty look is something that I was anxious to try out.

There’s no denying that blush gives your face a beautiful glow and makes you look alive and vital. Application is fairly straightforward but it’s important to choose the right type of blush and brush. This will help you achieve that healthy flush and not look like a scary clown!

Bad Blush
Bad Blush
 Good Blush (photo from Michael Kors show)
Good Blush (photo from Michael Kors show)


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The $10 Weekly – (M)Ariposa Blush Quad (from Dollarama)


Recently I got it in to my head that I was going to test out Dollar Store brands of makeup. In Canada we don’t appear to have the same assortment of Dollar Store brands as the US. In the States it seems to be (based on my hours of YouTube watching) a lot of LA Girl. I did manage to find some LA Girl at Dollar Tree but Dollarama carries a brand called “Ariposa.” So over the next several weeks (and the previous 2 as well) your humble hero has been putting unknown Dollar Store makeup on her face for the sake of this blog. Here’s the crazy thing: this blush quad is actually pretty darn decent!

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The $10 Weekly – Hard Candy Ombre Blush “Glow All the Way”


This gorgeous looking blush was only $6.98 from Walmart! I picked up while on the hunt for interesting blushes from the drugstore. As I’ve mentioned before, I think one thing that separates high-end from drugstore category of makeup is colour selection. I picked this up hoping to get a bold, super glowy, hot pink cheek! Why would I want that? Well why not? It could be fun, right?

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The $10 Weekly – Flower Cosmetics Cream Blush


Lately I’ve been trying to explore newer types of products for me. I use a lot of traditional powder blushes but I rarely use a cream blush. Flower Cosmetics has a nice selection of cream blushes for $8.98 each. I chose the colour Peach Blossom because in the pan it looked to be a vibrant, peachy-orange colour. I find the drugstore category of makeup to be lacking in adventurous blushes (yes there are some but a lot of lines don’t deviate from rose/pink shades) and so I was really excited to try this one out. I’ve been fiddling with this product for about a month now and have mixed feelings.

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LA Girl Beauty Brick Blush Collection in Pinky – A Review


If you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter you will have seen me post a pic of this guy as well as the Nude palette and the Lip Paints! This is LA Girls Beauty Brick Blush Collection in the shade PINKY. I was out with my Mom and found these guys at a store called Beauty Box. They cost $19.99 but the store had an additional 20% off sale so it was $16 after discount. They retail for $9 in the US so I feel a little disappointed in the price but I have to concede that $16 for a contour palette isn’t bad. So what do you get out of a $16 contour palette?

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Josie Maran Lip & Cheek Tint – A Review


I added this to my cart to tip me over the free shipping threshold when Sephora was having their big sale. I’ve never used a lip & cheek tint/stain type of product before. Lately I’ve been actively trying to use different types of products to sort of broaden my makeup horizons! Cream blushes, blush sticks, different textures of shadows, interesting lippie formats… things that deviate from the more traditional formats of makeup. Mainly because I’ve been quite conservative in my makeup purchases! So how did this adventure pan out for me? Well, I gotta say… badly.

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Let’s Talk About Swatching: Powder Blush and Bronzer Edition

Finding your perfect blush and bronzer is easier then settling on a foundation and a concealer because now you WANT the colour to stand out on your face (albeit not in a Bozo the Clown type of way … and let’s just all agree that clowns are scary). Therefore, when it comes to finding your perfect blush and bronzer it’s all about quality.

One of the worst things to watch out for is when a blush or bronzer is described as ‘light reflecting or luminizing’ … great concept when executed well but some brands just take it as an excuse to put glitter in their product. Do not buy the glitter products unless you’re trying to be Britney Spears circa late 90s. The look is done now … back away from the glitter (until it comes back into fashion of course 😉 )

Another thing to watch out for with blush and bronzer is when the brand boasts ‘cool tones’. Even if your skin tone suits ‘cool hues’ they are VERY hard to pull off in this case without looking like you’re dead. (I currently have alot of my ‘cool tones’ in a box labelled Halloween). I like to read in the description or see a golden shimmer to my blushes and bronzers.

Ok, so keeping those two points in mind, it’s time to swatch!

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