February 2017 Boxycharm Unboxing

Sorry this is so late! But here is my box 🙂 Hope you enjoy!


Omnia Eye Kit – $29.98 USD

OMNIA Gold and Rose Gold Brushes were developed with the natural hair at the finest quality for impeccable performance. This luxurious hair allows the artist to precisely deposit powered products to specific areas of the face, and allows for the perfect absorbency and release for every application whether powder, liquid or cream product. 

Super excited to get tools in the box! I haven’t heard of the brand, Royal Brush, but apparently they also make craft brushes. Cool. These are really nice with the colours of the brush and super soft. You 2 eye brushes, a shader and a detail brush. yay for brushes!


2 Eyeshadow Pans by Makeup Geek – $12 USD

I highly-pigmented, high-end shadow for half the price without sacrificing quality. This Makeup Geek eyeshadow can be used alone or placed in a Z palette to build your own custom palette. These buttery, smooth shadows are cruelty-free. 

Love seeing MUG in the box this month. They have been in a few boxes now but it is the 1st time that I have received them. This month we got 2 eyeshadow pans, one matte, one satin. I understand that the shades that people received differed, but that’s ok! The shades I received are Cherry Cola (brown-burgundy matte) and Prom Night (Taupe-Gray Satin). The latter for me is a dupe but I don’t own Cherry Cola. They are both gorgeous shades and super pigmented. I am already a lover of a MUG shadows so no need to sell these to me 😉


The Reflecting Gloss by Juice Beauty – $15 USD

Shimmer your lips in brilliant color with this Reflecting Gloss that contains a blend of organic antioxidant-rich açai & gogi berries, minerals and sweet agave for the most brilliant shine on Earth. 

This gloss is pretty but I didn’t like it… if you saw my YouTube unboxing, you saw my adverse reaction to its taste! It looked good over the lipstick I was wearing but unfortunately too glittery for me to wear on its own and I cannot get past the taste of cheap artificial fruit perfume smell. Sorry, this is a no for me.


Microdermabrasion by Dr. Brandt – $79 USD

The original skin exfoliating procedure. 

This is the big ticket item in the box at $79. Not sure this is my cup of tea but if it does everything that it lists below, I am willing to try this out! Have you tried it? let me know if you like it!


Small Z Palette – $14 USD

Completely customizable, this Small Z Palette, made exclusively for BOXYCHARM, features on open-faced, magnetic base that allows you to easily switch out shades and products as often as you like! This pint-size Z Palette will fit just about anywhere and fits up to 9 standard-sized round pans.

This was a collab with Boxycharm and Z Palette (too bad this was sent on the same month of the Z Palette scandal…). But anyway, I am happy to see it in the box as I could always use another Z Palette, look, scandal or not, they are super handy. So a nice small Z palette was an awesome thing in the box!


There we go, that is the box this month! The box is about $150 USD in value and for sure worth it! This is one of the best ones so far!


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