Sheena’s January 2017 Favourites 

I’ve been absent most of January because I went back to work but also because… SURPRISE I’m having another baby! We’re expecting another little girl April 30th. She will be our happy accident 🙂 I can’t wait for her to meet her big sister and of course for us to meet her too!

Since I’ve gone back to work I’ve been far more motivated to do basic human things like shower and put on deodorant. My makeup has been minimal since I still need to get ready quickly but at least I’ve been doing it! Here’s my personal standouts for January 2017.

NARS lipstick Dolce Vita + Marc Jacobs Lip Liner Primrose combo

I got this combo in a Sephora Favourites lip set last year. I was originally considering trying to pan the NARS lipstick because I’ve never used up a lipstick. I felt this shade could be a good candidate to try to pan since it’s very sheer and pretty much the same shade as my lips. That would make it easy to throw on with just about any look. In the end I decided I had enough lippies to pan but I thought I’d give it a go with the lip liner just for fun. It’s evolved in to a staple for my morning makeup routine. I use this combo on my lips before I head to work. It’s the closest I can come to pulling off a nude brown shade. It tends to last me until about lunch time (I’ve been eating and drinking the whole time too). I then reapply a lip gloss I’m panning at lunch and throughout the day as needed. It works really great for me and I love it! 

BareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Cream Shadow Blushing Pink 

I wonder how many times me and Nat have favourited this??? Hehe

I got in to these cream shadows based on her recommendation. I really love them for work, light makeup days, and quick looks. They will crease if I’m doing rigorous activity so I wouldn’t wear this and then go for a hike but for work – perfection. I always set this shadow and sometimes just for fun I use a light dusting of my highlighter as a setting powder. It’s add a little oomph. 

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter 

I’m late to the game here. Everyone loves this highlighter. I grabbed it on a whim (I so do not need more highlighters) and have no regrets. This is another great for work product. It adds a slight glow but never looks metallic. It’s forgiving under harsh office lights. It’s an absolute gem!

Marcelle Gentle Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes

Nat mentioned in one of her YouTube videos that she was trying to get better at properly removing her waterproof mascara. I am guilty of that too so I decided to join her in her efforts of self improvement. I got this in a Marcelle gift set that was on clearance at Shoppers. I’ve been really enjoying it. It doesn’t irritate my eyes. It doesn’t leave a residue. And it fully removes my mascara. I also love buying things at Shoppers where I can get points or use points to purchase it. Win!

That’s my January! Please forgive the crap pictures. I’m trying to find the time to take photos but often the only time I have is at night. I will get better I promise!

Lastly, I feel like I mentioned Nat a lot but not Missy. Missy! Missy! Missy!!!



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