Nat’s March 2017 Favourites

My month of March was full but so much fun! I escaped the last hit of winter in spring by going to florida for 12 days and heading to Disney and it was my daughter’s 1st birthday (omg time flies… it really does). I used the same things a lot this month and a few stand outs from my trip. It is not a long list but products that are worth it!

NYX #03 brush

So soft. Sooo soft! OK, I guess you know that this brush is soft. But I have to say it again, it is soooo soft lol. I also love the shape of it, it works well bronzer, blush or powder. I found it a very versatile brush that you can multitask with. I have other brushes that are just as soft but I found that the brushes aren’t as dense or have trouble picking up enough product. I do not have any issues with this brush. I love it.



MUFE hydrating primer

I used this one on my Florida trip and combine with some FAB Facial Radiance Pads, were successful at removing the dry patches on my face from the dry airplane and the drastic climate change. I wore it everyday and I loved how my skin felt and how my CC cream (see below) applied.


Marcelle CC Cream

This is an old fav that I like to take out (or get a new one if expired) in the summer time. Now, I always wear some kind of SPF on my face everyday, but I usually wear less during winter. When summer comes around and we spend more time outside, I like to take out the bigger guns. So out this comes! This CC cream has SPF 30 and glides on nicely on the skin. It is perfect for hot weather because it protects your skin while giving some coverage without looking thick on the face. I find with a bit of concealer, I get coverage and it feels and looks lightweight on the skin.


Wet n Wild megaglo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals

I am very very impressed with this highlighter. For the drug store, it packs a punch and can live up to some high end ones. If you are on the hunt for the “bam, in your face” highlighter that you might have seen from Becca, Jeffree Star or other high end brands, and you cannot afford them, go check for this one. I promise you will not regret it.


Well, that is it for this month! What are your favs this month?


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