Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Palette – A Review

This was my push present to me! It was a total impulse buy. I happened to be at Shoppers, was feeling the hormones extra good, had some cash and recently learned Stila is considered cruelty free again! Hooray! I missed Stila so much 🙂 

The Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Palette is a travel palette that includes a colour scheme that is based on your skin tone. I picked up the Light/Medium palette. There are 3 more; Fair/Light, Medium/Tan and Tan/Deep.

The palette includes 5 eyeshadows and 2 blushes. A highlighter and bronzer are not included but that’s ok by me. I find that with travel palettes the bronzer and highlight are the products that make a palette not work for me because frequently the ones included aren’t to my taste or don’t match my skin tones. I’d be happy to bring my own bronzer and highlight.

I really want to address the packaging before I get in to the details of the product. I think that too often travel palettes packaging make it difficult to use the actual shades included. Travel palettes need to be small and compact but loaded with products. It’s a tough balance that I think Stila achieves. Each pan is large and I can fit a regular brush in to them without accidentally picking up product from the neighbouring pan. Yet the palette is still able to be small and portable (see pick below for a size reference).

And of course, the packaging is a sturdy plastic and includes a generous size mirror. Stila didn’t waste space on anything other than great products. To date, this is my favourite travel palette that I’ve tried.

Now as for what’s inside!

The 5 eyeshadows have the calibre of quality that I’ve come to expect from Stila. Smooth, blendable, pigmented and all around just good quality shadows. The 2 lightest shades don’t show up well in my swatches below because they match my skin tone quite well however they work beautifully on the eye. 

As far as colour selection goes, no new ground has been broken here. The intention of the palette is to create basic every day looks and so it definitely achieves that with it’s timeless gold and brown colour scheme. All the building blocks to an every day eyeshadow look are present; base shade, highlight, lid shade, crease shade and accent shade. There is a very practical balance of matte to shimmer shades. Every shade is good quality and works as I would expect them too. This palette was definitely well thought out!

The blushes included are gorgeous. You get a pink shade that comes off so fresh and awakening on the cheeks. You also get a more neutral dusty warm shade that is so unique! I own nothing quite like it. I love it on the cheeks but also as a crease shade. It’s warm, inviting and slightly complex because I can’t quite decide what colour it actually is. It’s magical and I love it!

As you can probably tell, I love this palette! I keep it on my vanity and reach for it all the time. I use it to fill gaps in other palettes since it has all the shades needed for a basic eyeshadow look, I use the blush in a quick pinch and I use the entire palette together when I don’t feel like fussing with my makeup and I just want to do something simple quickly. I’ve even done a full matte look with it and was happy with the results. I would absolutely travel with this palette.

Obviously there’s some cons to the palette too. The highlight shade has very fine glitter. It translates matte on the lid but I prefer a shimmery inner corner highlight so I use my highlighter for that. Some people might wish for a bronzer and highlighter to be included (I personally dont mind that they’re not included). And as I mentioned, the colour scheme is pretty basic. There’s no surprises here! If I could make the palette perfect the gold shade would be a little more dimensional so that I can could do a nicer 1 shade look with it. 

For me, the cons don’t really feel like cons. This is without a doubt the best travel palette that I’ve tried. I’ve been using it constantly and really feel like I’m getting my value out of the hefty price tag (It was $51 CDN). I might even pick up the Fair/Light shade because it looks gorgeous!


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