Sheena’s February 2017 Favourites 

February, the month of LOVE! This month is not only Valentines Day but also my wedding anniversary and my babies first birthday! So much love for 1 tiny month. I also have a few beauty loves to share 🙂

Joe Fresh Toner

I normally use a toner from Thayer but recently I was at the grocery store and noticed new Joe Fresh Skincare. I looked at the ingredients of a lot of their products and was pleasantly surprised to see very little crap ingredients. I decided to try out their toner, even though its more expensive than my Thayer toner. I’m definitely happy with the quality of the Joe fresh toner, it’s $12.99 a bottle and does the job well. Totally worth picking up if you’d rather get skincare products in a convenient place like Loblaws.

Wet’n’Wild Crease Brush

I found this at the dollar store for $2.50. I regret not buying more. This brush makes a fantastic blender. I love using it clean to blend out the edges of shadow I’ve already laid down. A good brush for $2.50 is a score. If I see them again I’m definitely going to pick up more!

ABH Modern Renaissance 

I caved and finally bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. I had a Sephora gift card burning in my pocket, a stressful week that ended with an Email from Sephora telling me that the palette was FINALLY back in stock so I made my bad week slightly better by picking this beauty up. The quality is amazing. ABH shadows are definilty the shadows to beat now! I was also really impressed with the wearability of this palette. The rich cranberry shades only makeup a few colours in the palette. I tried to make a very light, hardly there, look with it and was totally able to succeed! This palette can be everything to someone who likes those burgundy shades for night outs and golden tones for day time.

I took a couple pictures just to show how soft and subtle you can get with this palette. I think it’s a huge contrast to a lot of the looks that I see out there for this palette. I was really intimidated by this palette at first but honestly it’s so versatile! You definitely can use this one palette for a whole range of looks!

And that’s my month! I’ve been still plugging away at my Project Pan. I have to say that I’m so pleased with my progress that I can relax a little and use a broader variety of items. I love being able to use up products AND dabble with new items! It’s made for a really enjoyable makeup month 🙂


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