Missy’s January Favorites

First month of 2017 down. It was a bit of a roller coaster month for me. I started my resolutions off strong by going out on the town with lady friends, attending hot yoga, and making it to the gym (any YogaTown or OrangeTheory peeps out there????).

And then my grandmother suddenly passed away and turned my world and priorities upside down. As much as I’m hurting I also be feel like my Gran would’ve enjoyed reading this blog. She was a glamorous and a formidable woman. She always believed in having her hair and nails done. When her eyes started to give her trouble and she couldn’t put eyeliner on, she got her eyeliner TATTOOED on! She will always be my beauty inspiration. She had the most glamorous powder rooms in her homes and gave me my first make-up and nail sets. Actually, I’m realizing that she’s probably the reason I’ve been into make-up since I’ve been a kid. Gran was awesome for always nurturing my creative side whether it be fashion, make-up, art, sewing, etc. because she knew it was important for a woman to put her interests first – chores and responsibilities would always be there so you might as well get them done with a smudge of pretty lipstick on.

Gran meeting her Great Grand-Daughter October 2015

So in honor of Gran and her beauty lessons, let’s talk about my beauty gems that have gotten me through this difficult month.

#1 Bite Beauty Line and Define Lip Primer


This moisturizing clear lip primer does not make me wonder if its working like other clear products. This stuff instantly preps lips for lipstick application and just keeps them lovely and smooth. It definitely makes my lipsticks last longer and protects and keeps my lips from getting chapped in the harsh January weather. If you don’t have this in your lippie collection I promise you that you NEED IT!

#2 bareMinerals Be Beautiful Ready Face and Eye Palette


Okay so I just checked. This is STILL on sale at Sephora and EVERYONE needs this palette! I’m telling a newly engaged coworker at my work to get it for her big day because it is fabulous. I’ve been reaching for this palette pretty much every work day to softly brighten up my face. This gorgeous set features four eye shadows, a finishing powder, a blush, and two all-over face colors for a natural glowing look. I’m beyond happy with this set and I know Nat loves it too. Highly, highly recommended :)!

#3 Marc Jacobs Object of Desire Face and Eye Palette


This is another gorgeous palette that I’ve been reaching for on the weekends and when I’ve had to travel this month. The colors are a bit more intense than the bareMinerals palette but they are supremely pretty. The blush, bronzer, and highlighter are stunningly pretty. The six eyeshadows are gorgeous browns and purples which go with anything in my wardrobe. I hate the huge tassle on this palette but I love how packable and sturdy it is. And if I’m honest, the tassle makes it easy to find in a packed suitcase. So overall, Marc Jacobs continues to impress me and his stuff if definitely worth the price (but I will always feel smug when I get his gear on sale!)

What’s your favorite this January?

— Missy


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