Massive Project Pan for 2017

I am determined to use up more of my makeup! I was on a bit of a roll last year and managed to use up some of my beauty products and I really want to carry that success over in to 2017. I have so much stuff that needs to be used because it’s all good stuff! Things that I like! So I went through my cupboards and pulled out older items, things that were near empty, and things that I just wanted to use in general to create my 2017 Project Pan.

Nat and I used to have Julep subscriptions. As result we both have MASSIVE nail polish collections! I decided it’s time to get serious about using up my Julep Products (or some at least). I chose 4 polishes and the Quick Dry Drops to finish for 2017. This will be a HUGE challenge for me because I find it hard to do my nails with a baby. Still, I need to try.

Speaking of Julep… this is a carry over from my Fall 2016 Project Pan. I still have a little bit to go but I know I can finish up these lip glosses. 

A little bit of a carry over from 2016 plus some new additions. I really want to get through all of my hand creams, body butters etc. I have more in my drawers too. I plan to use up everything I have because I constantly get more as free samples and gifts. By the way – I love receiving nice hand creams and body butters as gifts. A girl can never have too many!

I’m ashamed to admit that I found this unopened body scrub in my cupboard. I forgot about it and bought more. It’s time to use this up before I buy another. 

The Bath and Body Works body spray is a carry over from 2016. I’m so sick of using it but I’m so close to finishing that I can’t give up on it!

The Thayers toner is a personal favourite of mine. I stopped using it for a while but picked it up again for my Fall 2016 Project Pan and was reminded of how much I love it. I use it every morning now. It’s just about done and I have every intention of repurchasing this (or possibly the cucumber version).

My La Neige Mask did not get used up last year 😦 2017 will be the year I get in to masks, starting with this guy!

I was so close to finishing this Smashbox Primer water last year! So damn close! It didn’t happen but I’m not worried, it will easily get finished in the first few weeks of January. Now to find a cruelty free equivalent….

So here’s another big challenge. I want to use up a bunch of my foundations! And by a bunch I mean 4. These are all opened and used to various degrees. Foundation is expensive so I’d like to use up most of what I have so I can justify buying more. 

I put this in last years stretch goals but as it turns out I quite enjoyed using the “highlight” side as a setting powder. I use the contour side to bronze. I figure since I like using it I might as well keep it up until I hit pan!

Still working away at these guys… My NARS creamy concealer and Marc Jacobs eyeliner. 

I decided to add the NARS gold eyeliner and Clinique Chubby Stick in to my project this year. They’re both old and relatively well used and simply just need to be finished up. 

Lastly but not least… my final challenge… an actual palette. My Stila In the Light palette. I don’t expect to hit pan on every shade. I’ve had this for nearly 3 years. My Mom bought it for me as a gift. I would love to pan as much of it as I can so I can tell my Mom how much I used it. It was an expensive gift for her to buy me and I don’t want to let it go to waste. This was one of my first favourite palettes and continues to have a special place in my heart today. My hope is to use at least 1 shade from this palette every time I wear makeup. That way I don’t force myself to only use one palette for 2017 but yet I still manage to chip away at it. 

And that’s it! That’s my Project Pan for 2017. Do you find it ambitious? I think it is. Ive never used up this much stuff. There’s some items that I feel very confident that I will finish but there’s also some big time challenges. Does anyone else out there have a Project Pan, if so what are you trying to get rid of? I will keep you all posted on my progress 😉


6 thoughts on “Massive Project Pan for 2017

  1. I’m so inspired by your project pan. But I have to say, I feel like life is too short to wear perfume or makeup you don’t like. I’d say give it a serious trial, then give away or throw away!


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