Palette Reviews: Clinique’s Very Honey Holiday Eye Palette

CLINIQUE Very Honey Holiday Eye Palette

Even though this is a new palette, I have to admit that it was a nostalgic buy for me. My mom got me a Clinique holiday palette in my early 20s and it made me into a  HUGE fan girl of the brand until I moved to England and discovered Clinique was difficult to find there 😦

So now that I’m back in Canada – how could I resist a NEW holiday palette? This palette has with 13 coordinated eyeshadow shades inspired by their cult-favorite Black Honey Lipstick (which I own 3 different versions of … we’ll get into my lipstick issues during another post). The thing I adore about Clinique is how buildable and relatively goof proof their shadows are. They are soft, subtle, and shimmery on first swipe and then you can build to a more dramatic look. The soft colors and formulas ensures you will will create looks that will be on-point and classic. 

Clinique’s Very Honey Holiday Eye Palette works at a kids birthday too!

I also find this palette to be very enticing for ladies with green and blue eyes since there’s a lot of purples and browns to contrast and bring out those pretty peepers!

I love that Clinique was smart enough to include FOUR brushes of moderate quality to help you achieve those enticing eye looks we all crave to create!

The design is soooooooo cute – squares are so whatever! It’s great that they went with an adorable champagne bubble pop art motif. The eyeshadows make me happy but the layout makes me pretty ecstatic! Good palette aesthetics are a great way to start your day. Even the case and clasp is sturdy and reassuring. I can easily see making this a travel palette if I need some awesome eye looks on the road.

I’m honestly trying to think of something bad to say about this palette but I really can’t. Well that doesn’t seem like such a bad problem to have!

Keep these innovative holiday kits coming Clinique!

— Missy

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