Where to Shop: YesStyle

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Launched in 2006, YesStyle is the first online retailer to globally distribute a wide range of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products from Asia through their website YesStyle.ca.

A co-worker got me hooked onto the site when she was placing an order. They have so many cool things and for reasonable Canadian prices.

I did some research before I bought from the site and found out that the site routinely gets good reviews although they do warn that the Fashion sizes can be deceptive.

I only focused on buying make-up for my first foray into this site and I have to say that I’m wonderfully pleased with the service and products.

I got a good amount of communication about where my shipment was and when I could expect it. No customs charges were added and the shipping was free since I spent more than $45.

The company also threw in a free sample as a thank you – and you know that I’m a lover of free samples!

It was really great to get access to products that I could only dream about getting otherwise.

So let’s look at my haul! I got all the stuff below for $69 CAD (I apologize for not having the exact pricing – my coworker ordered it all through her account):

There is so much selection on the YesStyle site that I barely knew where to start. So I decided to check out if they had any bundles – and yes they do! Behold – a Korean beauty sampler kit for the reasonable price of $27 CAD.


Next my eye was caught by some discounted nail stickers … zomg their selection is amazing for nail care! I got this for $9 CAD.


Then I decided I wanted to get some items that I can’t get anywhere else. I got this crazy PEEL-OFF lip tint. That’s right. You apply the product and then PEEL IT OFF and it leaves a pure color transfer onto your lips that doesn’t smudge or feather! Looooooove this product. Great product for $7 CAD.

Lastly, I bought this gorgeous item. It is a PH changing, moisturizing lipstick that changes according to your body chemistry so you always get the best color shade. I got the ‘Barbie Pink’ color and I love it. When I applied it at work my friends were pretty awed by the color transformation. Not only is the color payoff great, the bullet is sooooo pretty. There’s a tiny flower in bloom at the bottom of the bullet and gold flecks throughout. I got this for $27 CAD.


And finally let’s not forget about my free gift! A beautifully packaged milk mask … at least that’s what I think it is. The only problem I have with YesStyle is that the instructions and ingredients are not usually written in English. I’m someone who likes to know what I’m putting on my skin (and also what I’m supposed to do once it’s on!).

Do you have any favorites from YesStyle?

— Missy


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