Confessions of a UD Fan Girl: Junkie Vice Lipstick Palette Review

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such a pretty lip palette!

I tried to resist, I really did, but the siren song of another Urban Decay palette was too much to resist. I am an unabashed fan girl of this brand. I loved the ads when I was a teenager and I became a devotee of the brand when I was living in the UK a decade ago (the smog eyeshadow is still one of my absolute favorites!)

Eyeshadow in color Smog
Smog eyeshadow … works in every season and every occasion ❤

So I was pretty heartbroken when the UD Junkie Vice Lipstick Palette was sold out super quick at Sephora. My wallet might have been happy, but my heart, my heart, was shattered! How could I possibly live without a limited-edition lip palette with 12 shades of the new UD formula?! All housed in a glamorous, gold-accented gunmetal case to boot!

I recommend this palette. The new vice formula is highly pigmented without being cakey. I’m actually taken by surprise every time I use this palette with how gorgeously light the formula is. Whether I can attribute this feeling to the application with the retractable lip brush or the actual lipstick itself, is yet to be determined but love is love, so I will try not to question it!

The downside to this palette? Some of the colors are pretty ‘out there’ for a mild mannered mom and office worker … but so help me, I’m going to be rocking some sweet lippie looks on girls’ nights and New Years Eve!

I will also take the brand’s advice to play around and combine the colors to dial up and deepen hues. The possibilities are endless! I find the compact a little bit too bulky for my everyday purse but it is sturdy enough to pack away in luggage for a vacation – I can’t get bored with 12 lipstick shades during a vacay!

Right now I’m loving the shade Carnal (a medium warm nude) and my daughter’s favorite shade for mommy to wear is 714 (bright red).

If you are looking to treat yourself I highly recommend getting this $45 CAD palette with Bite Beauty’s Line and define lip primer for $25 CAD. $75 CAD for 12 luxury lip shades is a pretty decent price in my books. What do you think?

— Missy


Palette Reviews: Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow and Lipstick

The Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow and Lipsticks were a fun buy for me. I’m slightly obsessed with Alice in Wonderland.  I’ve reread the original book, watched the Disney cartoon, and I adore the distinctive Burton aesthetics of the new movies. So when Urban Decay came out with these gorgeous palettes I couldn’t resist. I mean even the packaging is fun! Its a psychedelic kaleidoscope of glorious imagination.  It’s everything I would want my rabbit hole to look like.

My Alice in Wonderland stuff
My Alice in Wonderland stuff: T-shirt, 2 bracelets, necklace, teapot, mug, and books (not pictured)

But then I suffered buyers remorse. The collection is pretty wacky and at $75 CAD for the eyeshadow palette and $21 CAD each for the lipsticks I felt a little queasy at the possible waste. I have enough make-up items collecting dust. I don’t need to add a reallllly expensive ornament to my make-up trolley. What I didn’t expect was how WEARABLE this collection is. I’m having a blast with it 🙂

Such a fun limited edition line!
Such a fun limited edition line!

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The $10 Weekly – Expert Last Lipstick


I haven’t had much luck with NYC in the past. I’ve been noticing that Demi Lovato has signed on to be their new spokes person and a lot of the products from NYC that I’m used ot seeing have “new” stickers on them. I’m guessing that they went back to the drawing board on some of their products, updating colours and *hopefully* improving their formula. When I happened by a promo for NYC products at my local Walmart I thought I’d give this super wallet friendly brand another shot. Afterall, we all deserve a second chance in life 🙂

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The $10 Weekly – Essence Lipstick and Lip Liner


The Essence Lip Stick and Eye Liner combined were $6.48! What a great price!! The lip stick is in the shade “06 Barely There” for $3.49 and the lip liner is “06 Satin Mauve” for $2.99. I had previously reported that I did not like Essence lip sticks. That’s because I picked up one from the line called “Sheer Shiny Lipstick” without realizing it. My complaint was that it basically performed like a lip gloss without the benefits of a gloss… and well, was tween-like. When I realized my error I thought I’d give them another shot with the correct line of lip sticks – the Essence Longlasting Lipstick line!

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The $10 Weekly – LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint

Elude is the pink/nude shade on top. Whimsical is the violet/mauve shade on the bottom.

I was beyond excited to finally find these! I got the LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints at an outlet store for $8 each. That’s not as cheap as the US. The Lip Paints are considered a “dupe” for a far more expensive lippy product, the Too Faced Melted. I always welcome a less expensive option, especially for lip products since I’m not as in to lipsticks etc as others (I’m a gloss girl, so plain I know!). After testing these guys out for a week and here’s my impressions of them.

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From Day to Night With the Change of A Lip!

Here is a simple but effective tip, one that I am sure most of us know, taking a daytime look to a nighttime look with the change of a lippie!

If you are like us at the 3CB, we are regular 8-4 working women and sometimes we need a simple way to get a look from day to night in a very simple way. A lipstick can do that for you. Missy and I are family and we often have suppers and events after work and it’s great to just carry another lipstick in my purse to created the nighttime look.

The key is to use some good setting spray like the Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray. This will allow your look to last all day and be ready without touch-ups for the evening.

Under that spray, I created a subtle eye and look that works well for the office. For the look below, I used two Bite Beauty lippies but you can use anything from your collection, drugstore or high end, it doesn’t matter. Just use lippie colours that you love!

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Yay or Nay Sunday – Bite Beauty Mix n’ Mingle Holiday Set (So much LOVE).

Yes, yes and more yes…. I mean Yay, yay and more yay. There is no drum role this Sunday and no introduction…. just a big ol’ YAY!

When I saw this set, I had to have it. I own one of the mini duos in Musk/Lychée and I adore it. I must say that Bite Beauty’s Luminous Crème lipsticks are my favourite high-end lipstick formula. Hands down, I recommend them (and I have also roped in Sheena hehehe). They also have quite a wide range of colours and some are quite unique.

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Bold Office Lippies???

Yes please!!!

I work in an office every day and I believe that there is a way to rock a bold lip in the office.  How do use those bold lippies when you aren’t going out and just staying at your desk all day? With a neutral eye that’s how! The following looks were done at work and I think are still classy and work appropriate. My trick is to do an eye that is subtle and doesn’t stand out in colour so that I am not looking like I am going out to a club. I have gotten tons of compliments on both these looks.

 Made simply with a light powder foundation, light blush, neutral bronze eye, mascara and bold orange lip. (Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in #750 Kiss Me Coral)

bold lippies-1 bold lippies-2

Another look with light powder foundation, light blush, neutral eye, little eyeliner, mascara and bold berry lip. (Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Mulberry).

bold lippies-3
bold lippies-4