Project Pan 2017 – Tips for planning YOUR Project Pan

Choosing the right items to pan is key to a successful Project Pan. Picking products to use unwisely was definitely a contributing factor to failure of my very first Project Pan. Now that I’m on my third one I feel like I can offer some good advise for those of you who are looking to start your own project. 

Don’t limit yourself too much

  • Don’t choose a product from every possible category of products, give yourself some room to play and spice up your routine. I purposely didn’t choose to pan blush, lipstick, and lip pencils to allow myself more variety in my day to day routine. It’s having the added benefit of making me want to change up my lipsticks, lip pencils and blush more often which means I rotate through my blushes and lip products even more!

Choose products that actually work

  • If you picked a lipstick that never lasts, your not likely to want to wear it. Pick something that actually does what you want it to and just declutter the things that don’t work for you. It takes a long time to use up makeup products so don’t waste all your time and effort on a sub-par product just because you bought it. 

Choose products that you genuinely like

  • If your trying to finish a blush that just doesn’t look all that good on you, or contains glitter and you hate glitter, your not going to enjoy using it often enough to pan it. Just like the last point, if your hearts not in to it just declutter it. 

Pick out older products

  • Choosing older products helps you use them up before they expire! Rotating out older items out of your collection is always a good idea and it’s even better when you use them up 🙂 Also, it’s likely to have a bit of a dent in it already which is immensely helpful. 

Don’t box yourself in with strict Project Pan rules, always allow yourself some exceptions. I am trying to use up an ambitious amount of makeup but I also gave myself some free passes;

  • I can go wild and use whatever I want for special events (holidays, date nights, etc)
  • I don’t need to use the products I’m trying to pan daily
  • In terms of my eyeshadow palette, I try to incorporate it in my eye look as often as possible but that doesn’t mean the palette is the focus of my look. It could be that I choose to use kitten for my inner corner highlight. 

Set reasonable goals for yourself

  • I don’t intend on using every last scrape of product, I want to use most items until they are no longer easy to use. Set yourself goals that work for you. If all you want to do is use a product for 3 months before you move on, then do that! If you want to use up every scrap of product in it, then you do you! 

Well those are my tips for preparing for your own project pan. Above all else, I hope you enjoy using up products! I’d love to hear about your projects. I find them so inspiring 🙂


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