Quo Silicone Pore Refiner – Tool Talk

This tiny silicone facial sponge costs $6.99 at Shoppers Drugmart, or $8 for the comparable item at Sephora. 

To use I apply my cleanser and then gently massage your face in circular motions with the sponge. I prefer using a hydrating cleanser but I think they recommend a foaming one. The foam will give the illusion that something magical is happening but in my opinion a vanilla cleanser works just as well. You don’t need to press hard when use the sponge, just gently massage your face. Rinse. And be left with polished skin! It’s quite nice. But the best part…

You can wash the sponge between uses right in your shower! Because it’s silicone it won’t hold bacteria inside it’s self like a traditional sponge or even a brush. It’s much easier to rinse and clean. I clean it with baby shampoo before I use it. It makes me feel so much better about exfoliating with a sponge knowing I’m not reapplying a healthy coat of germs on my face.

The simple design of the sponge is clever. It has a little handle to make it easy for you to hold it between your fingers while you exfoliate. The handle is also a suction cup so when you’re done you can stick it to the wall of your shower. I don’t personally do that but I think it’s a cute idea.

For $6.99 this is a win. It does the job it’s intended to do perfectly. I’m happy I bought it and would totally buy a back up. I’m even in the market for a larger version to use for the rest of my body.


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