Nat’s Favourites April – June 2017

It seems I have been slacking on the blog lately, my excuse, the transition back to being on mat leave to work, I didn’t expect it to be this tired… early bedtimes and just all over tired / busy has taken over. But I miss you guys! So as a come back, here are my April – June Favs! Lots to chat about 🙂


Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

I think I have talking about this before but I still have been using it like crazy this month. I love the neutral looks that are quick and cute that I am able to get out of it. The formula is great, smooth, blends well, pigmented, just easy to work with. I also do not shy away from the blue! Lots of people say, oh it’s a great palette but ignore the blue, I say, embrace the blue! I use it to add a pop of blue in the outer corner with a nice navy liner, see below!



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Nat’s March 2017 Favourites

My month of March was full but so much fun! I escaped the last hit of winter in spring by going to florida for 12 days and heading to Disney and it was my daughter’s 1st birthday (omg time flies… it really does). I used the same things a lot this month and a few stand outs from my trip. It is not a long list but products that are worth it!

NYX #03 brush

So soft. Sooo soft! OK, I guess you know that this brush is soft. But I have to say it again, it is soooo soft lol. I also love the shape of it, it works well bronzer, blush or powder. I found it a very versatile brush that you can multitask with. I have other brushes that are just as soft but I found that the brushes aren’t as dense or have trouble picking up enough product. I do not have any issues with this brush. I love it.


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Nat’s Feb 2017 Favourites

Hey Guys,

Phiew, long time no talk. The last weeks have been insane, from being sick to having my precious girl being admitted to the hospital and then more… So let’s just say that I haven’t had lots of time to blog or put on makeup. However, there are a couple things I wanted to talk about since I did have chance to use them and love them. So here we go, a short but good one this month!

Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense in Black Honey

This eyeliner is life. I love it. It glides on soo smoothly for an easy, quick application. The colour is also exactly what I am looking for. I am not a fan of black eyeliner so I love dark colours that are still dark but not black. If you are aware of the Black Honey line, the liner keeps with the trend. It is like a mix of brown and burgundy that makes the green in my eyes pop. Loving it.


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Nat’s January Beauty Favourites | 2017

I don’t like January… It is cold, snowy, all the Christmas spirit is gone… and to top it off, we all got sick… boo… So for the 1st 2 weeks of the month, no makeup touched my face.. So I don’t have a ton to share with you guys this month.

FAB Vitamin Hydrating Mist 

Being sick, my skin wanted hydration! So whenever I would go in my washroom, I would spray this on my face and omg… it feels so nice. It just feels hydrating and rejuvenating. I just love it. It made me feel so good during my cold.


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A Look Back On 2016 | My Favourites Posts

I was browsing the blog the other day and ran into some of my favourite ones that I did this year. I thought, since we are ending our 3rd year on the blog, that I would look back and countdown my 5 favourites posts to bring in year 4 of the blog, 2017. I wanted to pick posts that I am not only proud of but that are still useful, pertinent and entertaining as you read this or a place you can go back to for some information.

Here we go, let’s start the countdown

#5: Makeup Trends That Make Me Say “Nope”

My opinion only, but I like these kinds of posts sometimes to see and talk about something different.


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Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 16, High End Lipsticks

And FINALLY, the last declutter for 2016! It was a long road, thank you for sticking with me 🙂 We finish with my high end lipsticks… yah, I have way more than I thought.. I am noticing that this is a recurring theme. It is true though, you only really notice all that you have when you take it all out! I’ll do one last post after this one to show you the before and after of my collection. Enjoy!

Before, 102


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Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 15, Drugstore Lipsticks

This is the 2nd last part of my decluttering.. my lipsticks! These will be the longuest 2 posts of the series by far… Hope you are still with me!

The sheer amount of lipsticks that I had surprised me.. I really thought I had about 50 or so total… yah no.. I have 52 drugstore ones and high end 102. Yikes! I will break this post into 2 since it will be way too long if I do both drugstore and high end together

I find that lots of colours are gorgeous, look amazing when swatched, but I just don’t reach for the them. Bright pinks, peaches and reds are not the colours that I like.

Strap yourself in, this is a long one!

Before, 52


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Nat’s Disappointing Products 2016

Here are some products that didn’t work for me, for my hair, skin tone, skin type and life style! No disrespect to any of these brands or if you love these, this is just what did not work for me!

(note that I have dry skin with oily eyelids, thin curly hair, fair/light skin tone with neutral undertone)

Burt’s Bees Cucumber & Sage Facial Cleansing Towelettes – for normal to dry skin

These burned my eyes and under my eyes so much that I wouldn’t want to use it again. It removed makeup fine, but not enough for me to get over the burning.

Also, I hate the smell! You would think that it would be fresh with a tang… NOPE! it lingers – I wanted to keep them to remove swatches… nope nope nope. every time I did, I kept thinking “I don’t like you, why do I keep using you!” The smell would linger and later I would be “what is that smell?” and yup, these.


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