Project Pan 2017 – Tips for using up products for YOUR project Pan!

Here are some quick tips and tricks on ways to use up your beloved beauty products in order to make room for even MORE MAKEUP!! Enjoy 🙂

1. Highlighters aren’t just for your cheeks! 

  • Dust highlight on your collar bone and shoulders when wearing off the shoulder tops.
  • Inner corner highlight for your eyes and of course, brow highlight if you dare!
  • Lipstick toppers – the result can be a very interesting matte metallic look.

2. Keep your lipgloss, lipsticks, and hand creams in places where you will think to use them;

  • In a basket or obvious spot in your bathroom.
  • At your desk at work. 
  • In your purse (duh!)
  • On your nightstand.

3. Use up that body spray or perfume by keeping some in an atomizer in your purse. It’s great for freshening up on the go and helps you burn through those scents!

4. Don’t forget that bronzer can be many things too!

  • Bronze down the neck and shoulders.
  • Use it as an eyeshadow.

5. Inject variety in to your project by trying to use your products in as many different ways as possible, allowing you to “cheat” a little on your project. 

  • Trying to pan an eyeshadow palette but are bored of it? Try using a shadow in the palette as a contour or cheek highlight instead? Just because a product is one thing doesn’t mean it always has to be that thing!

6. Try to build routines around the products you’ve chosen for your project

  • I use my body spray and hand cream as I freshen up to go to bed. Added bonus; my husband loves that I go to bed smelling so good 🙂 
  • I put on lipgloss whenever I use the washroom (at home).
  • Routines and little rituals make using the product automatic and more enjoyable. 


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