Yummy Mummy Picks: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day® Night Cap

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day® Night Cap
Living Proof
Perfect Hair Day® Night Cap

If you’ve been following this blog you might have heard me bemoan the fact that I have ‘blah’ hair. For a long time I was that girl who had 10 different hair cleansing and styling systems. Why? Well 1) Hair ads are very convincing and I’m a naive person and 2) my hair doesn’t fit into a typical ‘category’. Overall I’d say my hair is straight(ish) and fine(ish) but it also has a split personality and decorates my head with weird waves, cowlicks, and tangles that can only be tamed with hot tools and lots of product. And honestly who has time for that?!

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Yay or Nay Sunday – Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Hairspray

Hey Beauties,

Sorry about missing my usual time (9am EST) for a post this Sunday. It seems like time slipped through my fingers and I missed my post! So since I cannot let you guys go without a post today, here is quick and simple review on the Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Sulfate Free Volume, Shine Hairspray extra hold… phiew mouthful!

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Fall 2015 Make-up Trends – A 90s revival!

All you 30 somethings out there get ready for some serious deja vu from high school! The 90s are back in fashion this fall! Luckily designers have left ‘pencil thin’ brows and the ‘dark lip liner lighter lipstick’ firmly behind but they are embracing some old make-up trends that I can firmly get behind and excited about! This fall I’m feeling nostalgic for my first forays into the world or make-up and for my fashion role models from my teen years!

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Yummy Mummy Pick: AG Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo and Conditioner

AG Sterling Silver Shampoo and Conditioner
AG Sterling Silver Shampoo and Conditioner

I will freely admit that I have some serious blonde ambition. I am a product of my environment. I was brought up watching my mom touch up her dark roots and I couldn’t wait to grow up and do ‘grown-up’ things like dye my hair.

My profusion of bleach blonde Barbie dolls and my early love of all things 1950s cinema also put me on the track to dye my hair as soon as I turned 13 and used my allowance money to buy the brightest blonde I could. It was at this tender age that I realized 1) You should read ALL the directions when you dye your hair 2) You should really have a friend to help you do it 3) timing is key 4) never use your mom’s new white hand towels to wipe up spillage.

All this to say that the resulting effect was not the ethereal blonde halo like the 90s Pop Music Group The Dixie Chicks (Fig. 1) that I was expecting. I really ended up looking like I had on a crayola crayon coloured wig (Fig. 2)

Dixie Chicks in the 90s when I first lusted for blonde hair and secretly loved pop country!
Fig. 1: Dixie Chicks in the 90s when I first lusted for blonde hair and secretly loved pop country!







The colour my hair actually turned out after using home dye.
Fig. 2: The colour my hair actually turned out after using home dye.









Why did this happen? Well 1) you should never home dye your hair more than 2 shades lighter then your natural colour and 2) my natural hair colour has a ridiculously stubborn brassy streak. However these early missteps did not put me off my blonde ambition I just had to start hunting for the prodcuts that would turn my idea of perfect blonde hair into a reality. And that’s why I’m turning the spotlight onto the AG Sterling Silver Shampoo and Conditioner line.


If you’ve been following this post you might remember me from my selfies as a brunette. That’s because I started this blog with the other beauties while I was pregnant with my first baby. Dying your hair while pregnant could be possibly harmful for the fetus so as soon as I decided to try for a baby I had my hair dyed from bleach blonde back to my darker natural colour.

Blonde March 2014
Blonde March 2014
‘Natural’ Hair Colour and SUPER Pregnant December 2014



But now I’m starting to crave that blonde again and I nearly forgot what a pain that colour is. Anyone who has even a tinge of red in their hair will know what I’m talking about. Right now I’m experimenting with low maintenance highlights. And sure enough, they went super brassy (my trusted hair dresser actually had to do them twice because my first set was orange!) And even the second set didn’t turn out that great. But THEN I found my AG Sterling silver set and it literally toned my highlights from orange to, if not blonde, then a pretty burnished blonde. I’ve never been so grateful for my beauty product hoarding tendencies.

