Pixi Haul and Mini Reviews

My  local Shoppers Drugmart recently started carrying Pixi! I was so excited to see a new brand available that I may have gone a bit crazy with my Optimum points. Here’s a round up of what I picked up with some mini reviews.

The Pixi Skin Treats Makeup Fixing Mist is supposed to be a 3 in 1 product. A primer, setting spray and a makeup refresher. I actually picked this one up the week before I did my big haul. I use it as a setting spray and quite enjoy the slight dewy finish that it provides. I realized after the fact that it contains perfume which is super annoying. Most of Pixi’s skin care line contains perfume. For that reason I won’t use it as a primer and I won’t repurchase. I try to avoid perfumes having direct contact with my skin. Other than that, it seems to work as they claim! 

The 2 in 1 Natural Brow Duo was the only true dud in the haul. It’s a double sided brow product. One side is a waterproof brow gel and the other is a brow pencil. The problem for me is that the pencil is way too hard so I have to press really firmly on my brows to fill them in and the gel sets insanely crunchy. I really don’t like this product. I wish I didn’t lose my receipt because this would have gone back!

The Colour Correcting Powder Foundation came with some bold claims which it didn’t totally live up to. However I still enjoy it! It’s supposed to be a hydrating and full coverage powder foundation. It’s works beautifully as a light coverage setting powder. I find it to be a touch on the drying side and in no way shape or form do I agree with the full coverage claim. I find MAC Studio Fix powder foundation to be way more coverage than this. That being said, I didn’t buy it to be a full coverage powder. I wanted a setting powder that had some coverage to set my foundation with and this totally does the job. I’ve tried it out a few times now and I think I can even get away with setting my user eyes with it. It’s finely milled and brightening. 

I couldn’t resist trying out their H2O Skintint. I love a good, light weight complexion product that offers coverage. While this is  light coverage product, it pairs really nicely with their powder that I mentioned above. It has a rather unique texture as well. It’s light and moosey. I think that this could work really beautifully in the summer overtop of heavier sunscreens. I’m thinking that I will save this and the powder for my summer makeup. 

The Flawless and Poreless Primer was not my first choice in primer. They offer another that is supposed to provide glow but the ingredients are full of perfumes and alcohols whereas their poreless primer doesn’t contain any of those ingredients. I have mixed results with this style of primer. I find this to be lighter than your Benefit Porefessional – which is a good thing since that one never really worked for me. But I also am unsure if it’s doing anything for me. I’m going to have to play more with it. I will admit that I might not be the best person to critique this product since I’d really only use this around my nose. That’s the only place where I have larger pores.

And lastly, perhaps my favourite product from your haul, Pixi Colour Correcting Concealer. One of my favourite youtubers describes this product as her second choice after the Benefit Erase Paste. Since Benefit is not cruelty free I try to avoid buying that product (although I used to own it). I find that this concealer is the closest to the Benefit Erase Paste that I’ve tried. It’s just not quite as heavy which is great because I find that that lets it be a little more buildable. I also use to have issues with Erase Paste not fully setting so far I have not had this issue with the Pixi concealer. I’m guessing because it’s not as thick as the erase paste. It does have the perfect peachy tone and brightening quality to it. I also bought it for $16 which is half the price of Erase Paste so that’s awesome!

That’s my haul and mini reviews! Since Pixi is somewhat new/returning to Canada, I wanted to mention some of the other types of products that I’ve had experience with in the past. I’ve used their bronzers, blushes, highlights and eye shadows before. I personally really enjoy them. The thing to know about Pixi is that their vibe is earthy and ethereal so you won’t get the intensity that you do with other brands such as Urban Decay. This brand is really suited for the light makeup wearer, the natural makeup wearer, minimalist etc. I don’t think you will find super edgy stuff with Pixi but that’s ok in my opinion. It’s not their brand. Their brand is totally me and for that reason I enjoy them and think they’re worth checking out.


2 thoughts on “Pixi Haul and Mini Reviews

    1. That’s how I like to use it too! Funny – I’m using it today! I’ve been experimenting with lightly dusting it over my face to set (I use a tinted moisturizer as foundation) and then going in again with a slightly denser brush to add in a touch more coverage over areas that need it. So far so good 🙂


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