Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 9.2, Eye Sticks / Singles

Here is part 9.2! It has eye sticks and singles and I will do Part 9.3 for my bareMinerals palettes. In case you haven’t figured it out yet… I’m obsessed with bareMinerals lol and let me tell you, it was SO HARD to go through..

Before, 56


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Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 9.1, Small Palettes / Quads

For this one, it will be broken into weird parts. This first (9.1) is the duos, small palettes and quads that I keep in my palette drawer. The next (9.2) will be my singles and eye crayons and the last (9.3) will be my bareMinerals paletttes. The reason I say this is that it may look that there is quads and singles everywhere.. lol

Duos, Small Palettes in my palette drawer

Before, 28


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Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 8, Foundations / Primers / Setting Sprays

We are about halfway in my declutter series, I hope you have been enjoying it! I have enjoyed decluttering and it has me excited about purging, organizing but also about rediscovered products.

I wanted to mention that there will be no concealer and eye primer declutter because I reorganized my every day drawer and that’s where I kept them. So I decluttered them at that time and already passed along the items so I can’t show you..

At the end of the declutter, I’ll show you my collection!

Now let’s get into the declutter.


Before, 13


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Nat’s September 2016 Favourites

Well, summer has come and gone, October and cool weather is settling in. Am I sad, nope! I am happy summer is over because it was a scorcher here. I am looking forward to opening my windows to let fresh air in, cool morning walks with my baby where I don’t have to shower afterwards because of the sweat, and fall leaves.. I LOVE fall. ūüôā Here were my favourites for September. I had quite a few this month.

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer

This is a beautiful bronzer. It is buttery, blends well and it is not too pigmented. I love that I can use this for a soft look and it works very well for my skin tone since I don’t love a dark bronze. It is totally a dupe for the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, except it doesn’t smell like chocolate. Instead, it smells like coconut summer. I prefer the chocolate smell but this one is also pleasant.

Left: Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil, Right: Butter Bronzer – you will NOT see the difference on the skin!

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September 2016 Canadian Boxycharm

Here is my 2nd box of Boxycharm in Canada. So far, I am SO happy with it. Something I want to note, I put ‘canadian’ in the title because we get mostly the same products as the US version. However, there are times where some products may not be able to be shipped to CAD, so products can differ. This month, instead of the brush you will see below, the US got a Butter London nail polish. Nail polish is one of those products that need ground shipping so I am assuming Boxycharm uses shipping that doesn’t allow nail polish to be shipped.


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Yay or Nay Sunday: Bobbi Brown – Bobbi To Glow Shimmer Brick Palette

The Holiday kits are coming out! Yes, the madness is starting… Is it me or is it early this year? I mean, Marc Jacobs came out with his Holiday Style Eye-Con Palette in August… yep, August. There are some of the kits available to VIB Rouge this year, before anyone else. This is different than years past and honestly, I likes it. They aren’t all there, about 15 ish or so of them, but still. They also had the 4x points event in the store as well on Sept 10, where they had most of these kits that are now available online to VIB Rouge. Unfortunately the Sephora I went to didn’t get them all in. One of the employees told us that some kits, like the Stila ones, didn’t make it in (boo).

Anyway, I am rambling, let’s get to what you came here for! The Bobbi Brown Bobbi To Glow Shimmer Brick Palette



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Boxycharm in Canada!!!

Hellz yah! I have been waiting for this one, looking at Kathleen Lights’ unboxings every month, drooling over the box. I was so happy when I hear her say the word, they now ship to Canada. I paused the video, went straight to the boxycharm website and signed up. Woo! Since July 2016, they have been shipping to Canada and I got my first box in August.

If you guys don’t know Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box that has been around in the US for a long time and every month they have a theme. This month is “express yourself”, everyone gets the same items. You also accumulate “charms” which you can reclaim for free shipping, or 10, 20 or 30 dollars off a box.


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Nat’s August 2016 Favourites

I can’t believe the summer is over.. teachers and kids are going back to school and September and Fall are around the corner. The summer here has been soooo hot and humid.. We only get a months of warm weather and it was so hot, it was not enjoyable to be outside. boo. Ah well. We complain when its cold and we complain when its hot, life of a Canadian!

Anywayzzzzz, I have been decluterring and some of this stuff comes from that. I love rediscovering things that have been forgotten in the abyss of the collection. So here we go!

Marcelle Sun Bronzer

I was really NOT sold on this bronzer and frankly didn’t want to use it because I was not a fan of bronzers that have shimmer in them. Well, I was wrong. I was doing a daily look that I found left me pretty one-toned. Since I had¬†just¬†decluttered my bronzers (spoiler ahead), and I put this bronzer in the “need to use more” pile before getting rid of it. Well, now this is going in my “keep” pile. It gave me enough colour to not look dead without looking over done. I just swirl my brush in all the colours to apply it to my bronzer areas (hehe) and I use the side of my brush to grab some of the bottom colour to use as a highlighter.


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Yay or Nay Sunday – Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con 20 Palettes- Review and Comparaison

Last holiday, my #1 item on my wishlist to get during the 20% off Sephora sale, was the Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con 20 Palette in 224 The Free Spirit. And now, for this holiday season, Marc Jacobs has released another version (a little early) in 240 About Last Night. I just HAD to have it. I will do a review of the new one, 240 About Last Night and do a small comparison at the end of this post with the original from last year.

Right: 224 The Free Spirit / Left: 240 About Last Night


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Nat’s July 2016 Favourites

So I can finally stop my tune of “I haven’t been using makeup” that I have been saying the the last couple months, thank you July! I have been getting back into the swing of things and LOVING IT! I missed it so much lol. I have a few favourites which are things that I have taken out of the collection to play with and try. It has been fun and I can’t wait to finish cleaning/decluttering my beauty room to play with more treasures in my collection. I am sure that are some hiding there.

essence silky touch blush in 20 babydoll

It’s no secret that I like these essence blushes! This is a beautiful soft pink that is on the neutral side. It has a sheen that gives a nice glow to the cheek that made me instantly fall in loved with this shade. You can’t go wrong with this blush in colour and in price – $4.99.


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Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Splits – Review

I haven’t ordered much lately because I am in the process of cleaning the beauty/geek/photography room which has turned into the dump all room. We have literally thrown everything in there when we want to do a quick clean up or when we aren’t sure where to put it. I am almost done the cleaning and then it is the makeup declutter that will start! Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to take you along for that part.

Anyway, all that to say that I haven’t purchased makeup in a while but when I saw these, I had to get one. I have always heard great things about the Becca blushes and I love Champagne Pop.


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Yay or Nay Sunday – Disney Minnie Beauty Collection Part 1

Today on Yay or Nay Sunday, we are looking at part 1 of the Sephora Collection РDisney Minnie Beauty Collection.


If you know anything about me, you know that I am a huge Disney fan. My parents took my ¬†husband and I on our 1st trip to Disney back in 2011 and I fell in love. The magic, the feeling of being in another place, it is amazing. Since then we have gone back twice (not enough imo… lol) but I have loved every trip. I also have to keep from buying cute things for my daughter when I see something Disney that is uber cute (see picture at the bottom of the post to see what I mean hehe).

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