First of all the products smell AMAZING! Tropical and sweet without being sickly and they work! The key with toning products is to always start at the root where the regrowth is and where you want the product to have the most time to work. Then massage down to your ends while humming or belting out your favourite tune (in other words let it settle for a couple of minutes.) And then rinse. The best part is that you only need to use this product every 2nd or third shampoo to reap the benefits and did I mention that it works?! My highlights keep improving and that, my friends, is a good thing!

The only thing to watch out for is that the deep purple of these products can stain! I keep a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser around my tub to clean up any stubborn purple suds stains.

AG Sterling Silver Shampoo - seriously purple! Seriously effective toning!
AG Sterling Silver Shampoo – seriously purple! Seriously effective toning!

So if you’ve got some blonde ambition make sure you head to Trade Secrets (or other similar retailers) to pick up this product!



Yay or Nay Sunday – Julep Invisible Dry Shampoo

Happy Easter everyone!! Enjoy time with your family and friends this weekend 🙂

This week on Yay or Nay Sunday, we have a quick review on Julep’s Invisible Dry Shampoo. I added this as an add-on on my cart (for $6.99) on a julep order a while back and have been testing it out for a while. It retails for $22.50 or $17.60 for Mavens.

Very simply, this product is a YAY, especially if you get it for $6.99 add-on price that I got it for!

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Going from Long to Short! 5 things to do before going under the scissors!


I went from 5 inches below the shoulders to an angled bob that at its longest point is 2 inches below the chin! I love my new look and I love ditching the lustrous locks every few years. I think it’s nice to reset my hair and cut out all the old damage, dye and whatever else I’ve done to myself. Anyway, after doing it I had to quickly run around and get new hair supplies because I did it rather impulsively! Not thinking things through is my middle name… After it was all said and done I thought I’d write a little post about what I should have considered before I got my hair cut off, so here we are! 

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Beauty SH*T Your Mom Should’ve Taught You: Lesson #5 Use Bed Head to Create Texture for Casual Up Dos

Who else is a snooze-button addict?

I learned early on that I was one of those people who will sacrifice anything to get those extra 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes (oh gawd now I’m REALLY late!) of shut eye. personal hygiene, breakfast, and whatever else be damned! In order not to become a “smelly mellie” I began to shower and blowdry my hair at night. Only issue is that I usually skip the blow drying step and if you’ve ever done this YOU know that there’s no worst bed head then ‘slept-on-wet-hair’ bed head.
However I discovered a solution! Rolling around on drying hair at night creates massive texture – sometimes as much as back combing (depending on your dreams that night). Reign in this texture and make it work for you by liberally spritzing as texturizer such as Bumble and Bumble Sea Spray or a similar liquid texturizer (do NOT use a powder texturizer … my scalp is still sore trying to get the tangles out from THAT experiment). Comb through or leave as is and then get your much needed shut eye.

bumble bumble
When you wake up the next day greet your bed head with a new knowing look because you now have the texture to create a beautiful causal up do of your dreams. I’m not great at hair tutorials but I do know that all you need to create a clean work appropriate up do is a smooth front and some bobby pins in the back. I like starting my twisting the hair at the nape of my neck up to create a bit of a French twist. Once you have that, have fun pinning the rest of your locks around this twist.



Yay or Nay Sunday – Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo

On today’s Yay or Nay Sunday – Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo.

I had high hopes for this product since I have tried other Marc Anthony products and have like them. This one however, is… a NAY.

I have been looking for a good clear dry shampoo. Being a brunette, the dry shampoos that have that white film, (if you have used dry shampoos before, you know what I am talking about) are not the best. They leave that white stuff in my hair and I can’t leave it down. I was hoping that since this one is going on advertising that it was clear that I had found my holy grail…. yah, no.

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With better and better hair color technology it’s becoming rare for women to ‘stay’ their natural hair color past their teen years. Most drug stores dedicate a whole aisle to hair color and salons are practically on every street corner offering to change your look with the application of a few chemicals.

Hair color, it can be magical when it works and the WORST thing ever when it turns our wrong. A bad haircut is one thing, you can accessorize and work with a bad haircut (been there, done that, … stupid pixie cut craze in the 90s – I still haven’t forgiven Winona Ryder for that trend) but a bad hair color is tougher since most work places frown upon you donning hats/hoods at client meetings.

