My Top 3 Most Versatile Brushes – Tool Talk


Real Techniques Blush Brush – $12.99 CDN (often on sale at Rexall or


This brush is super fluffy and soft. It’s my absolute favourite blush brush but also works really well for powders in general. Whether it’s applying bronzer or setting your face, this brush can do it all! It picks up product without a fuss and is gentle on my face. I find the tapered tip and fluffy base allow me to choose between target blush applications or blending out product. You can generally find it at WalMart, Rexall, Amazon etc for about $12.99. Look out for sales because I picked up mine for about $10.

ELF Blush Brush – $4.99


This blush brush is tapered and flat. It does the job when applying blush however my favourite use for it is applying highlight on my cheeks. It also does wonders for setting my undereye or just setting the T-zone in general. It’s also $4 so seriously – you can’t go wrong! As you can see by how damaged mine is, it gets used 🙂

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush – From Real Techniques Starter Set


At first I didn’t like this brush. I didn’t get it at all. It’s tapered, fluffy and flat. A weird combo. After playing with it Ive come to realize it’s because it can basically do any eye look! It packs on colour well. It’s pointed tip place colour under your brow bone or highlight accurately. The fluffy edge blends out shadow readily. This one brush can do an entire eye look for me! 

These three brushes could do my entire face and I wouldn’t even have to work hard to make do with just the three. They are without a doubt my most versatile brushes and I highly recommend them to anyone!


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