BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette Review


A while back I did a BH Cosmetics Haul and mentioned purchasing the Shaaanxo palette. After chatting with some people I found that there’s a lot of interest in BH Cosmetics but it’s hard to know where to start. I thought that I’d start doing more in-depth reviews of the items that I’ve purchased in order to help out people who are debating on ordering from BH Cosmetics.

The Palette 

The Shaaanxo Palette retails for $14.50 USD and can be found on the BH Cosmetics website. Beautybay has also started carrying BH Cosmetics so it might soon appear there but with a mark up.

It includes 9 eyeshadows and 9 lipsticks. It is a double-sided palette with a mirror on each side.

1 side contains the eyeshadows, the other contains the lipsticks:

img_5397 img_5398

The Lipsticks

Included in this palette are 9 lipsticks that pretty much hit the full gambit of traditional lipstick colours. You have your nudes, berries, pinks, peachy tones and a few bold options as well.



I played with them at home but never bothered to where them out. I didn’t find them long-lasting or even very opaque. I had to really lather on the lipstick to stop my natural lip colour from showing through.


A fun assortment of shades, great for trying out new colours.


Touch ups – who’s going to take a whole palette out with them?

Not very opaque.

Not very long-lasting.

*Note: the lipstick side is messy because my daughter got in to it.*

The Eyeshadows

There is a well curated selection of eyeshadows in this palette. You have 4 mattes, 4 shimmers and 1 duo chrome shade.

Shaaanxo has stated that she wanted to keep the colour scheme as “neutral but still quite fun.” The shades are intended to suit a variety of skin tones.


Top Row Swatches:


The top row consists of a matte nude shade that is intended to be your matte browbone highlight. I find it a bit dry and dusty but it works when I use it.

The second shade is a lovely champagne shimmer shade. It’s versatile, it works well as a highlight or all over the lid.

The last shade in this row is a rosegold shimmer shade. It pairs well with the brick colour the lives just beneath is.

The Second Row Swatches:


The first shade is a warm brick colour that I personally find to be rather unique. I can’t find many shades like this in my collection. It’s an amazing crease colour and possibly what distinguishes this palette from other neutral palettes.

The next shade is a typical bronze colour. Great for the lid. You can’t go wrong with bronze!

The last shade is a mustard-ish matte colour. I find it to also be rather unique however it required a lot of building for it to show. I ended up deciding that it wasn’t a great match for my skintone because it made me look a little sickly.

The Bottom Row Swatches:


The top shade is a matte black. It’s not the best matte black but I’ve seen far more expensive palettes have worse ones!

The second shade is supposed to be the duochrome shade. I think you might need a coloured base to make this work. It turns out reddish-brown for me. I don’t dislike it, I just can’t seem to make it shift the way I expected a duochrome to.

The last shade is a shimmery deep taupe. I like it. It works well with pretty much every shadow in the palette.

The pros:

You don’t need to reach for another palette to supplement this one. It has all the typical shades you will need.

Very day to night selection of colours. You can easily go minimal makeup or all smoked out.

The shadows coordinate with each other seamlessly making it easy to use.

The over all quality of the shadows is good and comparable to good quality drugstore palettes. There’s no straight up duds in here.

The cons:

Fades after about 6 – 8 hours even with a good base. I tried it with Mac paint pot, concealer, Milani Primer and Smashbox Primer and my experience with longevity didn’t change much when I played around with primers.

My Overall Personal Opinion

I’m going to keep this palette but I do confess that it’s not perfect.

Firstly, I’m not crazy about the lipsticks. I didn’t buy the palette because it contained lipstick. I viewed it as a nice to have. Now that I own the palette I feel like I don’t really get any benefit from them so I’d have preferred it if they put blush, bronzer and highlight on the second side instead.

I find the quality to be good in the context of its price. If I paid $50 for this palette, I’d feel let down. But since it was less than $20 CDN I feel happy with my purchase. Nothing here is unusable but a few key shades required building.

I love how it’s a self-contained palette! I don’t need to reach for other palettes to supplement missing shades or anything. It’s so basic and so me. Browbone highlight, lid shades, unexpected twist of colour (that gorgeous brick colour!) and some colours to deepen things up as needed.

That brick shade is the best thing about this palette and I can see myself reaching for the palette from time to time just to play with it.


Who might like this palette?

If you’re on a budget and are saving for a haul from BH then this is a worthy purchase. Especially if you are looking for a neutral palette with a bit of a twist.

If you like one and done palettes, this might be for you!

If you’re interested in this palette exclusively for the lipsticks, I’d recommend doing a little research. There’s a lot of drugstore lip palettes coming out and I’m not sure how this one stacks up against them in terms of quality. I’m not a lipstick palette kinda gal!

And that’s it! Those are my thoughts. Was this helpful to anyone looking for BH Cosmetics? Next up is the Marcble Collection Warm Stone Palette so stay tuned!


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