So what can you to prevent and deal with hair color disasters? Now I’m not an expert but I’ve been alternately dyeing my hair myself and going to salons since I was 13. I have almost literally had every single hair color possible (green and black included) and have had to deal with my fair share of hair color disasters. And I feel my dear mother could’ve prevented some of these disasters, but alas I was head strong and usually dyed first and asked questions later.

So let’s start with home dyeing and how to prevent bad hair color from happening to you.

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Missy’s October Favorite Pick: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Collection.

Perfect Hair Day

I am a lazy girl when it comes to my hair. It never behaves (unless I spend hours bribing it into submission) so most days I resort to a low pony tail or, when my ends get too yucky, a basic bun. I grew my hair out long for years and told the stylists not to shape it because it would only be going into a pony tail or a bun. All this changed, however, when I got a tester of the Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment.

My husband and I were entertaining another couple so I decided to ‘make an effort’ and blow dry my hair before putting it in a ponytail. I was in a bit of a reckless mood so I decided to try out the Style Treatment sample and was literally blown away! (hairdryer pun … get it????). It took my lackluster fine hair and made it look like I had just stepped out of a salon – and this is from a simple blow dry and brush! My friend even asked me if I had finally managed to figure out how to work my straightening iron since my hair looked THAT shiny and poker straight. It even gave it a little bit of volume.

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Ladies why do we tell our daughters to not shave their legs above the knee? in the 1950s when we all wore knee socks and below the knee skirts then MAYBE above the knee was for when you start going ‘steady’ or ‘get married’. But with the advent of short-shorts and mini skirts those days are gone.

Mothers-to-be:  you need to introduce your little ladies to the world of hair removal! I mean there are so many options: depilators, lasers, wax, and, of course, razors. Let’s face it; puberty is hard enough without having to worry about hair removal alone. Don’t let your daughter be the one with the ‘Yeti Legs’. (Side Note: I BARELY escaped this moniker by not listening to my mother … but I still empathize with the girls who had to outlive that nick name.)

Now if I had the opportunity to weigh my different hair removal options I believe I would’ve chosen waxing as my modus operandi. Many of my female friends whose mothers got them to shun the razor are now virtually hairless in their late 20s and early 30s (except above the knee … grrrrrr.)

Since I’m expecting my daughter in January I plan to give her my blessing to remove any unwanted hair when she wants to.



Sally Beauty Canada Club – Worth It? (The Answer is YES!)

Today I have to sing Sally Beauty Club’s praises because it’s the first membership that I think is worth purchasing even if you’re not a product-aholic. Why? Well today they emailed me a 15% of coupon for spending just $35 in store during the month of September! This amounted to be buying hairspray, cotton balls, and acetone (not exactly a splurge month in my books). Their customer appreciation is making me seriously reconsider my dedication to other beauty supply retailers.

Sally Beauty has great prices and offers cheaper brands than most of the other beauty vendors. While I may not know all of the products by name, I’m more likely to go out of my comfort zone and try out some new brands if I’m getting a deal. If you live or work near a Sally Beauty I’d recommend joining their club. They also get amazing deals on hair styling tools and they have a full array of nail polishes and make up that are great value.

I look forward to reviewing more of my finds at this store!

Sally Beauty Pic 2Sally Beauty Pic 1


Beauty SH*T Your Mom Should Have Taught You! Lesson # 1: Wedding Hair

When choosing your wedding hair go with what your hair will naturally do – Naturally curly hair? A Grecian up-do or let the hair hang loose and tousled. Naturally straight hair? Go for a sleek style;  I have YET to meet a bride who’s elaborate hair-do stayed throughout her Wedding Day. My EXTENSIONS even went straight by the time the soup was served! (I’m guessing to show solidarity with my naturally straight hair.)

Ladies do yourself a favor on your wedding day – work with what nature gave you not against it!


wedding curly 2wedding curly 3wedding hair curly 1


wedding hair straight onewedding hair straight 2wedding straight 3