Pixi by Petra Correction Concentrate – A Review

Recently Shoppers started carrying Pixi! I was so excited to see Pixi return to Canada that I used a bunch of my Optimum Points on a haul. I hauled the Pixi Correction Concentrate amongst various other Pixi products a few months back. I believe I mentioned in my haul that this was one of my favourite products that I picked up and I can say today that that is absolutely still true! I wanted to do a quick review of this product and compare it to a few other common correctors that I’ve tried.

The Pixi Correction Concentrate retails for $16.99 at Shoppers. I used Optimum points so it was free 🙂 

It’s a peachy toned corrector for your under eyes that is supposed to correct the blueness and brighten your under eye area. In my experience, it definitely achieves these 2 objectives. 

It’s thick and creamy but is able to set properly. When I set it, it lasts all day. It’s also the perfect shade for me. Not too dark, not too light. 

Benefit Erase Paste vs Pixi Correction Concentrate 

I’ve used the Benefit Erase Paste in the past and have had some success with it. I found that the Erase Paste is a bit thicker than Pixi’s Correction Concentrate and so I occasionally had issues with getting the Erase Paste to set. Overall the Erase Paste is a stand out product but it does cost about double that of the Pixi Corrector and for those of you who choose to purchase cruelty-free, Benefit is not cruelty-free whereas Pixi is. 

I also have used the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey and the NYX Dark Circle Concealer. Since Nars and NYX are both cruelty-free I have them on hand to do a little swatch comparison.

Top: Nars Radiant Concealer in Honey Middle: NYX Dark Circle Concealer Bottom: Pixi Correction Concentrate

The main difference between the 3 products is the tone. The Nars Radiant Concealer is a great concealer that Isi much loved I n the beauty community. You will find it to be rather thick and creamy (as the name suggests) but also rather budge proof. It dries down matte. The NYX Dark Circle Concealer is much thinner than both the Nars and the Pixi Concealer. I found it hard to cover my rather prominent dark circles with it. It also doesn’t quite have the lasting power as the other 2. I think if you have occasional darkness under your eyes that the NYX one might be all you need but if you’re like me and have seriously dark under eyes you might need something a little more heavy duty!

Overall I really like the Pixi Correction Concentrate. It’s a great product. The colour works for me perfectly, its creamy and non-drying and lasts all day. Plus I can pick it up at Shoppers with my point or get points with it 🙂 


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