Tool Talk – Quo Beauty Sponge Trio

The Quo Set of 3 Mini Blending Sponges run for $9.99 for a pack of 3. Not a bad price at all! I’ve tried Quo sponges in the past and found that they worked well. I haven’t bought one for a while since I keep getting Beauty Blenders in various Sephora kits (it seems like I will never need to buy one again!). I am in the market for different sizes and shapes of beauty sponges because… well why not!? I’m hoping to discover that I’m missing out on something magical.

Not quite a mini sponge not quite a full sized sponge either. I’m a little unclear of the purpose but it does the job for concealer. The claims are that the sponge is mini but when I compare it to the Beauty Blender it’s not that much smaller!

Still, it is a noticeable size difference and I found that it was quite a nice fit for blending out under eye concealer. It works nicely as a sponge should. I think it might be meant for cream blushes and contour but that’s not my thing so I will keep using them for concealer. 

My final thoughts? I’d still like to try the mini sized next but I can definitely make use of these sponges so no money was wasted. You can’t have too many sponges after all 😉


One thought on “Tool Talk – Quo Beauty Sponge Trio

  1. This has all been very helpful because I can’t get over the price difference, and I wondered if there was a reason to spend SO much more. Not! Appreciate you taking the time.

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